Spectacular 2D Entry: Bryce Smith


Great composition, man, very thought-out :thumbsup: Amazing amount of details. Will you colour it? I like it the way it is now…


Here I am just hinting My lights, right now, so I know where I want my focus to be! I’ll submit something new tomorrow!


Beelow - When I opened up this thread my jaw dropped. I had no idea that you were THIS GOOD at drawing! This is incredible work man. I loved the concept but I never expected such a strong execution. Great work.:thumbsup:


!Nice! Your figures have really taken form! The man on bottom has a great expression! It could have been real easy to have made him look like he’s smiling/laughing, but you really get a good sense of the weight and and extreme strain on him. Lock in that lighting:thumbsup:, and good luck!


Hey nice work on this painting. Great concept and composition. You really took on a monumental task with this painting, but I am sure that you are up to the task. Thanks for dropping by at my entry and giving me the good advise and encouragement. I am looking forward to seeing your finished entry!:thumbsup:


wow ! very cool dude! nice compostion , concept and shading! one thing I notice is color , now it’ s look like duotone , maybe you can add more saturate color to it ! go go don’t forget your super baby in 3d entry! hehehe:thumbsup::bounce:


Great Concept. Very original. Keep up the good work :thumbsup:


Keep it up Bryce - this is really coming together. I just realised that I’ve been subconsciously inspired by the 'fro on your avatar :slight_smile:


coooll…you are using that technique where you first paint the image in grayscale and then you overlay the colors…that’s awesome…and the facial expressions…this is powerfull…good luck!:buttrock:


hey mate that is soo cool, your a guy with allot of talent


Looking at the picture again, I think the guy with the gun needs a bit more work. His arm isn’t shaded too well and the gun doesn’t look right. The face of the main characters looks excellent in particular.


Here is some more work on the coloring, A little saturated for my taste. I will refine some more, thanx for the support!


I will post responses tomorrow guys and gals, holla!:arteest:


great!u’ve got ur colors up,ur skills in the rendering job has tremendously improved mate!:slight_smile:


I’m really feeling this, I can relate. The concept is great…excellent composition. My only crit would be to make certain you fade the people highest up in the clouds enough, otherwise good stuff.

Good luck. :thumbsup:


Awesome details beelow :drool: One thing that comes to mind though is, that guy on his back against the dude carryin’ the whole mob’s gotta be hurtin a lot with his stomach takin’ all the weight like that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Nonetheless, you definitely take the cake in originality in this contest :bowdown: ~ Peace! :cool:


rawwad-Tahnks, rawwad for dropping by, good luck with your entry, how is yours doing anyways?

MikeTheHunter-Yeah, as you se in these post, I have went into coloring thank Mike!

gardogg-Thanks gardogg glad you like! It took a lot to figure out, but I have nailed it, I still have to refine the greyscale as a move along!

KITTNLITTER-Thanx, man, I will get it down, just got to refine as I go!

Euphrosyne- Thanx! I would not have crit If I did not have a great painting to back it up, I guess! I hope that you make those changes that I have suggested! Good with your entry!

monsitj-Thanks, monsitj! I won’t forget about my 3d. I just have to get my base colors down, I just have an idea of what I want, let see what I can do in terms of color!


Avatarist-LOL, the fro usually does it, I don’t what is up with this fro? When I have it my talent tends to show more. It all in the fro!:bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:

OrO-Thanks Oro glad that you have noticed it, sorry that u misunderstood me, too much slang from tha hood will do that to ya!

eddieellis-Thanx eddie, don’t make me blush:blush: :rolleyes:

gardogg-Yeah, I haven’t worked that area yet, getting there, soon enough, thanx again gardogg!

sh@ke- thanx shake, I had to do a lot photo shot to get the poses that I want, It was a pain!

Segvoia-I will do so, thanx!

ahbeejieh- Yeah, I’ve been getting that response from some people at school, LOL! about the guy that is taking all of the weight of the people, but hey its a painting anythings possible.:rolleyes: Thanx, man!


Here is the next step just, doing as I go I guess, let me know what you think!


well…i absolutely love the idea of this pic. the charcters are rendered nicely. one thing i don’t think i like though is the clouds, they seem too blocky and tall, competing with the stack o’ people, which should be the main focus.


same here…cloud issue…the rest is super cool :buttrock: