Spectacular 2D Entry: Bryce Smith


Hi! Wow! Now it’s looking more impressive! The image turns out very, very interesting! And only one. The little girl on the left. I don’t understand what she does there? In my view, there’s no need for her presence there. Anyway, it’s a very good job! I look forward to seeing a next stage! Good luck!


Fantastic concept. It is REALLY spectacular. Waiting for progress…:hmm:


Good and very complex idea in execution! It is a lot of work…
Good luck !


Sorry I have not been able to post on all of your works guys, I have been busy as of late and plus my internet is down at the crib for the time being. I will hopefully will be able to crit your works soon. Keep hustlin’ cgers. I Holla at cha lata, cg fam!:smiley:

gardogg-I am happy that you are able to connect to the piece well, that means a lot to me, that also lets me know that I have a successful piece thanx for that, how are doing with your 5d work???

ori@r.a.m- thanx, I am glad u like!

NinjaASSN-Its just a tone scheme, for right now then I will go to color, I know it is taking 4ever, but it is well worth it!

pushav-thanx pushav, sorry, I haven’t been to your forum in a while, I forgot to pay my cox bill, I have been offline.

Slav-You will get it, just hold your horses pets slav,LOL! I just gotta solve my grey scale first and I am kinda just making up figures going to the top as I go along, thanx man, much love!

Somhairle-That is a great idea let me reverse them to see what I get, thanx a bunch!

the1st_angel-thanx for the support sacha, I am liking your entry, I hope to finish this contest! LOL!

THE CLYKE-Hell yeah, I from the streets too! I feel you on that, thanx for the support cuzzo, I am going to pimp this one out 4 tha hood!:argh:

HamsterFly-Hopefully soon HamsterFly. I want to solve everything in greys first then to color! thanx!

authentic-Thanx, I am glad that you like it!

Atris-Well the idea was to do people that irritate the crap out of me, a whiny trouble making child being one of them. I will try to do something different with her, maybe change the pose or something! thanx dude:thumbsup:

Aritz-I want to update one more greyscale then it is on to color! thanx man!

Sergey Banityuk-Thanks, yeah it is very complex indeed and difficult to solve, I am beating myself up about doing this, but for those prizes, gotta do something spectacular, right? Right!:smiley:


Holy $&!T! Original, Mr. Smith. Very Original. I love this. :slight_smile:


Hi, Bryce, your subjects is spectacular, and to draw human being is
always very hard, respect
E.T :cool:


Man, i have not been here for awhile. I thought you were busy with the 3D entry, but this…this is looking TIIIGHT bro. Very nice interpretation of a more realistic subjects and idea :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :applause:
The angle is great. The detailings are looking nice and each expressions are done well. A good contrast to his expression. BUT WHEN are you going to colour it?

I’m eargerly awaiting for the colour treatment. Be back again bro.

(how’s the 3D entry going by the way)


wow…sweet…you’ve managed to express this very well…congradulations and most of all good luck!:thumbsup:


Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant !!! :bounce: :bounce:

Your work is clearly amazing. Just one litlle crit about an anatomy issue : the poor “Sysiphus” seems to have his left shoulder broken… Anyhow, this is just a small wound if you have to carry such a burden !!!

Keep going on


P.S. thanks for your regular dropping by


lol…ight doggy REP that “ish”:buttrock: :wip: lay yo hammer kid
slam dat one time and a half son…on the real…no half steppin…run dat forizzy


Wow, even more people, that’s Spectacular! : )


:thumbsup: Great work Beelow!!

Drawing the figure is one of the hardest things to do and you’ve really captured emotion in their faces and postures.

Looks like you’ve still got a lot to do in terms of colouring, but hey it’s already looking truly spectacular…keep up the great work :bounce:


I really wait for an up-date :wip:


hey you know i actually intended to do sothing simialr to this cant say what it is cause i stiil want to do it just not for this challenge since i saw you, i need to be original

good luck with this and more speed , times winding down


Hey beelow,

this turned out very spectacular, mate. :thumbsup:
the image conveys the heaviness perfectly.




hey man…this has realy come along…you are making me want to submit something now, but i doubt i have the time.

keep it up, every post keeps looking better than the last. you’re going in the right direction.



Samuraikuroi-thanx glad you like it!

Tranchefeux-Thanx for stoppingby Eric!

Arc80- I will color soon just gotta solve the tones first then the color will come!

OrO-thanx Oro, glad that this piece is successful!

spacesnail-Will fix it, thanx spacenail!

THE CLYKE-Oh, foshizzzle my nizzle!

Jose Pardo-Yeah pretty much thanx Jose!

MrFreeman-Yeah I know but, I should have it done soon thanx!

jddog-will update soon!

lynch-Thanks jason, yeah you gotta be more original, lol, thanx dude will try to pick up the pace!

Fahrija-thanks fahrija, I will update soon!

thejaybird- Thanks the jaybird, How is your reel coming along, hope you make it kick ass, thanks for the support justin!:thumbsup:


hey now this is starting to look really good, now hurry up, i wanna see u finish this :slight_smile:



Sorry guys, I want to finish the black and white which will be the last, thanks for the support!

Squibbit-Thanks Squib will do!:smiley:


this image shold be black and white…it is like a sculpture…i don’t think there is an image in this contest that is so expressive…thumbs up for your genius!!:thumbsup: