Spectacular 2D Entry: Bryce Smith


each of ur updates shows alot of difference as well as imporvements,man this is good~please complete this asap:bounce:,the cock is ticking :scream:


hi hi

I love the expression. 10 points and a gold star for that alone :slight_smile: You’ve got a great start on the dramatic lighting, how far up the pillar of people are you thinking about making it before things start to fade out? I’m a little perplexed by that one linear cloud formation, the one that looks like it might have been made by a passing jet. It goes right over the tower of people, and I’m not sure if the left side of it is supposed to be a continued pile of people that are just tilting back to the side, or if it is just the cloud.

Keep it up! :thumbsup:


right on… just one quick note. just make sure to not fall into the same pit i did. my image ended up being to grey and colors where too dull so i had to redo a great deal of the image.

friendly heads up on that… well with that said its complete :buttrock: i love it. keep going man!


if you can’t stop don’t stop beacause you’ve done a relly nice work


Here is something new, I still have to fix some inconsistencies here and there and still try to paint out the grayscale while I simetaneously work in color, I still have to make changes, in some of the places where you guys and gals have commented on, approximately 4 days left I should be done on time good luck all.


Hi I love your image ! idea is great !
but IMHO previous variant with darker clouds, is feels little bit more dramatic !
Good luck man ! :thumbsup:


Bryce, That’s so great, I like the concept a lot :)))


Yep this getting better and better! I know it´s just a matter of taste but I really liked the grey sky you posted 21 september. I think the image is easier to read without a colorful bg.
Just make sure you finish this in time OK!


You have to done this… ! Like I told you I really like the concept and everything come out perfectlu now ! Waiting for the final :wip:


Finally, an update. Looking really niiice bro. I like what you did to the clouds. It has more forms and interesting shapes developing now. The details are looking sweet as usual. So i’m just waiting for you to finish it :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

be back again homez


beelow - I have been following this entry for some time though I never posted [or did I?:curious::scream:] anyway: this is just amazing. I love it. I love the triumphantly aggressive facial expression and that the character looks directly at the viewer, and (which is most important) when I first saw the latest update I was thinking: “Well… this is just…searching for the rigth term… spectacular!”

good luck!


Yeah sorry for the limited updates. As I have said this is the most difficult painting to solve, I should have did something else, but I may have not got this much feedback as I have did in this contest. Thanks for the support, I gotta get this entry finished still have till monday to do it, good luck all.

lynch- yeah I know. had thanksgiving break and was house hopping for food. I am poor student, so eating for free is the thing for me while in school. It beats McDonalds, LOL!
And thanx for the suggestion, I wasn’t liking it neither will make, changes asap! I’ll holla!:thumbsup:

sh@ke- The cock is ticking, whahahahaha!:smiley: will do thanks, Micheal!

IceKatze- I was noticing that earlier and and will color the person at the top, I added that trail as extra, stuff to give the comp some variation, I like variation, thanx I will keep that in mind when coming to the finished product!

Slav- Yeah I hear that, I am just going to make color adjustments later, thanx I will keep that in mind!

ivoryK- Oh I won’t stop, I will keep fighting this piece, as my teacher puts it!

HamsterFly-Yeah, I liked it for a while because it was dramatic, but I thought it was getting to overpowering, and decided to tone it down, make it lighter. Thanx dude! I still love your entry those hamster are so cool!

Katea- Thanx, that puts a smile on my face!

Norberg- Yeah I am starting to get that alot, if I have time I will go back to the original cloud formation, I will try to work with I got for the time being, thanx dude!

jddog-Thanx, jddog I am grateful that you are a big supporter of this image, love your entry, I wish I would have had the time to do my baby hero, I will finish it though, because I love the concept, It will also get me better with 3d with rendering and compositing. thanx again, I will finish it! Now where did I put my wacom at…

Arc80- Yeah, I am starting get that often too, LOL!:rolleyes: I will don’t worry. this will be close, hollaz!

Mr. Mu- Thanx, yeah I took on a hard task, in trying to relate this to the theme, I will describe why it is spectacular, In my final image. I did not want to do the hero or environments I wanted to do something that everyone can relate to. Opps I have said too much! Let me get to this, holla!


Bryce, your image is looking incredibly good and spectacular!


nice update so far.hurry up.let’s burn the pixels.:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


Wow Beelow, that painting looks awsome dude. This is the first time I’ve seen it since you started it back in school. You’ve outdone yourself big time: )

5 stars from me dude: ) Hey how do you vote on this thread?


Wow, that is great. You must have some patience to paint all those people. I particularly like the expression of the main guy, it really adds impact. Genuinely impressive.


beelow- you could check some folds on the clothes, some of them look a bit weird, like the leg and the back of the guy that’s lying on his back right above the bottom dude. Try to wary the materials of the clothes by shading, maybe. Also check the shading, some of the objects, like the leg of the mentioned guy looks a bit flat. Try to give it more natural feel. Hope it helps. It’s a really complex artwork, I admire your courage that you’ve taken it on. Great work.

Two more days to go, GO GO GO! :scream:


Good job, I like the idea :smiley:


Queensoul-Thanx, glad you like it!

xric7-thanx I will loose sleep tonight to get this done!

Cyrenn- Unfortunately cgtalk won’t rate thingy here, but thanx for droppin by. I will do your contest next after this is done at 3dtotal, you can count on that!

Baron Impossible- Glad you like Baron, I wish you would submit your stuff, u really do great work!

MikeTheHunter- Yeah, I haven’t got to them yet. I will get to it! thanks cuzzo!

revoltkid- Thanx dude!


hahaha,thats a spelling error~:scream:didnt notice it~anyway~good luck in the finals~