Spectacular 2D Entry: Bryce Smith


Top right. I know for sure.


thanx peeps, I will make those changes, holla!:thumbsup:


Damn that sucks I hate not knowing that if they have recieved my image or not!:argh: :banghead:


hey mate!!! instantly upload your final image milestone!!! best of luck!


already have! I see the thumb, but I do not see it here! in my thread thats all!


Hey bryce. Hope you made it. Some awesome detailing you got in your work. Pretty big on the symbolisms too. I really hope you get it in. Goodluck man.


Man, I hope mibus lets me get this in, thanks for the support guys and gals. I will respond individually later. I am exausted right now!


:thumbsup: super art! I lake it!:buttrock:
Be not upset!
You fre-Rool!:slight_smile:


Weight of the World

What can be more spectacular than, someone carrying the weight of everyone
that has trouble him in his life! I wanted to create an image that everyone
can relate to. This person seems to carry on the load of others, and still
triumphs, he still keeps moving and never falls! I know that everyone here
has a crackhead family member or other problems dealing with other people,
family, friends, shady people, whatever the problems may be. I hope everyone
enjoys it.

I got my inspiration from Tyler Perry, and my buddy William Hines. I give
the biggest credit to them especially my buddy will. This is something that
he is dealing with right now a young thug, pimp that is trying to change his
life around, for himself and his child. He is constantly having to fight off
those that think he is just this ignorant pimpish, playa that gets all the
ladies. He now works as a graphic designer and he still gets people looking
at him sideways, but he still contiues to push on and keep going, with so
much pressure on him, thanx. Ill Will, for this image, this one is for u
homie, thanx all and good luck!


real nice job, dude



woiihh, iam glad u made it in! that was close!? Very nice concept. good luck.


congrats on make in it :thumbsup:
very cool image,
cheers, and good luck man :thumbsup:


Awesome! You made it!

Congratulations! :applause: It is a fabulous picture with a great interpretation of the theme.


My congratz for making the finishline! Very well done, lovely style you’ve got… :thumbsup:

Best of luck to ya on this challenge and see ya at the next… :bounce:


Hi! All your characters turned out very individual and expressive! That’s great! I really like it! I’m thinking all time what will happen next? And it would be very interesting to see “Weight of the World 2”! :slight_smile: Congratulations! Your image is outstanding! I wish you good luck! :slight_smile:


Congratulations on finishing, Bryce! I bet it felt like running along the platform as the train was leaving the station!

The composition of figures must have been such a headache… my favourite part is the big fella lying flat across the shoulders. And there’s some lovely folds in that cloth!

Congratulations again and good luck!


My congratiulations for finishing Bryce!

so many characters, dude, I would never had finish this piece :slight_smile:
Good luck to you.




Congratulations man! I like it :smiley: Great dream like colors and fantastic idea, Good luck to you, friend! :thumbsup:


hi bryce!

glad to see that you made it! the concept is really unique and it somehow put a smile on my face :slight_smile: great work :thumbsup:

good luck with the judging! cu around next time :bounce:


Congratulation for your final, wonderful concept and really a beautiful image :applause: + :thumbsup: