Spectacular 2D Entry: Bryce Smith


how about you change the angle, so that the dude would stand on a
narrow path sourrounded by a glowing pit of lava and in front of him
would be a mountain.

Then all the people on the bed would have som sort of insignias on them,
like on a shirt, a tattoo , an earring, etc. and on the mountain side there
would be other beds or sumthin, places mrked with flags or stone pillars
with insignias on them corresponding to those on the people.

then that dude would have to climb the mountain and take all the people
to their places and some of the people would cheer him on , some would
shout insults and some would just be enjoying the ride.
Ans still the dude would try his best but still the journey would be difficult
and some people would always fall from the bed into the lava…
maybe the dude stumbled once and the bed rocked too much, maybe the
wind caused the rocking… maybe someone on the bed threw a brick
at the dude and he shook the bed himself to get rid of the miscreant…



thanx, guys!

zpapageo- thanx, glad that you like it, I wanted to get the motion of the guy more expressive, to give it a little more feelin’ in to the piece!

Squibbit- I will think on that, nevermind let me try to incorporate some of those elements in my painting thanx, squib!:smiley:


hey man,
just stop by to see what’s new



Oh , nothin as of now just workin on my 3d stuff right now, I should be back on this one this week though holla!:thumbsup:


Good luck!

This is a nice start!


I just realised you’re doing a 3D entry as well Bryce! The sense of weight and the sheer effort of the character is looking great! Watch his balance though, he seems to be favouring the left side at the moment. Get some colour down! :slight_smile:


Hey guys, sorry for the delay, I am just doing finals this week and hopefully I will get back on these asap, More than likely thursday, I will have something by then, holla!

kemar- thanx Kemar!:thumbsup:

Poshspice-Yeah, I am doing 3d as well. I will make the change, thanx Posh, and will do the colour thing, soon, holla!:smiley:


It’s cool~ good luck!


Dude! a 2d and 3d entry, where do you find the time?? Compositions look good!


Thanx for the visit in my thread!

About your sketch i like how it builds up height, but i dont know is the man’s pose best possible one? Maybe try adjust it a bit.

Good luck! :thumbsup:


very interesting and most original idea! I hope u’ll manage to show ur concept well, so good luck with this challenge! :slight_smile:


love the sense of weight and the great expression you painted here. hehe, looking forward to your next update mate, keep on rocking!


I wanted to say I think your submission is excellent so far. Lots of energy and very dynamic. First thing that comes to mind is Atlas.


Nice Beelow! Goodluck to your 3D entry too… 2 stones in 1 bird oh i mean, 2 birds in 1 stone…huh! How was your sleep superman? :smiley:


Here is an update since I haven’t been posting, not much as I am still looking for reference for my baby submission, but here goes, holla!

Oh before I forget, in this one I am just messing with color a bit to see what I will go for in color, thanks for you support guys and gals, will comment personally later, I will get back with you guys, holla!


His facial expression really helps convey the weight that he is carrying, a lot. Very nice job on that and the composition is working really well now. I’m yet to see what you’re going to do with the background.
Screw the 3D entry and just go work on this one, hehehe (j/k). Will be back for more and stop being lazy :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

peace bro


hey man where youv’e been, start looking interesting,
cheers dude :applause:


good luck bro…


Hey man. Been busy with 3D? :slight_smile: Cool concept on that category with the baby thing. By the way, have you seen Les Miserables with Liam Neeson? There’s a part there where he carries this gurl on his back and scales this really high, 90 degree wall just to get over Paris. He was carrying a bag full of stuff too. They couldnt pass through the gate coz they were wanted by the authority.

I love how the wall acts as an obstacle between total damnation and a new life. And the dude conquered it with sheer determination mixed with brute strength. Just thought you’d get more ideas from it. Keep it up


Looking good, nice expression. One thing - make the guy more underneath his burden, it looks like it’s slipping off his back.