Spectacular 2D Entry: Bryce Smith


Hey man, you seem down in the dumps… Some pretty strong emotions you got there. Translate it into something spectacular and you might just come out with something none of us can think of. I like your concept. It is spectacular how people can handle “impossible” problems. It’s gonna be pretty hard to translate it in an image though. But you probably can… Keep it up.


Subscribing so I can wish you luck


Welcome man.Good luck and…ENJOY:bounce:


go for color already! :deal:

Just have a whole lot of contrast in your pics, looking good.


Good luck beelow!!! :bounce:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Nice concept!

yeah pushav, I have to let my negro nature loose, hey it may not be accepted but, people goin’ have to accept me as is, but I am glad you said that. It puts a smile on my face good luck to ya pushav, will see you around, holla!:thumbsup:

I made people accept me. Hate it or love it.


people accept my negroness just fine,ur avatar reminds me of the guy in my concept lol.

wish i had fro,but its too much to take care of,all that afro sheen.

anywho,great concept!!


Best of luck to you. I noticed you are in Vegas. Do you know Sheff Abella? He is an artist and instructor in your area.

Good luck :thumbsup:


I still thinking on this one I may try some different angles, and I got this other one that I am doing that may seem a little interesting too as well. I am bout to go look up some other paintings right now try to get some more inspiration to what colour pallete I am going to use, so I won’t screw up the mood.

xric7-Thanx, xric7, how you doin’ on yours I’ll check soon!
shake- thanx Shake still trying to mess with compo and give more life and work on the pose of the guy.
arc80- thanx, yeah I don’t know how well I am going to Illustrate this, too. Lets hope that I pull it off. Yeah the fro, I am trying to find someone that can braid it, but its hard in Vegas to find someone that can do it. In tha STL, it was much easier, because of all sistaz in tha hood, see u soon.
duddlebug-thanx, I hope this will do it for ya!
Hof- thanx!
ahbeejieh- thanx, I was puttin’ a lot of thought into it, This was actually a sketch that I came up with a week before the contest, I was going to traditionally paint it. I wanted portray a person that stays angry at those people that have wronged him and just won’t let go! But, the people that have wrong him are sleepin’ easy and goin’ on with their lives, because the world is not going to stop for one person that is angry. My inspiration was a Tyler Perry movie,(for that are religious you probably know who this is)! He talked about forgiveness in the end of his movie and it really touched me…sobbecause it reminded me of myself, I can go on forever about this so this is the cut off, but thanx!
Queensoul-thanx, good luck to ya!
Nachev- thanx!
Ranath- I will get there soon, thanx man!
Rebeccak- you gonna enter Receccak, but thanx, I am going to need it!
pushav- no doubt! they’re gonna have to accept me as that cool cat! Glad you like the Concept!
NOOB!- Ain’t that a bitch, that does look like me, lol! I don’t put afro sheen In my hair it all naturaaal, lol. Thanx for the support NOob!

I will post some other sketches, lata!:thumbsup:


Yeah, I know sheff Abella! He is a teacher at my school, he is bomb ass, but he thinks he is mediocre, I should kick his ass, lol! I think he is going to enter the contest, He better!:smiley: thanx!:thumbsup:


Hey Beelow, nice first concept, the composition is looking good, and those clouds are pretty awesome. Best of luck in the challenge!


hiya! Good luck with the challenge. Your ideas sounds great, I like the concept sketch so far, can’t wait to see more! :slight_smile:


Hello!!BeelowGood luck with the challenge. I like that cloud it look like human at background.:slight_smile:


Hey beelow,

good luck for the challenge and have fun dude!



Cool start Bryce! I’m waiting for some colour now… The compositions working… :slight_smile:


wow great sketch there beelow! good luck on the challenge! cheers!!:thumbsup: :smiley:


Hiya good start and waiting for updates…:slight_smile:


hey man. yea cool of you to stop buy. thanks alot. nice stuff you got here but ill let this develop more :stuck_out_tongue:


hey wassup, everyone, I am glad to hear from everyone, I am glad that you all support me ,thanx that is really appreciated. I will make it an effort to try to post as much in your threads as well as mines. I just got up from my nap(got tired) plus I had some food, some taco bell, ummmm delicious! I will get to it one the one that I am initially have done I have another idea but I think that I am going to start to do that one for the 3d part of it. I will try to post another Wip by tonight!

Zepyhri- thanx, working with the compo was key to get this image to work!

enialadam- since every is hip to this idea, I think I am going to stick with this one, I wanted to do some other ones but, they weren’t as original as this one, it took a while to figure out what I wanted to do!

SINAD- I am glad to see you here, thanx man!:thumbsup:

Fahrija- thnx, I will! you can count on that!

Poshspice- thanx, Posh, hearing that from puts a smile on my face:blush: :smiley: will do color soon!

calisto- thanx, calisto glad you like it!

element5- will be updating to-nite!

Slav- thanx slav, good luck to ya!

Holla everyone!


Good luck, Bryce! Difficult theme, with all these characteres up close. Nice idea…