Spectacular 2D Entry: Bryce Smith


hey man,
now I see, like it more and more, little different approach there, very modern,
I think it’s a great piece, girl on the left needs a little work,
but overall it’s very original, admire your style :buttrock: :buttrock:
I think this is what makes to stand out from the rest, not trying to follow the main stream
love it, very cool :applause: :applause:
(it’s cold inher)


Here the next step enjoy!


greaaaaaaaaaT work man:thumbsup:


I’m so pleasantly surprised by this, cause there was a long time nothing much
happened on this thread ad now you are making this great pic that seems to
advance so nicely :thumbsup:



Just a question (maybe already asked sorry), is that will be colored or is it a black and white piece ??


gaianix-thanks dude!

Squibbit-Yeah, thanks squib sorry bout that, just other going on.



Bryce, time is getting short, lets see some color!


Hi bryce,
Haven´t checked in for a while so it was a pleasant surprise to see how this developed.
I hope you know your colors as well as your shading. It´s allready looking great, but in color it could be really, really spectacular.
Great work!


Hi, this is Voytek. Your idea is very good, I like the composition very much. I did very similar composition before., but with an angels. Good luck.


i have absolutly nothing to crit about your image…it looks great :buttrock: but try to post some stuff as coloring and final coloring too…cu z you can’t go for ever with lineart…cheeres


Good work! :slight_smile:

I think that increasing the amount of people on his back really made the picture to look more spectacular. At first i didnt get it. I thought this was supposed to be some kinda of strong man feat, but now it just aint possible by normal human. So it works fine.

Where are them colors?! Uh oh… hurry up! :eek:


hehe yea you slacker!

i just have one small crit for you… i know might be your intention so ill be very careful in the way i present this. so here goes. i know that most of the illustrated figures are not anatomically correct but the female figure that is sitting on top of the the guy that’s laying down that the main character is holding up … her foot seems to be elongated and doest quite fit in… it just looks out of place … i suggest you either make her leg after the knee longer or shorten the upper part of the leg. either way it should get rid of that inconsistency.

aside that i cannot say that anything major jumps out at you. this image is splendid. keep rocking mate!


This is looking really good. Looks like you’re all ready to start coloring, or pretty soon anyhow. Only comment - and this may be intentional -si that the tower of people fades right into a gab between the clouds, so it’s really hard to see where one ends and the other begins. Whiter clouds (i.e. no gap there) could help… or maybe it will all be clear once coloring is in.
Good luck and keep haing fun with it!



Hi !!

I’ve been away for too long…sorry…
Here’s one of my favourite pic. Just wondering if you really need colouring.
To me, it’s strong enough. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Keep it up



Hi Bryce! Now I see why this little girl is there! :slight_smile: She looks very expressive! And I’d be very interesting to hear about the characters! Are all these characters fictitious or real? I’m waiting for your colors! Good luck! :slight_smile:


Jose Pardo-Yes daddy,LOL:bowdown:

Norberg-Thanx, man, lets hope I can pull it off with the color added in.

Voytek-Cool, just checked out your thread you do great work, thanx for droppin’ by much appreciated.

OrO-Yes I can:p thanx OrO!:slight_smile:

Falcor_-LOL, yeah I better get on it! thanx dude!

Slav-I know u are but what am I:p Yeah I know probably almost all of the figures are not correct but I see what you mean, this image is pretty hard because I am trying to force the perspective, I don’t know how many sketches I have done to correct these problems, but I will try to fix them if not I will just try to finish this and submit it within the next week! Thanx for that, again I will correct them!

walrus-Thanx walrus I will make the correction. not intentional!

spacesnail-Well, everyone seems to want it colored and also I can get some practice with color so will color it, but I see that it is strong already! thanx spacesnail!

Atris-Yeah, I had major beef with the first pose of the girl. She did not seem snobbish enough, so I went to find reference of an upset kid and I stumbled over a photograph of a kid doing the sticking out tongue thingy, that little brat! Yeah, I just kind of made reference to people in my life that are annoying and seem to just be there and bother me. Just leave me alone, Like mike…if you know what I mean!


Hey Bryce. This is really getting impressive. I love the all of the poses. I cant wait to see some color. :thumbsup:


Yeah, me too! This is looking smashing! Colour man! I think you must be the most active participant of all here Bryce! :slight_smile:


zpapageo-Thanx man, Yeah I still have to correct some of them, but I am glad u like!

Poshspice-Thanx Posh, yes daddy 2, I will color.:stuck_out_tongue: Yeah I guess so, I just want to get to know the other artists, and be a known force as well as great digital artists here. I hope you get to finish your entry, I still have plenty of work to do myself!


Hey, I don´t reply to your spectacular yet. I must change it.
I like your work! Great style and characters you have there, but most fantastic is idea, really great! Keep working! :thumbsup: