Spectacular 2D Entry: Daniele Montella


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Latest Update: Coloring WIP: Dragons fighting


I want to create a spectacular fight between two giants dragons in the sky over a fantasy city!

some sketches to found the right composition between the dragons.


I have chosen one of the sketches and I start to work on the dragons separately




That there is one good looking Dragon! Looking forward to some color!


hey, cool idea… the dragon looks great! I’ll wait for your next step…:thumbsup:


Some scketches for the city, to found the right style and shapes.




I realized a perspective of the city, very sketchy!
I use this to set the dragons position.
This will enable to me to set the right space, distance, and position for the dragon’s bodies.


This is the final sketch.
I trying to differentiate the dragond, because I wanted two different races.
I chose pointed roofs for the city, to give much dramatic power at the scene.


This is a wip for the final Line Art.
I add details on the city and the dragons.



Very good lineart, I wait for color :applause:


This is my Line Art milestone.
I’ll start some color test soon. :wink:


Two colse up details.


And thanx for reply!
I hope to finish it in time! :hmm:


good LineArt!
Excuse but I do not see the idea :sad:
Well dragons battle… Also what??(though it can be
Only my opinion) :shrug:

Good luck! :slight_smile:


Excuse but I do not see the idea :sad:
Well dragons battle… Also what??(though it can be
Only my opinion) :shrug:

A battle between two giant dragons isn’ta frequent event on the sky of my city! :rolleyes:
I agree with you…this is a classic idea…but also spectacular, you grant?
And I trying to make it as spectacular as possible…:wink:
Thanx for our opinion!
And Good luck you [size=2]too[/size]!


Hi, pretty blow of pencil, it is already spectacular the drawing,
good luck.
E.T :cool:


Incredible work so far! I can’t wait to see this one finished. You are subscribed!


I respectfully disagree with LexLe… or perhaps it is that I see something he doesn’t. I’ve seen illustrations of Dragons fighting before, but they’re always aerial shots of them soaring around each other. I’ve never seen a shot that places them in the middle of a city and has taken such painstaking efforts to integrate them with the architecture. So this one really has me excited. And your line art is really great. Keep going, you’d better finish this! :slight_smile: