Spectacular 2D Entry: Bryce Smith


Ok guys thanx for the tips and comment and support, I will get back to working on both my entries since I have some reference now, yes!

Sean J- thanx!

Jose Pardo-Shyt I don’t know, HOpwfully I can get them both done in time, It’s time to loose sleep,LOL, holla!:thumbsup:

Falcor_- I will try to fix it a bit, thanx!

NinjaASSN- thanx, I will try my best!

the1st_angel-thanx, and weclome sacha, glad to see you here!:thumbsup:

2tacos99cents-LOL, I love your name, LOL, thanx!

rongen-LOL, thanx, will try to knock them out hopefully by the end of the contest!:eek: :smiley:

Arc80-LOL, yeah finding reference of a chasis of a school buss is no joke it sucked ass, I got close to what I need to be able to model the chasis at least or stylize it, thanx!

Korline- Sorry, Korline just been looking for reference, it is hard to do stuff without it, LOL!:smiley: thanx for your continued support, should have something soon, holla!

anil6tr- thanx!

ahbeejieh-Naw haven’t seen the movie. Thanx, man good lookin out, I will go check it out!:eek: :thumbsup:

Baron Impossible-Thanx baron will go and fix asap!:thumbsup:

Alright then that’s everybody I hope, Until the next update holla!


hi man,thanks and goodluck for ur challenge!


Cool concept and interesting layout/composition. I can’t wait to see more!


this is easier to type than to do but how about trying to make the people on the back represent different factors. (maybe with clothing facial feature or something ) just an idea to kick about


nice idea about it… keep it up… good luck:thumbsup:


I am still not satisfied with the piece, with the poses I am now trying to figure out what I want to do, so hold your horses guys. I will be back, thanks for the support!:thumbsup:

reynold- thanks dude!

gardogg-Will try to do something by this weekend, thanks!

kraal-Oh they will, they will be a representation of people that get on my damn nerves, LOL, thanks man!



hi buddy,look interesting characters and poses.will turn to see more.cheers.:thumbsup:


hey, i was passing here n decided to post something… i’m seeing your work since begining n i realy like this concept n personage design. keep it going n good luck here!!

<a href=“http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?t=276837”>MY SPETACULAR!:D</a>


i’m a idiot…


Nice facial expression!:thumbsup:


I think your piece had more power when you had the burden dominating the frame from above. Its a quandry because I like what youre doing with the additional characters, it just lost some steam in my opinion. Perhaps theres a way to work both in, but it doesnt seem easy.


Look’s very promising! Just remember to cut back on the black when you’r coloring, use cold colors instead (like cold/dark blue).

Keep it up! :slight_smile:


Hi Bryce,
like your latest update.
I saw the balance aspect was mention but I rather like the sence that he is struggling both under the weight and to keep balance. Think it makes the image more dynamic that way.
You´re on the right track with this I think!


Hi beelow. HM! so far looks interesting. Plese keep posting updates.
I’ll like to see more form your project.

xbo :scream:


Glad to see some color! Is the character going to be balancing objects also or just people?


Iwanted to finish this black and white first, and submit it as my line art but, I am anxious to upload what I am working on, I think that I am happy with what I got. I will eventually put some more people maybe, but that’ll depend though. But here goes, I will try to have3 this image finished by next week, what ya think?


You got some skills bud keep up the good work.


Sorry guys, I haven’t posted in a while but here it is the next step. I tried to get in as much as people have crit, and here goes.

xric7-thanx xric7 got it togther!

mr. thurner-thanx dude for stopping by! How are you doing on yours?

pushav-Yeah I got to boss it up with his facial expression,LOL! thanx pushav!:smiley:

2tacos99cents-I think I pulled it together, now that I have reference to give me the right thing that I want, the lighting is not completely accurate but you get the idea I think, thanx dude.

am7-thanx dude, I think I will finish grey scale first then go with color, a technique that I learned.

Norberg-thanx norberg, I may have fixed the problem now. It took a while to figure it out, but I think I nailed it now!

2xbo-thanx dude!

Jose Pardo-Thanx man! people will be on his back as you see in my new update, sorry tooked the color back out, just want to finish the grey scale before I go with color. thanx again!


looking really good beelow~the latest update rocks!keep it coming ya~:scream:


I really like your idea! This’s very interesting! But it seems to me that this construction is very unbalanced, and that it’ll crash down now. Maybe add more characters in the background so as to create the impression of the mountain which stretch to the skies. But it’s only my thought! Good luck! :slight_smile: