Spectacular 2D Entry: Bryce Smith


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Latest Update: Final Image: Weight of the World


I said I’m here!:scream:


I will have something up later tonight, I got just the image that I want to do holla!


Hello Beelow !

Nice to see you again:thumbsup:


Welcome spacesnail, I am glad you are here!:smiley:


Good to see you again bro. Goodluck and i’ll keep up with you.



thanx Arc80, good luck with yours too, holla!:thumbsup:


hi beelow,
good luck.


:thumbsup: Nice to see ya, Xric7, good luck to ya 2, holla!


Hi Bryce! I’m not ignoring you :slight_smile: Promise…


Thanx, Aly, good luck on your masterpieces, holla!


challenge time again!!! :bounce: welcome beelow! good luck! :bounce:


Good luck with your project.

oh yeah
HOLLA! Lol.(I could not help it) Had to do it.:bounce::thumbsup:


here is my first sketch, I think it would spectacular for a person to care a load on their head and still stay on their toes, most of the time I feel like this. I have these problems in my life that I won’t let go of, poeple that have done a jigga wrong. Still to this day I have problems with just letting things go. I find it kind of spectacular, that I have my head together with all this mess that I carry with me, pray for me, holla!


thanx, dunkelgold, good luck to ya too!

yeah pushav, I have to let my negro nature loose, hey it may not be accepted but, people goin’ have to accept me as is, but I am glad you said that. It puts a smile on my face good luck to ya pushav, will see you around, holla!:thumbsup:


cool concept.nice sketch too.:thumbsup:


ahh,shaping up already~cool sketch with lovely compo!keep it up man and good luck!:thumbsup:


the idea behind it is very intriguing. I’m liking the sketch so far and the cloud formation looks very godly like setting. I know its the first sketch. It’ll be interesting how you develop the visual on that idea. Keep it up. I’ll be back for more homez.

killer afro by the way bro :argh:

peacz from NY :buttrock:


It sounds like a very interesting concept. I’m kinda looking out for stuff that isn’t spectacular in just a sense of scale and action (big explosions and the like), and this is ceratinly a very different take on the theme…

It’ll be interesting to see how you’ll develop it and nail the ‘spectacular’… good luck!


Very interesting sketch:thumbsup: I like it! Good luck to you.