Spectacular 2D Entry: Blaz Porenta


and so I started working on the sub some more…


You’re developing some gorgeous textures and depth Blaz! Smashing! How about some misty light though dust type effects… you know, beams of light… :slight_smile:


Greetings the friend!
Whoah!:thumbsup: ! It is class! I think that now there are no details, details and once again details:) Which will soon…:slight_smile:
Anchor, torpedo sluice (excuse too it round), rivets on a covering, rusts in fact the ship that old and is in South America :slight_smile:
Class work! Very much, very class
Excuse for bad English
Yours faithfully


:thumbsup: Great work Blaz…

Great atmosphere and feeling of being somewhere isolated where this submarine has come to rest. Lots of detail whilst retaining a real feeling of space. Love the lighting / shadows across the front of the sub and floor areas.

I look forward to seeing how the additional vines, etc. will help make the sub look like it is caught / suspended above the ground. You could always add some hull damage to show that this is definitley a wreck. I see scale was mentioned and I see how some scale references may help, though the composition already does give a feeling of size and height.

Keep up the great work!! :applause:


hi everyone and special thnx to MrFreeman, LexLe and Aly! and ofcors all others not from before :slight_smile:

Once again I will slightly change the concept, and this time I’ll explain the secret of a bermuda triangle! yes… From this pic will be seen where all those plains, ships and stuff actually go, when we think that they disapeared. What will I do is, that I’ll paint the sea as if its a wall, the surface of the sea will be put vertically. It will be like its a point where 2 dimensions meet each other, and that submarine is about to cross the border. In the background there will be still sea, a deep blue with fishes and stuff, but in the front the submarine will entering into a jungle. Well, its very hard for me to exlain whats going on in my head at the moment, but I’ll try to present that in a very short time :slight_smile: I think thats the most spectacular concept that is going on in my head right now… hehe



wow, thats just awesome! im stunned by the sure brilliance of this piece! its just so beautiful. i just love the thing. thanks for making my day.


this is a quick realisation of my latest idea, explained a post higher. Just to see a color scheme and gradient between water and jungle. And I think I’ll use two light sources, for better visual effect.


Very beautiful ! This is a winner !


very very cool attemp. I already can see things that vanished in the past like a spanish galeon or even a viking ship, a nice collection hehe, maybe airplanes, and put some signs of “having been under water” on them like shells, seagrass… i already can see it… the wall like the stargate, some vertical surface, where things drop in - oh shoot, that was flipper :stuck_out_tongue:

sorry, couldn’t resist, very cool idea, instantly dig it, keep up the great work, your progress rocks! :buttrock: :buttrock: :buttrock:


It is lookin’ really cool. I like the mood of your scene. you are very talented!

Good luck! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


awesome updates~i’m overwhelmed with the details and the thought u have put into this piece~prefered the one in jungle though:)great stuff~keep updating mate.


That’s a great idea for the change of the concept story. I wonder how are you going to realise the “two perpendicular sea surfaces” scene… I’m glad that the concept has developed so far!


Hi Blaz! Yes abrupt change of the story(concept)! :thumbsup: Has nicely thought up! Has visited gorge:) And now Bermuda triangle-super! It is pleasant to me… Successes! :slight_smile:


Thnx for visiting and all the backup folx!
This change of story and whole concept brings me to conclusion, that the perspective and camera angle should be something more unusual as this is. So, It could be that I’ll start from the scratch once again, coz I really like that latest concept and I think its better than everything Ive shown till now. So tomorrow I’ll draw a sketch or lineart for additional image.

the1st_angel: thnx man! I was thinking myself of something like stargate, but more transparent.

sh@ke: the jungle stays, it just has been brought to a higher level :wink: hehe… I hope. Thnx for popping in!

Big D: Im asking that myself, how will I do it… but till the 5th of the December, all that will be known :smiley:

LexLe: thnx for stoping by buddy!

cyberarts, maurodelia: thnx to both of u for sharing ur thoughts!


Great new updates Blaz, I like the slight changes you did in the sub.
Your new concept sounds very interesting, are you going to put in more ship- and planewrecks? an old rusty WW2 japanese fighterplane wreck would be awesome.


Nice concept, and nice ideakeep at it,holla!


I like the new concept … looks like you did some thinking about spectaculary of the painting … great!


thnx for the support guys! and what do u think about this camera angle? a deep canyon and lots of ship and plane wrecks down there… like a junkyard. Comments r more than just welcome :slight_smile:


The craft and the jungle are very good, as I may or may not have mentioned before (damn my memory). Interesting new layout, although I think the perspective is a bit forced. Looking forward to more updates.


As I said in my thread, go on! you´ll do an excellent work:) I was thinking about the submarine…perhaps I´m talking too soon cause you´re changing the composition but how if you turn the perspective of the submarine and put the front part nearer to the viewer?Anyway love your wonderful technique:thumbsup: