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:thumbsup: hurrayyy…it’s challenge time again…

Who knows - I might even have enough free time to try and complete this challenge for once.

Looking forward to seeing all those amazing entries as always…good luck everyone!! :applause:


heehee… i know exactly what you mean… hope you find the hours… good luck!


i liked your machine flesh entry. so…i’m subscribing.


Freemaaan! Welcome! Fun!



mister freeman, welcome back, we’ve missed you! :scream:


Had a spare hour this evening to make a first attempt at this challenge…

This is very rough, but gets the idea across (I hope).

The concept is based around the 9th wonder of the world…a true spectacular. A gigantic space craft crashed into the side of a mountain over two hundred years before and tourists and the curious still come from all over to get a glimpse of this extra terrestrial sculpture projecting skywards.

Scale is important and there will be crowds of people, arriving at the site by all means of transport.

Placing the scene on a mountain side will allow me to add a city nestled in the valleys below amongst the cloud cover.


whoa ,great start !man i wish u luck and this is piece of urs gonna hit big time~the only time that i can do is at nite after i left work.cant do non related company stuf in the office~so i can only log on and cheers u guys up while i’m here:)i’ll check in again later~


good idea , tho i’d try to get more of the perspective effect into the ship… something
to make it look even more massive…u know ?



:slight_smile: Thanks for your comments chaps…

Still not sure if this is really that original, so may have another go tonight after work.

I agree with you about the perspective Squibbit. Usually I go for really extreme angles, though I want to try and get a composition where I can add in buildings behind, etc., so will have to have a think about this. I do want to make the crash site appear more impressive and the ship appear to have more weight. Hopefully more compositions / ideas to follow soon…

hey Sha@ke…I know how you feel…I sat up at 2am doing this as I’ve got too much work on in the day…thanks for the support :thumbsup:


Nice start! Like the colours and the wide open space. There’s certainly a spectacular sense of scale! The people are diddy!

Could you bring the camera up and closer to the tail of the ship for added perspective? You could even have tiny people up near on the tail? Or small ‘tug’ ships?


Go for it! it sounds/looks great so far, but I’ll suggest to play a bit more with the camera angle, while right now even if the scale is well readable, it could be still better (in my opinion) more exaggerated so u really blow viewers away. good luck with this challenge!


good start, I will agree with the camera angle comments, though! :thumbsup:


The atmospherics of this are very pleasing. I can imagine being there (which, for a sketch, is amazing!) The camera angle’s been mentioned… hmm, I don’t know. I would say the angle should stay the same (I tend to think that the more offset the angle, the greater the dynamism, and this is a very still and quite image) but what about extending the ship so that it doesn’t end before the top of the image? I think that, in combination with hideous amounts of detail, would create a very believable impression of size.

(Oh, just read duddlebug’s comment which says a similar thing :))


I’m really busy, so shouldn’t be thinking about this…but here is another angle.

I’m not worried about detail and colour at this point and am trying to get the composition working. The main problem with this angle is ensuring that the craft actually looks like it has crashed, so I need to work on the crater / crash area a bit more.

Early days, but I hope to have more time tonight to continue.

Thanks for all your comments - I’ve taken these on board and hope to have more to post soon…


thats better :slight_smile:


yeah that’s so cool!! Really great idea, nice concept work.

Good luck!


it’s been a busy day, so not progressed that far…

I wanted to spend 10 minutes tweaking the idea before trying some other variations on the same theme.

The main problem for me, is making the landscape look like a crash scene, rather than looking like it’s just balancing on the spot, so I think a few variations are in order…

early days!!!


Good luck!It will be interesting to watch how you work the crash on the ground:thumbsup:


Good start dude. That’s a nice angle. very dynamic. Keep it up.