Spectacular 2D Entry: Bryce Smith


I’ve been following this from the start and think its a very original concept which I like… but you’ve still got some painting to do, you really need to get your skates on fella, if your going to finish this on time!

Best of luck and thanks for the help.


hey man i am on my 3rd… 4th… 5th… aww hell i lost countm, i am on a break and was checking out the entries. i have to point out that your clouds (shadow areas) look like people … its really cool donno if that was intentional but hey… :thumbsup: from me.


here are some close ups, just to show you how it looks up close and personal!


here are some close ups, just to show you how it looks up close and personal!


I will submit, some more close ups later, holla!:thumbsup:


It really impresses!


wow! Fantastic idea. Great image! :slight_smile:


That’s really looking great. The character pops out a lot more now… or maybe my eyesight is better today :wink:

The closeups show better how you have worked with colours. It’s fabulous! Great Work…but hurry hurry hurry…time is running out!


sh@ke- Thanx shake, I appreciated it, It was nice to compete against you this time, I failed to do so in M&S! Good luck with Your entry!

Steve-h-Oh they’re on! I got a day and a half to finish so I am not worried, just tweaking as I go along. I hope I do not have any problems with ftp this image!

Slav-Naw it wasn’t, but I will stick with this, bg is unimportant now. I just hope that everyone gets something out of this image when they look at it!

Sergey Banityuk-Thanx, Sergey, I hope to see yours finished, It is so dope!

enialadam-Thanx, sorry that you did not get your image finished maybe next contest, I hope that you have learned a lot, practice makes better, never perfect remember that!

Lync-I will be finished I am not worried about that, I have a couple of days all free time right now, so I can get this done, thanks, I will try to play with the values a little more so we all can at least see the guys face at the bottom. Thanx!


I am almost near completetion, getting there now, thanx for everyones support!


All right, Bryce! Way ta go!
That came out spectacularly! (are you sick of that word yet?)
Great job, congrats for finishing.



a great finale~goodluck beelow:thumbsup:


hurry beelow! u’ve almost finish that heavy-spec image don’t go to sleep before post the final one & the high res tiff…anyway congrats & good luck!


:bounce: :smiley: Hey looking really something beelow

Really great character work - and I know how hard this is to get right.

Really refreshing entry - good luck in the challenge and look forward to seeing you in the next

and thanks for all the great advice cdoncerning my entry - got a bit lost on the way, but at least it’s finished :thumbsup: :bounce:


:slight_smile: I like your illustration! Thanks for the reply and I wish you the very best luck at this challenge (and the others that would follow)! :applause:


Here are some variations, which one guys???


Hey beelow! Looking good!
Can’t descide on the two right versions, but I’d go for one of those…
Very cool concept and very well executed…
Good luck to you, I’ll be waiting for the final… :thumbsup:


top right for sure! believe me ! hurry and good luck man!:thumbsup::thumbsup:


mmmm …try a ramp gradient in a mask between thetop right and the bottom left…i like the foreground of the top right & the far background of the bottom left…maybe a mix between?? in any case very cool issue !! congrats bryce!


i like bottom left.
cheers.:thumbsup: :bounce: :buttrock: