Spectacular 2D Entry: Bryce Smith


Like the color you’ve made on the characters. Be careful to keep the action on characters so maybe less contrasted bg or maybe a little blur on it (to try).


bakanekonei-Thanx, i will change out those clouds, I agree, did not like when I was doing them.


authentic-Alright I will try that as well! thanx dude!


This totally reminds me of this Kevin Garnet commercial that nike made where he was walking down the street and people kept on jumping on his back. That commercial kicked major ass.


ahhh i remember seeing that advert, i just watched it again. Indeed the concept is similar but i really like the take on this one, i feel i can relate to it. I really look forward to seeing this progress… hmm, i think i subscribed to it already… :slight_smile:


I think its great! Love the subtle colors u r using, and the contrast on the face of the first guy. I hope that everyone will be in this style. love it!


Good progress, very interestingly turns out, it is possible to examine work very for a long time:thumbsup:


Bro, this is coming out really bad arse :thumbsup: :thumbsup: I really dig the colours and what you got going on background. Great job homez.
Nothing to critzs man. Keep it up :smiley:



fal$eProfit-Hahahahaha, I just want to tell you that I never seen the commercial, and people at school told me that, and I was like that hella sucks. One of my teachers told me, that but he told me that my entry was a totally different concept, then he said after that, “fuk nike”. I am a big KG fan. i Love the Timberwolves. I wish they didn’t trade stephan marbury, that suks, but thanx for the reminder.

TheCleaner-Thanx, the cleaner! I think that everyone can relate to this concept, that was the idea.

NinjaASSN-Yeah I will, I just working the tonals as I am going with the color, just making adjustments as I go along.

Nikolay-Yeah, my teachers do that here as well, alot of eye candy I bet!

Arc80-Thanx archie, I hope to finish by this week, why do I keep saying that, I never finish, I will stop saying that from now on!:thumbsup:


This is look good almost there


your getting there, i gotta say this is difficult ,all these faces arrgh .

two things more tonal ranges for you skin and get some cloth references you could use less wrinkles
i’m now learning this stuff andeven though i’m getting better at painting from my head you can’t beat references.

good luck beelow


Great progress, now thats really the weight of the world on his shoulders :slight_smile: keep up the great work, the finnished parts already look amazing :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


very nice progress.realy love your idea.keep it up cheers.:bounce: :thumbsup:


wow! i really missed alot! i love the way it turned out!!:thumbsup:


hey man, very cool update, :applause:
great coloring, very nice , very nice :buttrock:
cheers :beer:


I love the concept of this image. Great work so far.

My main comments would be the strength of the background (but that has already been mentioned), but also there seems to be a portion in the image that seems a little too much in shadow compared to the rest of the image. It is mainly in the bottom middle: part of the main character and the man on his shoulders. I find myself squinting at the image to make out the detail - but that could be just my bad eyes :wink:

I like this image very much. Good luck for finishing in time!


Hey man,I really like your concept ,it should be really spectacular.as I am still waiting for your Final Image,hope to see more detail ,hurry up!!:slight_smile:



Lot of work in that pic for sure. I read the comment about the Nike commercial but I’ve seen it and I still think youre image stands on its own. In all honesty I wouldnt have even thought of the similarities until it was mentioned… I still think its one of the most original pieces here. Looks like youre pacing yourself nicely. Just keep at it, its coming along great :applause: - Joel


Bryce, this is looking better and better. The colors are looking great. Nice work


Sorry guys for being away so long, I will post something later tonight, good luck all!:thumbsup:

wildcory1- Yeah, just got to tidy it up, thanx!

lynch-Yeah, I know I went kinda over board with the wrinkles, thanx, lets see what I can do!

the1st_angel- thanks dude, I hope to get this finished in time I am kinda pushin it! I am starting to get tired of looking at this image, hahaha!

xric7- Thanx for the support!

calisto- Yeah you did, sorry to see drop in so late, but it is all good!

Korline-thanx Korline, it is starting to get cold in Vegas finally!

Lync-I will make adjustments to make out the character in the foreground, thanx for them bad eyes!

Michael Chang- Thanx, I will finish, good luck with your entry!

Mecha Hate Chimp- Thanx, mate yeah, damn Nike! damn Nike to hell, LOL!:smiley: :rolleyes:

zpapageo- thanx, I am still unhappy with the colors right now, I will pull it together, though. Thanx again!


hey your thread should be saying final colouring by now we only got like 5 days left
most of your characther should look more the one in at the bottom in terms of tone he really stands out you should also try not to acsentuate edges to much like that girls knee it makes it look to flattend with highlight going almost all around the shape

quick hurry man i want you to finish this, good luck