Spectacular 2D Entry: Blaz Porenta


Hi folx! So there r seen some changes now… the lower black area (some sort of shipwreck) is now gone, waterfalls r a bit more detailed, water on submarine can be already seen, submarine itself is a bit upgraded and as final, there can be seen how will the water wall be look like. And plenty more details is coming up.
And u were right, ppl on this pic could probably ruin it (I did some sketches but wasnt pleased), so I guess there will be just birds…
Thnx for any comment in advance!


Great update! Now sub looks much better, fantastic details, especially light going under submarine tail. :thumbsup:


Blaz, i like an atmosphere of your picture. It very majesticly and tragically.


pretty cool, dude, that from the bermuda triangle or sumthin? I’d give way more
detail to the shipwreck and the plane, if u got the time :slight_smile:

good work



this is awesome blaz~i’m enjoying this one mate!:thumbsup:


wow !
NIce colors ! , very nice sub and forest !


I really like how the water wall will look like… great update!


This is absolutely looking great Blaz. Love the lighting effect on the buttom of the sub.
And good call on not adding the people, but the birds are great with it though. It really helps lead the eyes towards the sub.
I kind of prefer the sub to be on the right though. I personally think it works well with the birds flying towards it (it reads well from left to right).

Keep it up :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :applause:


Very much the update of your work is pleasant! :thumbsup:
An atmosphere and light!!! :bounce: Very well!
I think that you still will add luminescences?-there where water comes to an end and
Jungle begin? :wink:
Do not stop on reached!
Good luck, buddy! :thumbsup:
Excuse for my bad English…


wow! look at that! huuuge! really impressive and for sure spectacular!:D:thumbsup:


Wow, Blaz, this is looking terrific. I haven’t stopped in in a while, and boy am I sorry! I wsh I could offer you some fantastic piece of advice to make this better like you have in my thread, but there’s really not much to do, you’ve come so far with it!

I will say that I like the idea of having people in this shot somewhere… maybe not as a main focus but just somehwhere subtle. I know there are differing opinions about having the poeple, but my thought is this: It’s not as spectacular is it’s just there without anyone to ever witness it. You know what they say about if a tree falls in the forest and no one is there, does it make a sound? Well, perhaps the same goes for a submarine in the forest…?

Anyhow, just my thought. No matter what, a beautiful piece.



Wow, Blaz. Great mood you’re achieving here. Have you tried introducing some small areas of contrasting color like saturated violet or red? You could take advantage of these colors to control the viewer’s gaze to the areas you want to focus on.

Beautiful textures, man! Keep it up.


Hi Blaž!

Looks like you made prety spectacular image from this theme. I agree whit you that people cold ruin the overal look.
I like the trees so far … realy amazig, did you use a lot references? I can’t realy imagine how will you make the “sea wall”, because it will be hard to someone to realize that this is water in background …

Good Luck!


hi guys! first of all, thnx once again for ur encouragment! I’ll try to take time soon to reply to ur comments and critiques. As well as to ur threads ofcors.
In this update I did some work on the water in the back and added some details here and there. Next step is to put something in the first plan, and than finally to paint all that final touch ups lianas, fishes, birds, etc) which will make this pic alive I hope.



love the update man…



Very good composition!:bounce: … Congratulation man!! howesome piece!
What is really well in your image, it is that one could not say if your scene occurs under water or out of the water.indeed, that makes me think of a jungle under marine…It is really astonish.bravo!


something bad with my computer :shrug:


Great! water looks fantastic, still keep rocking :buttrock:


first plan and some other details r done… now really just last touch ups… lianas, birds, fishes… and maybe a frog on the leaves in first plan :slight_smile:
Thnx for ur participation! Replies coming up tomorrow.


what else can i say~u r the man~:thumbsup: