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Latest Update: Final Image: Tsunami in Malaysia 26 DEC 2004


Hi! Here’s my spectacular!: Nature power is unchallengeable, tremendous, pressure… Emm… I’m thinking of tsunami which happened in my country last time. So horror, terrible experience. So I decided to create a piece of art of that. This is my concept sketch~

emm… out of topic here: still not sure I can finish it or not. hope it was not too late. still 10 hours to go. full fuel up! :slight_smile:


another concept sketch. added some more darker area there… emm… there should be some scary atmosphere at the dark circle there. So far, I decided to remove the fish… it is not really suitable to appear there…

anyway… still very beginning thought.


emm… a long long fighting in my mind, abstract? reality? abstract? reality?..

It should be ok to do abstract here, huh?? as long as it does ‘spectacular’ someone eye… is it?

I think I’m turning to abstract piece…


I wonder if this wave is better than the previous I done in the above sketch? it is for the ocean wave… these seems not very powerful. try working on another… continue~


u jst saw this contest?

all the best to u man! Really ALL THE BEST LUCK TO U!..

i can’t make it… ~~~my brain stuck these days…


yeah~! you’re my first reply! thx for your support. eemm… I saw this before, but I was somewhere else doing some project… don’t have time and effort for this…

anyway, luckily… I back and realised it still have 10++ hours to go~ hehe~ This competition is so amazing… I should not miss out.

posting a new color WIP now. Perhaps I can complete it just in time… hope so! :slight_smile:

hey man… you should go ahead… try hit your head on the wall… or art table… it may helps, as I do. (just kidding) haha~ we both suffer from deadline…


Hi all~! After my endeavour, I have a great approach now. Yo~ Mix Media + Digitalize~

The powerful, brunt, strong ocean wave (yellow) + spindrift … bring ppl sky(the brown one, yet to complete), dreadful feeling is around (red parts, to be enhanced)… they fear, knowing death not far away~

so far… till here. Going to fuel up few more level…


wow~ so happy to complete till this stage. This was crazy… I haven’t experience overnight without sleep doing art since my first year in art schools. yo~

it does recall some sweet and hard time there~

emm… I should do some description here. I have tried many times before I can reach this. Mixing around… testing… touching up… the reflection, almost drive me crazy!

all right, so far here… I have to rush in order to complete. If you have any question, just post here. Ok, have to continue this lovely piece (lovely? thing that sacrifice my sleeping time~ :mad:). :slight_smile:


Yeah, finally…


Yeah! Finally I have done it~! Ok, now let me have my idea elaboration:

Art Title: Tsunami in Malaysia 26 DEC 2004

My idea is based on the Tsunami happened in Malaysia at 26 Dec 2004. After tsunami event, I realized how powerful is the strengthness of natural power. It is no doubt

unchallengable. No man can fight the power of nature.

I created tsunami using four colors, which each shows:
(1) Yellow - the brunt of the wave is so powerful, strong!!! It pushes ppl high to the sky, deepest to the sea, break their spirit into pieces, smash, crush…!
(2) Orange - Another brunt of the wave. Means the angry ocean non-stop bringing disaster to human.
(3) Red - the fearfulness are all around… everyone is surrounding by dreadful death feeling…
(4) Brown - this symbolize the human feeling… they were frightened, panic, hopeless facing the tsunami.

The little bubbles are those people being thrown to the sky by the angry ocean without any sympathy.

Maybe someone might wonder why I chose white instead of black as my background (as black usually symbolize horror). Emm… well, this is because it is what tsunami did

to us. It ruins our peaceful, harmonic life suddenly. We were swallowed by sense of horror… roaring… rolling… Tsunami!

That’s my Spectacular! art piece. Thank you.


Waohh…U finished the art in traditional handwork…

Beautiful color picking. The mixture & blending is cool.

hmm…welcome to the challenge anyway.
Try to spent some free times to study how the challenge standard or acceptable artwork. The rules is a must-read in every challenge. The current piece is more like avant-garde abstract art. here is more like “commercial” or cinematic digital art. Sorry if i offended u.

Hope to see u in the next challenge.

(i oredi spent days n nights. Just can’t produce something dat i like…)

COngrat to u final piece.


omg… I was first thought abstract art will be acceptable, as long as it is 2d and spectacular. and time is limit, too. Haha, no matter what, I did enjoy doing it, lovely experience. Next challenge I will stick to the standard. :slight_smile:

btw, this is not purely traditional artwork, I did have some touch up, add/remove in photoshop. Currently I own no tablet… using mouse really sucks!

you may have saw my first line art testing…the yellow piece one. I try to illustrate in photoshop, but mouse really won’t do that best. besides, my main area is fine art… so just take the advantage and digitalize my artwork at the end.

emm… how bout yours? why you can’t produce sth? I saw you have a nice start there… it will be eye-catching if you make it more details.

hope to see you in next challenge too. :slight_smile:


haha…yeah Abstract art is not really “entertain” in this forum… u can sense this thru the Forum favourite pick… Abstract commercial art is OK.

If u r really a drawing freak, i advise u to get the wacom tablet asap. It really CHANGE my drawing life. N my attitude against art.

Tos sucky drawing in my current challenge took very little times to complete… COmpared to my past challenge… Drawing wif mouse is neva an easy task…

I did brainstorming at least 5 above concepts for the challenge. some of em, had better starting point. But end up feeling not so good n original enuff… Finally, doin nothing. I was asking too much from myself this time. Nvm. i learnt more faster painting skill wif wacom thru this challenge by my own.

(i still exploring how to make details…haha…It is damn hard!!)


oh… now I realized. haha! emm… wacom tablet. I did think of it, but the price is a bit higher, and I just start to get into digital work not long ago. Major of my art working is still based on traditional way, so not a tablet would only do after some days.

you said the tablet changed your drawing life and attitude? what is the changes? I would like to hear more 'bout that. :slight_smile:

beauty is in details. yupe, I saw this phrase at somewhere on the internet. It is really important to make things details, but easy to say, hard to accomplish. And it will consume a lot of time, too. Sometimes there is too much works to do until I cannot have time to complete a really detail work, what a pity!


oh well, if u r a skillful traditional artist. U will find the ultimate Fun to paint in digital. Der is no UNDO in traditional. Digital u can haf Layers, Undo & Redo…haha… Saving ur water color cost n paper cost. Ur hands won’t get dirty as well.

to me, i like to draw nonsense things. Sorta characters design(Still sucky).
U can draw in digitally and put in ur online portfolio for the next job. Instead of drawing on rough paper & bury under the dust.

Of cuz, this is personal hobby. Not everybody likes to draw even they r in Art/design field. SOme of em bought it n find it Useless(Cuz they dun haf time & mood to draw?!). Der will haf many ppl suggest u DUN BUY IT cuz u GONNA END UP leave it der.

Whenever i saw some Good art. It will motivate me to explore digital painting. If u r person like this. U can surely go for a Tablet.

Dun buy cuz u r curious how the Tablet works like.
look at my M&S. I spent 2 weeks to complete.Working everynite around 5 hours per day.
All done in Mouse. Fraekin wasting my time & my wrist getting painful. An unnecessary torturing experience. Btw, u can check the sucky progress in my -Spectacular-. the last concept of iceberg spaceships are done within an hour.
Hope u get what i mean.

About details, I think is up to painter. Der are many different level of detail freak artists. Most important is the Mood & feeling of the overall image. Tos details will only attract ppl when they like ur “Thumbnail” version. Else who gonna bother tos details? I am learning to catch the Atmopshere of art. U can notice my present art DUN HAF SUCH FEELING. It is just a plainly junky compare to Masterful art. haha.

get a wacom to knw The fun in digital painting naturally.




hi~ I’m back! sound fun to have a tablet after your detail description. Hehe… If I get it from eBay, will it be more cheaper? I heard many ppl said worthy things always there with cheap prices. I never try before, scare getting fraud. If you ever bought sth from there, then please share your view. :slight_smile:

p/s: you’re really godlike, I never think of painting art with suck computer mouse! That would drive me crazy after some try out. :stuck_out_tongue:


hi guy…

haha…actually, they are still some awesome guys can really paint like Godlike artist wif Computer Mouse… try to paint wif Optical Mouse wif High DPI if u want to try it… Dun ever use the older mouse wif trackball beneath it.

btw, I neva bought anything from Ebay b4. U can check that seller is trustful member, rite?
I duno anything in Ebay.

Btw, i bought mine at Singapore. Saves me around Rm70. I got Intuous 3 the smallest size.U knw dat building like KL, Lowyat plaza one… Issit SIM LIM? … go der & hunt it~…


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