Spectacular 2D Entry: Bryce Smith


You’ve been busy! The ladies are looking good.


Good luck, man:thumbsup: And how if you put more people, 7 or 9 more?hehe

Looking good!



hey! I still relate strongly to this concept… And i think many others do too. Love the characters and the composition! Though i think it looks like it tilts a little bit backwards and to the left(from our viewpoint)… Maybe its becouse of his left(from our viewpoint) leg?


i kind of agree, if it swept out a touch more it would add weight to his stance, but dayum, it’s looking nice


Wow, that’s looking really rather cool. I like the concept a lot… Are you feeling particularly stressed these days? I like the composition and the angle, but with such a dramatic angle, it would be fitting to see more of the figures match that odd perspective. For example, we’re looking up at them all, from a kind of “worm’s eye view.” Yet all of the faces are seen as if you’re at eye level with them. Sure many of them are looking down at the viewer, but it might also be cool (or fitting) to have some of the faces also be a “worm’s eye view,” and undershot showing a lot of chin, as it were. True, it’s a harder angle to draw, but once you chose the camera angle, you can’t avoid it altogether…! :slight_smile:

Anyhow, good luck with it!



Thanks guys for the replies. I will make changes as needed!

wildcory1-thanx, cuzzo!

sh@ke- thanx Micheal!

Atris-alright I’ll see what I can do, I plan on putting more people on top of that mound of people that I have going on now. Thanx for stopping by how are you doing on your entry?

Jose Pardo-Thanx for the support Jose!

Gonzalo Golpe-Yes indeedly do, I will do so!:smiley:

FrozZT- I don’t know I think it seems to work here in this image, I looked in the reference that I have and buddy’s leg seemed to do that. I think if I were to move the leg over to the left I would loose some expressiveness of the pose it may come off stiff. Let try to move the leg over to the left a bit and see what it looks like! thanx FrozZT!

spyroteknik- Like I was saying to frozZT I kinda like the off balance look. But let me go ahead and move this leg over to the left a bit!:smiley:

walrus-Thanx walrus I did not even notice that I will make the necessary changes to to make it fitting as you have said thanx dude that helps a bunch!:thumbsup:


Very cool, this one is going to be good.


good composition.
And also i like the sahdowns and lights of the face of the guy in botton

Great work


I will have something up either by tonite or tomorraz, i holla at ya lataz cg friends!:smiley:

tAsty BITs-Thanx tasty! I plan on making it that!:thumbsup:

maurodelia- thanx dude!


Dude, this is SO COOL! I feel really stressed right now and I can relate to the picture in a big way. The picture is hopeful in that it portrays that one doesn’t have to crumble under stress, but rather can muster all of ones strength and push forward despite the pressure. Wow, you have really captured something amazing here and it motivates me! Can’t wait for more!


awesome concept! looks pretty great so far, good luck :thumbsup:


great development! I see that u could really bring this pic to a very high level with different face expressions. I forgot to ask before, and didnt catch anywhere… is this just a tone scheme right now, or it will stay in black and white?


I like this so far.:bounce:


YEA AHHH! anger … stupid ppl get off me back. and get me my CAIN! :stuck_out_tongue:

great job man i for one demand COLOR!


It’s looking good Bryce! Nice concept.

It would be really cool to see the clouds being more of the composition (reverse-mirror of the group of people)

  • Sam


this gets better and better, raw power in it, looking great. not much to add, just keep on rocking! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Here is a bit more that I have done to this, I will try to have the black and white done by the end of this week, as this piece is friggin complicated to figure out, but I will acomplish this, u can count on that! I will responded to everyone later, holla!





LOOKS HEAVY…LITTLERLY…(I hope you speak my real language…the language of the streets…cause it’s hard to type professional.)




Cool ! very impressive pic ! great job man ! :thumbsup:
When we shall see a color variant? :slight_smile:


Incredible concept. I love it. Nothing to crit.