Spectacular 2D Entry: Damian Bajowski


hi man! I must say that the previous stage had a more chaotic and destruction impact to the viewer (from my point of view) coz u didnt polished things so much. I like raw style of paintings for that kind of action images and u had it all there. Also that blue light on the left disturbes me a bit, coz it pushes into the first plan and is taking the interest from the main point - chopper. I really dont know what to suggest how to go on, but I had to say that the previous submission was better in my opinion. keep going!


Youre rendering is impressive. I love your use of color and light as well as texture. What I think this piece needs to really place the viewer in the scene is some people. How would they react to such an event? It can’t be that desolate can it?

Nice work. I’ll watch this one. :smiley:



Great lighting. Love your style Damian. Your work is one of the best in this challenge. Good luck man.


Damn you´re good!
I agree with Blaz that it looked better when it wasn´t so polished. Allso I think the policecar is taking up too much space, blocking the depth of the street.
But hey, this looks fantastic.
Keep going!


hello moto :), i should say - “mime” and everything clear! :slight_smile: just wow, geat technique and colours, but You always have great colours :slight_smile: Good luck!!! bye :slight_smile:


thanks for comments. Yes I know that more polished version lost impact of the rough sketch, but to be honest have no idea how to polish things without loosing that “something”. Added some space behind police car. There’ll be some people around for sure -on the next (final) update.


Ok, here’s the final Image. Hope you like it.

And some story behind, required by the organizers:
I just wanted to catch that interesting moment when suddenly, something unexpected, is falling down from the sky in the middle of city street. I chose the night time becouse I think that city by night looks very spectacular in general (with all those lights and reflections).

That’s all, thamks for watching an support. Hope you enjoyed it, see ya in next challenge :wink:


hi hi

I am particularly fond of the man in the foreground who is holding onto his hat, it gives the piece an unique twist that I cant quite put my finger on. Also, the way the scarf blends into the scene is great. :slight_smile:


i have nothing to say:eek:~just too good to crit~:thumbsup:congrates on finishing with such pace and good luck!


Hi Damian!
Congrats for finishing your idea :bounce:
Best of luck on the finals
Kolorystyka, styl, a przede wszystkim tempo pracy - powalajace:bowdown:


final is really cool, good luck.:thumbsup: super art!:applause:


congrats, excellent image :thumbsup:


Gratulacje!! Swietna praca! Zasluzyles na Grand Prize!


Congratulations! Well~deserved! :slight_smile:




Congratulations, Damian! Great image!


Hi, Congratulation for your price and your great image.
E.T :cool:


Gratulacje! Totalnie odjechana pracka! :smiley: Zdecydowanie zasluzyles :slight_smile:



congratulations! great job.

nareszcie polak na szczycie :thumbsup:


Jest!! jest!! jest!! jak to sie ostatnio mawia po spektakularnych zwyciestwach. Zdaje się że jury staneło na wysokości zadania i dokonało obiektywnego wyboru!! HiperGratulacje PZDR!!!


Ciesze sie ze nie tylko mnie ale i jury powalila twoja praca.
Zasluzone zwyciestwo.