Spectacular 2D Entry: Blaz Porenta


I’m not sure about the shape of the sub as it looks like the head of a whale. But the picture as a whole is simply GORGEOUS!!


I like the added details, the fish, vegetation etc.:thumbsup:
I’m not sure how the darkened levels comes out.
In my monitor it seems more depressing, and prefer the previous mild contrast which is more underwater-like.

The triangle, seems a bit out of perspective and not aligned vertically to the sub. Also it’s too geometric, maybe you can “break” up some spots like diffuse from the water?..


evanfotis is right. The triangle could be less geometric indeed. Asome work! Great work, very subtle details. :thumbsup:


I don’t know what to say more … you done another great job here on CGT. I hope that others will see this too. Very original idea and really good realization! Sedi 5!

You surely have my vote on this challenge!


I like the triangel , but the parrot is grreat!




:applause: Hey Blaz…really looking great

been working away in my own little world for the last week or so - so apologies for not commenting more often.

Really nice attention to details and lighting and I do like the triangle, though I think it works just as well without as it leaves you wondering how the ship came to be where it is.

Looking forward to seeing the final image at higher resolution :applause: :thumbsup:


This has been good from the start. great perspective and it has a real look that is hard to pull off. I wish you the best of luck. Keep up the great work. Nice work on your web page


:applause: this is simply beautiful! I love the triangel… I just think there should be rays of light coming out of it… And my personal tuch would be a little green froggy siting in the leafs :slight_smile:


is this sky or sea? I really like sth like this concept,makes people think more
ofcause very skillfull and attractive… good luck to you:)

My Spectacular:http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?t=290940


Hey, Blaz! Fantastic update, it looks great. I like adding of triangel very much, details looks more fantastic, parots are great too. Week and half to end :bounce:


Wow! It looks really good. Nice atmosphere. I really don’t find anything too special to crit. Just some suggestions. The picture seems to be slightly upper weighted. How about if add some stronger highlights on the ground. And maybe you could make wrecked aeroplane’s parts smaller to give bigger impression to the submarine…



arg… this might be it… but i say more birds are in order. well its in either case a good way to go. i for one vote on more birds because there is just the one looks occoard alone there. give it a baby bird or something else to eliviate the white bird that is just there out there all on it’s own.


Hey, Blaz. I love how this turned out. The triangle is a great device. The detail and textures are impressive. This is a fantastic piece.


So, this could be the very end of my painting process for this image. I was trying to add more and more elements, but than the pic was already too crouded. So for the last update, I added 2 more flying fraightened parrots, I darken the white kakadu, added some buterflies, made bright spots on the ground and plane (also defined a grass a bit), painted some details to the falling water all over the image and contrasted the sea in the back of the image. So, I hope this is it, I’ll sleepover this once more and than probably uplouded tiff file.

I’d like to thank everysingle one of u for ur effort to help me in this thread, for very usefull comments and critics and ofcors for staying around and encourage me thru the process. Thank a lot guys! U r the best :slight_smile:


Heyy!!you´ve finished it!!:buttrock: :applause: Congrats for your beautiful and spectacular image and good luck,Blaz!!



grats blaz :applause: its a very good piece that shows off your amazing skill :wink:

good luck now :smiley:


Wow, impressive work and amazing skill. Congrats :beer:


amazing skill as always! you done very good paint job! glad you finished it ! good luck man!


Damn… Im submiting the same image as previously, its just that I just saw I have to put here the describtion of the image as well.

the story:

It was a second World War, the fight was going on near the coast of America and a german battle submarine had been discovered by the enemy forces. They had no choice but to trying to escape from the battlefield so they panically turned the submarine to unknown waters. The captain heard of strange places around here, but in a present situation he didnt think twice, he just wanted to save his ship and a crew from being sank by enemy troops. Soon they managed to escape from persecutors, but they seemed to be lost… compass stopped working, no other instrument was reliable anymore. And all in a sudden, the water in front of them wasnt water anymore… The area became green, fishes vanished, a bird flew by the the ship and the ship itself started to falling down. It was like as they got thru some sort of a portal gate, an astonishing blue light was all around the place, for the moment there was a silence that made u stop breathing and all in a sudden they appeared in the middle of a jungle. There were already a lot of chrashed airplanes, ships, submarines, all wrecks with no survivors, with lots of green overflowing them. And the submarine chrashed into the hard ground of an unknown place as well… and nobody ever saw them again.

Sorry for all the mistakes I made in that describtion, I just hope u understand my story abut this image :slight_smile: And thnx for reading!


That’s a brilliant image. I see lot of hard work put in here. All those subtle details. I’m just wondering if it’s “spectacular” enough if you know what i mean. I find it rather moody/romantic scene but it’s just probably my understanding of “spectacular” word. Anyway this is beutiful image.