Spectacular 2D Entry: Blaz Porenta


Hi NinjaASSN. Your paint so far looks amazing, but i’m curious what’s hapemming at th end?. Are you going to put something else?.. looking forward for new updates.

xbo :scream:


Nothing to crit really on this picture. Just congratulations. MAybe you can add some contrast on some part of the picture but we’re in submarine mode so…


while there is still plenty of time for painting process, I decided to give a try with another camera angle… Im not very comfortable with present one. although u say that it looks ok. I just think it could be even more spectacular. So, there r two rough quick sketches, couple od minutes for each, to present 2 alternative views. One is from below and another from above submarine. which one do u think its better? or should I stay with the one that Im painting now?
Please, help me with the decision. I personaly vote for the one that the viewer is below the sub. thnx in advance!


Agree with you, hehe, the second. I imagine the viewer looking at the great submarine between huge trees and you can add planes or some different machines between those trees, like a lost place :slight_smile: Go for it!



:hmm: Which one to choose…tricky…I love the top view as you see more of the ship, but the second adds to the scale… good to see some great alternative ideas…really dynamic.

make enough angles / images and you could even animate it!!! Yep maybe I’ve lost the plot slightly…

Great work Blaz (the second sketch works for me) :applause: :thumbsup:


IMO the first new sketch works best cause you get a great overview of the whole scene, the second is more dramatic and maybe more spectacular, but if it was up to me I would stick with the original cause it kinda has the same abillities of both your new sketches, but whatever you choose they all work great.
Definitly yes to the junkyard!!!


The upper sketch is more straightforward and tells the story “the easy way”. That’s IMHO making it less interesting. The lower one, on the contrary, goes to another extreme - it is more difficult to see the submarine as such from that angle, it could be a zeppelin or something to a viewer… They are both very good sketches but I think the preceeding concept is much better. I’d only eventually mirror it horizontally; the change of the concept to show more interesting stuff down there would create a new, secondary area of interest plus a psychological composition line between the submarine and the deep stuff - and it is advisable to guide the viewer’s antention from left to right and not vice versa. Just my humble opinion.

Drugace, kot kaze, odlicno ti gre! :thumbsup:


Hi Blaz, I prefer the upper one. Just because it spells it out a bit more plainly is no reason not to go with it, and I think the bottom one, while more dynamic, is a bit cryptic (a zeppelin and a gondola?). In the top one, you can make out an aircraft, ship etc.

Plus you can have monkeys in the foreground vines. :applause:


Oh, I change my opinion and agree with the others heheh, after saw your sketches again, I prefer the first one. The way you put the sea so we can watch better the submarine, breaking the traditional dimensions:thumbsup:


I’m for the first one… Its much more clear… The submarine on the second looks like a zeppelin :smiley:

PS: my girlfriend saw you drawing this on alu… nice to see what you’ve done :slight_smile:


Greetings Blaz! :slight_smile:
If you have decided to change a corner of a composition that I consider, that the second sketch is better! Only the corner of the camera needs to be put still below and a composition of a leaf to make not horizontal and vertical
And it is more than ships and planes on a bottom:)
But it only my opinion:)
It is pleasant! :thumbsup:
Excuse for my bad English
Good luck!


hi Mr. Porenta! Well I prefer the lowest cam shot, because it turns the elements bigger, gives an amplitude sensation! Anyway, both views are good and you´re doing fine!:buttrock:



Hi! I like the first sketch very much! It seems to me that the first sketch is unusual and easy to remember! It makes a strong impression on me! Good luck!


Try a camera angle from almost stright above, too.

The sub would be lying on a high ledge in a dried
out sea (there could be some water still left, way
down below) and some explorers would be approaching
it from above hanging on ropes. There could be ’
wooden platforms hanging from ropes too, onto
which the explorers would place in items they’d find.

Also, the sub might have a huge tear in its side,
showing stuff inside, like the treasures you mentioned



awesome concepts as usual…i vote for looking up…:thumbsup:


first sketch for me. I think it communicates well wtih the viewers, where the second one is kinda hard to tell what it is.:smiley:


Wooooohooooooo Nijasssaaaaaaaan

Go Ninja Go Ninja Go

Haha Can’t Wait To See The Final

Good Luck


great work, it is really spectacular.

Upam, da zmagaš :thumbsup:


Hi folx! Ive been missing for a while due to lots of work I have and school ofcors. First of all, I’d like to thank all of u for staying in touch, and for ur kind words and crits. I’ll take time soon to reply to every single one of u show some respect for ur effort :slight_smile:

U r probably asking urself what am I still doing with this pic and why upgrading it? Well, I decided that I’ll finish this piece as well, while its somehow half finished already and I really dont have much time for this challenge, so it would be risky to completely change the whole image.

But I also decided, that this will be my school project for painting classes, and I’ll made a series of 3 paintings for this theme (submarine entering a bermuda triangle). So I’ll finish both of alternative angles later than.
I hope u dont mind if I’ll go on with this one for now and thnx once again!


just a closeup (about 40% of full size I think) for showing some details of the junlge. This part is still not finished, but just to show u how I work :slight_smile: