Spectacular 2D Entry: Blaz Porenta


Congratulations! :arteest:

Youre finished. It is a good picture and i think that triangle made it work a little bit better.

I like most of your foliage youve greated in this picture. I also prefer that bottom part a bit more than the upperpart. It has nicer sense of depth and tight color.

See you in the next challenge :beer:



Damn dude, my hats off to you… your image is beautifully done. Ive been staring at it for the last few minutes and Im blown away. Those birds flying amongst that dense foliage… they are a small part of the image but add so much atmosphere. I think my favorite part is how you handled the light and shadows on the sub. I really love the way the light casts those shadows from the leaves on the top front of the sub. The water seeping out from the side of the sub is also a nice touch and goes to show that you seriously put some thought into the details.

I gotta say, Ive felt your idea has been one of the strongest in the challenge. There are definitely some beautifully rendered pieces here, but I feel your image definitely captured what I interpret as what “spectacular” can and should be. Awesome job - Joel


wooww:applause: gooog paiting goood luck


Amazing work. congrats and good luck!


Congrats Blaz on a wonderful entry! also…great story…


Hey Blaz,

congrats to the final image. Damn, time goes by fast…haven´t been here for a while. The image turned out great.




Fantastic, finish Blaz, good luck!:thumbsup:


outstanding work mate congrats


Looks great. I know I haven’t commented yet, but I’ve been following this one. Good composition and concept.


Hi Blaz !
My congratulations! :slight_smile:
Fantastic idea (concept), history, color! :thumbsup:
Excellent technics!
Excellent work - one of the best in this competition! :bounce:


Excellent lighting and sense of scale. I very much like the way you’ve pulled this all together with the actual triangle… it spells the idea out much more obviously, but I think that is a good thing as it gives the piece much more impact. Thanks for your support over the course of the challenge… hope to see you around :slight_smile:


I like the lighting in this piece. Very nice atmosphere. Good work.


What’s left to say here?
Amazing work! Good luck! :thumbsup:


Seriously!! very detailed… nice lighting and texture~


sniff sniff… i would of gone with more birds but this is wicked mate. just wicked. :slight_smile:


excellent job blaz:)in my eyes,u win this thing~congratulation to u mate~best of luck:thumbsup:


wish u the best on that judgment day… ultra good luck your image is one of my favorites in the 2d chal…cheers


:thumbsup: Congratulations on finishing Blaz…

Really lovely image and well worth waiting for. Amazing detail and atmosphere

Good luck in the judging and see you in the next challenge :applause: :bounce:


… and nicely done, too! If there will be a flood, I’ll give you a call to embark on your vessel, matey! I like it very much and I wish you good luck! :thumbsup:


Great final piece Blaz, congrats! good luck in the voting my friend :thumbsup: