Spectacular 2D Entry: Damian Bajowski


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Latest Update: Final Image: black hawk down


Ok, so what I want to do is a city street by night with a helicopter crush in the middle. Here’s quick sketch of the environment so you have the idea of the scene feeling…


For a “quick sketch” that’s seriously impressive!


lync: thanks, glad you like it :slight_smile:

I was trying to find best place for the helicopter and here’s the result. Not sure about the scale yet, but will tweak that later. Still lot to do left, but this weeknd I’m gonna work really hard to get close to the “final image” as much as possible. Wish me luck :wink:


I really like the sketch. Great textures and mood, immpresive. Too bad that the helicopter covers up the background. Well, anyway, It’s awesome :slight_smile:


@angwa_falmar: thanks! yes, the heli covers up the background -my task would be to make it worth hanging in the middleground :slight_smile:

changed camera angle a little bit to make it little more dynamic, added details here and there -mostly on the heli


It still needs more of a sense of motion, but I know that will happen once the breaking rotor blades go in. Looking great so far.


@cLos71: you’re 100% right -it looks static at this stage. To draw convincing looking rotor in motion would be a great challenge for me. I’ll try do that in the very very end. I also plan to put some moving/curshing cars maybe and screaming people running around. Hope this gonna bring some more action in. Thanks for comment.


Crushing cars and hysterical people running, my kind of movie! :bounce:
If you have been able to achieve this so far, the rotor blades in motion should be a piece of cake. Keep it up! :thumbsup:


@clos: pice of cake you say… :slight_smile: Hope you’re right :slight_smile:

Brought little more light in here -especially to the ground. Tarmac is usually bright becouse of lanterns standing along the street. Also made background more calm, cause it was to strong competiton for the heli -the most important object in scene.


huh! so u came last moment and already planing to win? damn… this is unbelievable good technique. I hope u’ll finish ur concept. best of luck!


very cool style u got going there…i like it :applause:

just a small thing:
compared to the heli i think the policecar is a bit too big … but so far its awesome :smiley:


@ninjaASSN: thanks! Yes, that’s the plan, You’ve got me ;)@vahn: maybe you’re right. I’ve never seen black hawk (or anything similar) on my own eyes. On some photos I found, It doesn’t seem so big comparing to the pilots standing next to it. Maybe I should find some more references. Anyway thanks for pointing this out.


Cool! It looks like an overstyled action-show in an universal studio. Everywhere lights and fire. I love the painting style and colors. :thumbsup:


Niiiice . It reminds me a bit Mullins’ wokrs. Great concept! I like the bravery or this style, sharp lines, brave conrtasts.

Powodzenia! Śpiesz się, bo czasu mało!


Thanks for feedback. Added some neons and wokred a bit on the shops in background. Also my first attempt to draw a car in motion in foreground -not something I’m happy with, but hope the second attempt will be better :slight_smile:


This is moving right along! Looking forward to seeing more. :bounce:


Looks great, though I think it would help if the chopper had something to bring out its silhouette more, maybe a bit more rim-lighting.

Good luck.


quality dude


@ChrisThatGuy: yes I know what you mean.

Hope It’s better now. Added some blue ambient light to make background cooler and brought heli more to front. Now it’s time to really focus on the heli and make it more defined…plus some changes on tarmac texture…