Spectacular 2D Entry: Blaz Porenta


Wow, this is a great image. I love your control of colour, your choice of composition, your use of contrasts and ability to create a fabulous atmosphere. My favourite part of the whole image is the light.

My only crit (and this is getting really picky) is the lens flare in the lower foreground. It doesn’t work as well as it did, in my humble opinion, now that you have added some plants there.


It looks great now! The sea is superb!!!
Dunno what else to say… cant wait to see it finished!


Hi Blaz!
Work is magnificent! :thumbsup:
Only I think, that it is necessary to separate somehow all still a line border of water
And its transition in jungle (but it can be only my opinion :slight_smile: )
Luminescence cool! Still to start up on the foreground of flying birds!
Fishes in water should be necessarily!! :wip:
Good luck buddy!!:slight_smile:
Excuse for bad English


Hi guys (and potential girls)… Some unfinished busyness to do hehe… replies ofcors :slight_smile: So many changes since the last answering, and so many updates, that I hope u’ll figure it out to which comment Im replying, hehe…

Jaba153: I added some subtle text on the sub and really works fine… a nice detail, so thnx for the suggestion Mathieu!

evanfotis: thnx for the warning man! I’ll try not to overfilled the image with an unneccessery details… stop me if I’ll do that please :slight_smile: and ppl wont be add to this pic. U r right they could ruin the atmosphere. Thnx for ur most usefull comments and suggestions! They were helping me a lot!

Slav: Yes, my monitor is very bright, so I have problems with configuring the lightness… Most often I see that the pic is too dark after I print it. I did some brightness work on the pic, so I hope u see that corner of the pic ok (there r some grass or plants… do u see them?) Birds r coming next. Thnx!

Dutchman: Thnx man! Those words r too kind. :blush:

MrFreeman: and more details r coming up, hehe… thnx for stopping by man! I really appreciate it!

Squibbit: yea, that one is coming form the bermuda triangle… or better saying, this is a bermuda triangle, this is whats inside of it (in my head… just for that event ofcors :P) But details on ship and plane wreck wont drastically change… I like them the way they r, subtle and not so eyepoping.

Arc80: hmm… it could be that I got borred watching the sub on the right, and when I flipped the image to see if it works well what consider the composition, I kind of like it better the new way, from the left. And also the psychology teaches, that from the left side comes the attack, elements of surprice, etc. Well, we’ll see which side will works the best at the end :slight_smile: thnx for ur constructive critic!

walrus: hi my friend! Really nice seeing u in my thread again :slight_smile: I sort of agree with ur comment about the ppl in the image. Thats way Im working on a new idea… ppl wont be seen on this pic, but I’ll try to get the feeling as the viewer (all of us) gets that feeling like he is there, right behind the leafes that it will be in the first plan (more of leafes coming up). That u as a viewer r watching the whole action going on. I hope I’ll succeeded. Thnx once again for droping by!

andreasrocha: Thnx for stopping by buddy! Im working on thos colors right now… I’d like to bring some red or orange to the image, something subtle but I hope it will work.

Fiolka Alexandre: this is my point. I hope that the viewer will think that this is under the water… but just for a second or two… than he’ll realize whats happening and will blow him away, make that spectacular feeling in him. thnx for ur comment!

Lync: U r right about the lens flare… it works well to me as well before, but now… I’ll fix that in my next update. thnx!

Geci: hehe… thnx for poping in again man! Bu I guess it wont be finished so soon… much more to add.

LexLe: Hi there! once again a constructive critic from u buddy! I much appreciate it :slight_smile: Im working on seperating those elements (water from the surface). I think I’ll add some more sprinkles here and there, some reflections maybe… donno yet… fishes and birds r coming up! thnx

Levan, SuperXCM, Luis Di Donna, Aritz, Lo/ast-lamer, Sergey Banityuk, sh@ke, maurodelia, Madlight_1988, THE CLYKE, rawwad: What to say… thank u VERY much for ur nice words ppl :cheerz:


nice little ninja i like you stlye very pleasing imagery


Hi guys! Sorry for not stoping in ur threads yet, but I was soooo busy these days. Well, I found an afternoon freetime and “finish” my piece. There will be still some corrections, some last touch ups and details, but all in all I think this is it. The triangle where the submarine comes from, tells what its all about and I think it fits well into the composition, as well as make a border where is sea and where the jungle starts.
Thnx for viewing! :slight_smile:


Nice stuff blaz, I like the idea of the the triangle being right there, comp is amazing the lighting is thorough! Do yo thug thizzle!:thumbsup:


It looks great! The triangle look good too, only bad thing with it is that it makes it slightly harder to read that the sub is entering from the sea, on the other hand it makes it alot easier to understand what the whole image is about…

Would be cool if you could put two monkeys in the foreground, maybe on the cliff to the left… One could be looking on the sub and the other looking at his fellow monkey scratching his head with no understanding of whats going on :p! Stuff like this would, just like the birds bring more life to the image! just a silly suggestion :slight_smile:

Good luck with your final image and the judging!


This is a really beautiful image. Great work! I love what you have done with the forest, the lighting, the textures on the sub…

No crits :thumbsup:


Hi Blaz!
This turned out so well.
Seems like I missed the story behind this image till now. The triangle alone make you understand what this is. An image like this that don´t need a written explanation is not easy to create, but you did it!

If you´ve got the time I like to see some more work on the closest boatwreck. It could be the many highlights or the lack of colorvariation. But there is something that makes it look kind of sketchy compares to the rest. (Does that make any sence?)

Great work anyway!


A great composition,man:thumbsup:


It is class!! :thumbsup:
Hi Blaz! All is very class is made!!
Only what for this shone triangle?
But it can be only my opinion :wink:
And so all super!!
I congratulate! :applause:
Good luck buddy!
Excuse for bad English


Hi Ninja !

I must reconsider my geography lesson !! This a splendid Triangle of Bermudas picture :thumbsup::thumbsup:
It seems you’re very very close to the end… so good luck the judging


man this idea is very cool…i haven’t thought about the bermuda triangle in so long. the only thing i think might help your pic at these final stages is a little bit more blue light from the shining triangle on the stuff below. it’s a pretty bright intense light and i think it could be illuminating the bottom.


You know that i’ve been neglecting the challenge a bit (i’ve been so busy! honest!), so it’s a long time since i’ve looked in. The submarine was hanging in vines last time i dropped by…

But i think this new approach is a great idea. There’s some lovely rendering!! The triangle works well too.

I think the jungle needs a bit more foilage on the floor and behind the waterfalls… but you said you’re adding more detail… good luck!


Sorry to have missed quite an update. Man, this looks insane. AWESOME job bro :bounce: :bounce: :applause: :applause:
I don’t know what else you can add. Wonderfull colours and the triangle does work for me too. The birds really added a nice feel of movements. Can’t think of anything else to say…

Great piece mate


looks like your finished already ,i guees it’s just needs a few more personal tweaks


Hi there
Fantastic piece, the lighting is great. And you really know how to paint textures.
Well done and good luck.


the way i see it~u have won this thing:thumbsup:


thanks for your opinion on my work. I like your picture (original concept, forest is very impressive).
See you soon