Spectacular 2D Entry: Blaz Porenta


wow! great development, i really like it.
so far my vote for you :thumbsup:


I feel you on that! Yeah right now I am trying to get ready to graduate from school and have a reel to put together as I am not happy with the stuff that I have as of now. I will probably just throw one together as of now and work on a better one later! So, I am forced to work on different stuff, all the time! My woman at home doesn’t help much neither, if u know what I mean, but anyways I like that you are sticking with the old one. I love the amount of detail that you have in this image, Great stuff, dude, good luck!:thumbsup:


The boat in the foreground which is closest detracts from the image… I think you should just have debre of boats on the floor! Good luck!:thumbsup:


Hey! looking good!
That close up actually made a better picture in my mind, but hey you havent still finished the bottom part :thumbsup:

Be careful with the pointy hilite up front it is making the front look like pin thin. If its supposed to be slightly roundish. Move the hilite away from the edge.

You already made the hull look a lot rounder. Good work.

Have fun!:slight_smile:


Thnx for comments! In the evening I’ll take time to reply to ur posts and ur threads. And for now, just before I go to school, Im submiting this quick idea I got.


The ppl and the birds gave the image alot more life, its got a real adventureous feel to it!
I agree with Mason about the boat. It takes up to much room and doesnt give enough to the image, hope im not to picky :p! Maybe just make a piece of it stick out from the bottom right… I think you’ve got a great image going on!


So I changed the boat on the right side. I hope its less disturbing now. And I still need something in the very first plan, to show the scale and perspective as good as I can. Any suggestions what to put there? I was thinking od some sort of ship mast or something… something that will not call for too much attention.


Waaataaaa!!!(lee´s screaming:thumbsup: )good evening Blaz!Very very good, impressive job!I was thinking about the boat under the submarine. These ones (and don´t know why hehe)reminds me to a whale with the mouth open:DPerhaps this fact could be disturbing… or perhaps isn´t hehe. Only a personal point of view cause this hole composition rocks!:slight_smile:



Birds and those ropes really make a huge difference in your picture. Theyre bringing out the scale wonderfully.

I also liked that version with slightly more light in the picture. My crappy monitor cant handle black tones that well. Nothing special to help you out. Just hope you find time to work on it.

Thanx for the visit on my thread :smiley:


THat submarine looks WICKED :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Love the detailing so far and the feeling of the underwater discovery. Really can’t wait to see this done. Thanks for dropping by me thread mate.

Keep it up and will check back again :applause: :applause:



man you’ve so much improved since I know your work…
Amazing sense of details.
However, I think the spectacular sensation would be stronger if you don’t put too much elements in your scene. What was interesting in your previous sketches was the scale difference between very small characters and the giant submarine, and nothing else to distract from this “encounter”.
But you’re the one who got the vision, so good luck !


NOOO! bring back the birdies! :wip: :wip: :wip:


Hi Blaz!
I consider that it is necessary to work the foreground still
Good luck! :slight_smile:
Yours faithfully LexLe
poor my bad english


And here it is… the promising reply to all of u good ppl who r helping creating this piece :slight_smile:

Baron Impossible: as u see I came back to the first used perspective as I feel the most comfortable with it. And thnx for stopping by!

Gonzalo Golpe: U mentioned before, that I could put the submarine closer to the viewer, or maybe pointed into the viewer. Due to lack of time I think I wont be able to change everything, and now that Im puting some other stuff to the pic I think that the angle of the submarine is not so much disturbing anymore. What u think?

2xbo: there will be looooots and loooooots of stuff to be added. Birds, lianas, ship and plane wrecks, maybe even ppl… thnx for stopping by!

authentic: thnx for ur comment, I’ll try to play with the contrast a bit more.

MrFreeman, Rudeone, Big D, Speaky, Gonzalo Golpe, Geci, LexLe, Gus_clifton, Atris, Squibbit, element5, beelow, THE CLYKE, JocHaan: to all of u who commented those 2 sketches about new angles… Im sorry if u r dissapointed at the moment, not going into ur chosen direction, but as I said before I will finish both of those pics, just not for this challenge (no time). Thnx anyway for ur precious time!

ori@r.a.m: thnx man!

beelow: thnx to u too, and good luck with ur time :slight_smile:

Mason Roberts: I hope I solve the problem u mentioned before… and thnx for pointing that out!

FrozZT: I will keep the ppl. dont know which yet, and where will be they put to, but I’ll keep them for better presentation of a scale. And I hope I solve the problem with the boat u mentioned in a new version? thnx for stopping by!

Gonzalo Golpe (again hehe): Im planing to do something with that second boat under the sub as well… maybe blur it, lighten it, overpainted it… something :slight_smile: and thnx for ur kind words and help!

Falcor_: I agree that the birds will bring a lot to the image, so I’ll keep them. I’ll just painted them later than again. And the lights will be increased as well, maybe I’ll work some more on contrasts as well. Thnx for popping in!

Arc80: thnx buddy!

Arctis: thnx, Im so glad to hear that :slight_smile: I’ll see what can I do about the crouded scene… I’d really like to show that this is acctually a dump for shipwrecks that sank into the bermudian triangle. So if I wanted to stick to my story, I have to put some of those wrecks into the image… I just hope that at the end that wont disturbe the overall feeling. Thnx for pointing that out!

Slav: birds r coming back later than. That was just a sketch of all possible elements that r coming into the image. During the further process birds will be painted again for sure. Thnx for stopping by. I should really stop by ur thread as well… going thru it for thousands of time, but never get the chance to write a post. I’ll take some time soon.

LexLe: hi man! the foreground is just a sketch at the moment, so no worries here. There will be put a lot of work into it. Take care and thnx for staying around!

New updates soon!


Nice coloring, I like your style very much. I saw that you have some problems with finding optimal composition, I think this first idea is best. Version with humans looks great, also nature details are fantastic. Keep, great working ! :thumbsup:


Hi Blaz,
First of all, it´s a killer concept you have here. one of the most spectacular in this comptetition I think!
What you presented in your first two sketches, the mood, light and composition was in my opinion perfect.
I don´t think you have the same majestic feeling to the image in these later versions. I can´t put the finger on it but maby the lighting or ambience is different.
allso I liked how the sub was alone misplaced in the jungle.
Anyway you´re doing a great job!


Excellent theme! performance is magnificent…:slight_smile:


the new ideas work great, the birs ad a great sense of scale, also, adding the crew up there is a great idea, immediately makes it look much more alive :slight_smile: keep it up mate, looking forward to see ya bring it on! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


I remove some of the shipwrecks and replace one with a plane wreck. I hope it works better, shows something more, that not only ships came into the bermuda triangle. And also I detailed the boat in the first plan and added some details here and there. More to come soon.


rawwad: hi man, and thnx for ur comment! Birds and ppl will come back later, first I still have to find the final composition and added some elements that I think r important for understanding the theme. Which first composition did u have in mind?

Norberg: thnx for ur opinion! Since the first sketch I changed the story of my pic for a milion times :smiley: And its still not confirm to be the last one, hehe. I started from there and now I’m going with the flow. I hope that the end result will be great as well.

Nikolay: thnx man!

the1st_angel: Thnx for poping in my thread man! I agree that birds and ppl bring a lot to the scale reading in this image, so I’ll keep them (will be added later). So stay in touch :slight_smile: