Spectacular 2D Entry: Blaz Porenta


Oh yeah man! thats a great concept, the base colors are so beautifull it looks gigantic! this composition works even better than your 1st, good luck:bounce:


Cool to see you decided to go with the subconcept and the idea of monkeys and baboons is really cool.
Are you still going with the treasure idea? cause I think it could still be a great detail in the piece.


an update :slight_smile: will reply to ur posts soon… just have to finish with my lunch :smiley:


hi guys :slight_smile:

Ranath, sh@ke, element5, coCoKNIght: thnx to all of u very much! much appreciate it!

xric7: thnx buddy! well, I doubt that I’ll hang a monkey on that thing, coz they r just about to discover it and r still afraid of it.

Gonzalo Golpe: yea, I’ll try to catch a jungle here, hopefully noone will think its under the sea again, hehe… thnx!

artjunkie: thnx man, after some thinking it came across that this should be the right idea for this challenge. and also I like to paint dark images, so this is the one to satisfy my needs :smiley:

renderwhite: I was thinking about flipping it or not flipping it, and see that it better looks flipped. also that way u more easely spotted things on the ground. thnx for stopping by!

Rudeone: I’ll see if the picture will missing something… if it will be too empty (on elements or colors), than I’ll add some of gold laying around. thnx! :slight_smile:


nice painting:thumbsup: coming along so well.keep it up.cheers.:bounce:


so I started with details… it can be seen in upper left corner, some trees, lianas and water started to get real shape. thats the most fun part :smiley:


Looks awesome! :slight_smile:
The rainforrests got a really nice feel. Waiting for those monkeys to show up… :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah, Nice Blaz!

This has come along very nicely. I have one comment, which is that it’s looking a little flat in some areas. It may or may not help to add some more depth to the jungle…more atmosphere, receding in less detail, or less saturation as the jungle goes up, back, or further away. For example, the forground elements on the right have the same value range, contrast, and saturation as the left side, on quick glance, it’s hard to tell where things end or meet.

Doesn’t hinder the fact it’s a fantastic idea and painting so far, heh. So keep it up!! Sure looks like a fun one to work on.


I agree with Tonsen’s comments… But I guess this is still far from it’s finished state, and I’m sure you got a lot more stuff planned for the pic. Goodluck!


definately a wonderfull start! love the mood of it and the cool details i can already see! keep it up mate, this is goin to be just awesome!:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


I love it!

I think you ought to roll as far as you can with this one. I think you should “build” primative wood structures all over the hull of the sub as though it’s been covered in barnacles and corals. I think that would further add to the irony of the ship being above water.


my goodness,no doubt,its blaz.looking really good so far,keep playing around with the details on the forest,u could make the submarine alil more stand out as it looks alil too blend in with the background colors.amazing mood overall,definitely captured the feeling in the forest.very spectacular indeed:thumbsup:


He beat me to it. I was going to say the same things about the area in the bottom third around the central boulder. Could use some darker shadows.

Very nice work.


I’m liking this one, good job so far, I can’t wait to see it finnished. Tonsen has some good comments, try to push the contrast to help make the the major shapes more defined try to get some areas to have 100%black in em.


it looks great… I’m not shure it it’s spectacular enough, but i’m shure you’ll work on that :slight_smile: Since there’s gonna be monkeys discovering this submarine… what if there were people on it too… just as scared of the first contact as the monkeys? :twisted:


hello Blaz!

Do you remember when I sad that germam sub isn’t so spectacular … well I went through other entrys, and I realized/know that you can make this look spectaculary. Nice colours and atmosphere!

Sub is full of gold? Why dont you make wrecked sub, that we could see this gold ?


I was just thinking, maybe it would give a more dramatic effect if you slightly tilted the submarine to one side, just a thought tho.


Excellent work so far! I’d suggest to improve the dramatic effect even further by adding the effect of the “volumetric lighting”, ie lightrays that penetrate through the tree tops and are visible thanks to the heavy, foggy air…


Hi Porenta!

After a great sketch production you finally decided, gooooooood, the coloring wip is going wonderful!! keep it up!!:buttrock:



Work has very much liked!
Atmosphere, color, idea,
And it would be desirable to visit this gorge…
Success :thumbsup: :slight_smile: