Spectacular 2D Entry: Bruno da Veiga Thurner


Bruno da Veiga Thurner is entered in the “Spectacular Challenge” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Coloring WIP: face


Hi there, welcome, have fun and good luck :slight_smile:


hi! thanks guy! of course i’ll have fun… but i don’t know why i can not post images, or how to post…


first study of Tereh - my personage -


tereh study…


thanks for dropping by and welcome. Nice start and goodluck on your piece. I will try and keep up :smiley:



well before my PC broke again: the next post will have the hole history and more draws!


scenario study…


cool start! arty concept sketches ! welcome to the challenge and good luck man!
looking forward to more stuff!


almost the position i want…


well, i’m thinking this image can evolue to the finished one.


i can’t sleep…


each time i work i can see more…


Nice start dude!!! :slight_smile:
I just wondering where are the spectacular element, if you could post some background history behind your work it would help a lot :wink:

Boa sorte piá! Acho que amanhã eu começo o meu! Tomara que eu consiga acaba dessa vez


hey, calm down on, the next post u will see the spetacular…
or not…


I think is #9, but that sky is awsome, so is the composition, and , jeeez finally is not to try soooooooo hard to be realistic, it’s just interpretation, God I love this
good luck to you man ! :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


thanks guy, i think your words turn me happier, tnx a lot! i’ll keep working here, to turn it better n better, but i’m just a novice in painting…:thumbsup:


hey getting nicer! like the dreamy quality it has! waiting to see more man!


thanks yuniserees, you know, i’m looking your WIP!!:thumbsup:


nothung spetacular yet…