Spectacular 2D Entry: Bobby Parker


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Latest Update: Final Image: Final image - Doomsday surfer - Minor Correction


My idea here was to have an image of a surfer riding the huge wave created by an asteroid impact, threading between buildings and trying to stay alive.

This concept sketch hopefully gives an idea of where I’m going.


welcome to the challenge, dude, not many days left, tho… u pretty quick, huh? :curious:



Let’s hope so!


Here I’ve tightened what will be the general layout of the image. I went into detail on the surfer, (after studying what had to be hundreds of pictures of surfers…jeeez) and added some skyscrapers in perspective…it’s almost reminiscent of times square. Next image should be coloring it up for value work.


Some color added. I’m not terribly happy with the surfboard, but that’ll have to wait…got lots of work to do from here on in.


pretty nice, i really like how the buildings are set up

dunno how it would be in reality, but maybe the buildings
being engulfed should show some sign of being pushed by billions
of tons of water, could be they’d be standing at that point too, looks
cool anyhow…

I dunno about wave painting tutorials but i’d google “biggest wave”
or sumthing to get some good reference pictures

good luck, dude :thumbsup:


I was thinking about maybe having the ones being hit by the wave appear as if they were being pushed over or something…all-in-all it’s kinda apocalyptic…the damage will be in the details as it were.

We’ll see.

I’ve already looked at hundreds of pictures of surfers on waves in the last two days…I just have no idea how to depict a wave that LARGE. Not only is it a problem of scale, but half the issue is…should I “muddy” the water? Have some of it see-through? so forth, so on


yea i think u should muddy it a bit, especially if it been travelling sometime inland ,collecting
the mud and stuff, also you could have a fishing boat or coast guard or whatever there
vertical and high up the ‘belly’ of the wave.

and something that would certainly bee seen through the wave if it’s not totally muddy,
is like the skeletal remains of a huge building, totally ripped off its foundation and
carried by the wave.

i don’t really have much on this, heh, do it one way , mostly clear maybe and add
a muddied layer later on and see which is better :slight_smile:



That’s an idea…I like the idea of a boat way up high in the wave!


Some detail work on the surfer, along with lighting and highlights.


hurry, hurry, hurry.
Do you feel the pressure?


Wooo! You better believe it. I’ve been up since 5:00 AM working on it!


Here I’ve detailed the shirt on the surfer with lots of wrinkles and shadows and such. The blur tool is most useful for getting that realistic look.


More and more details…I was quite unhappy with the shorts the first time around, but I think I’ve hit something I like.

Anyone have any comments?


Now I’ve gotten the surfboard taken care of…well mostly…

Cleaned up some depth issues on the surfer dude, since several people mentioned that the legs looked kinda flat.

Next update will be architectural improvements on my city! Woohooo!


yea great work, now forget the dude and get the rest of it done,
not much time left u know :thumbsup:



Some water…suggestions?


heh, yeah I just updated with some wave work. Still gotta muddy that up, and do the buildings, and those will probably take all the rest of the time.


Does anyone have any kind of feedback on how my work is going? I know I’m not perfect! :slight_smile: