Spectacular 2D Entry: Bryce Smith


Hi! All your characters turned out very individual and expressive! That’s great! I really like it! I’m thinking all time what will happen next? And it would be very interesting to see “Weight of the World 2”! :slight_smile: Congratulations! Your image is outstanding! I wish you good luck! :slight_smile:


Congratulations on finishing, Bryce! I bet it felt like running along the platform as the train was leaving the station!

The composition of figures must have been such a headache… my favourite part is the big fella lying flat across the shoulders. And there’s some lovely folds in that cloth!

Congratulations again and good luck!


My congratiulations for finishing Bryce!

so many characters, dude, I would never had finish this piece :slight_smile:
Good luck to you.




Congratulations man! I like it :smiley: Great dream like colors and fantastic idea, Good luck to you, friend! :thumbsup:


hi bryce!

glad to see that you made it! the concept is really unique and it somehow put a smile on my face :slight_smile: great work :thumbsup:

good luck with the judging! cu around next time :bounce:


Congratulation for your final, wonderful concept and really a beautiful image :applause: + :thumbsup:


Good luck!!! :thumbsup:


congratz buddy.wish you best in judging.cheers.:bounce: :beer: :wip:


Congrats on finishing your piece Bryce and don´t carry that weight for a long time ok?hehe,good luck!!:thumbsup:


Now here’s a piece I’ll bet everyone could relate to! Congrats on finishing a really unique piece, I’ve not seen anything resembling your piece beelow, which is most certainly a good thing. Nice work on making all those figures fit and seem natural. Best of luck in the judging!


Congratulations on finishing, Bryce. It came out great. Good luck in the judging


Excellent final image dude… good luck…:thumbsup:


hehe grats bryce :smiley: glad you finished this. Its a cool image and atm i can really relate to the topic :thumbsup:


Glad you can finish bro. A strong piece of work indeed :applause: See around and see you at the next challenge as well.



Wow Wow Wow The colouring is even better that I supposed to see :thumbsup::thumbsup:
Congratulations on finishing this truly masterpiece. Respect.
I hope you’ll win a little something, you deserve it :bounce: Looking at your image, I just feel standing in front of a graphed wall. Just great feeling indeed !!!

See you on the next challenge



I really love your final image! You pulled off your theme with a really dramatic flare. I love the colors that you put in your clouds too, it gives it a real impact.


Never did stop by to look at the final… Good colors, I feel the weight… :thumbsup:


Congratulations on finishing your great idea:thumbsup:
It looks amazing :eek:
Best of luck on the finals !


yo beelow glad yo0u finished , i think you guys will be seeing me before the next challenge with something new . i trying to think of somthing way ot there for expose.
good luck man


Hi Beelow, I read your story and I agree that it’s a modern Herculean effort. I empathized with your friend and I wish him all the best and that things will come through for him in the end. Remember, it’s when Hercules completed the 12 labours that he was finally admitted to Elysian Fields, (ha…couldn’t help using what I researched for my piece, sorry.)

Anyway, good luck to you as well…I really like your concept and think that it really is spectacular and heroic.