Spectacular 2D Entry: Blaz Porenta


whoah!:slight_smile: great details!:slight_smile:


Tis looking quite spectacular now…:applause:


huh! thnx for such a support guyz and girls! U r the best :bounce:

FrozZT: monkeys coming right away… the sketches of them r already present in a new version. thnx!

Tonsen: great comment! I’ll do more on that later than, bring some more hue to some parts of the pic and make it more contrast in the front. thnx a lot man!

ahbeejieh: it is far from being finished, true… :slight_smile: thnx for stopping by and posting ur thoughts!

the1st_angel: thnx buddy!

2tacos99cents: not a bad idea, I’ll consider about it (primative wood structures). thnx!

sh@ke: I’ll work more on the sub for sure. Right now, Ive just started playing with trees on the left top part of the image. Moooooore to come :slight_smile: thnx for such a nice compliment!

ChrisThatGuy: will do more on that. thnx!

tAsty BITs: hmm… I wont do 100% black, coz that kind of black doesnt exist in nature (just in a space with absolute no light). But I’ll sure do more contrast here and there. thnx!

Geci: heh, I’ll do my best to bring it to spectacular… well, Im sure I’ll manage that, but it also depends from person to person whats consider as spectacular :slight_smile: thnx for stopping by! I’ll see about ppl on a sub, nice suggestion.

izisilver: Im not sure if there is a need for gold anymore… we’ll see :slight_smile: and this has to be spectacular! hehe… thnx

Rudeone: to one side? so it wouldnt be on the middle of that “canyon”? I hope I understood u right…

Big D: volumetric lighting will come at the end, when I’ll have all the details done. I have in mind this yes, but thnx anyway for mentioning it. Thats just a prove that I was thinking well :slight_smile: There will be also some mist and everything… after all its just after the big splash, hehe…

Gus_clifton: thnx buddy!

LexLe: thnx for stopping by man!

davidness: thnx man!

element5: and a big thnx to u too for poping in my thread :slight_smile:


No I meant slightly tilted on his side, like the sub is leaning to one side, know what I mean?
It’s not that important tho, so forget it haha :smiley:


yes, I get it now :slight_smile: very useful suggestion, I’ll see what can be done and how it can be done, hehe… thnx!


Nice concept you have going here, Very cute with the bamboo idea! I am loving the image already good luck with it!:thumbsup:


Hi, I am new here… I think you have done the right thing deciding to work on the submarine sketch after all, it is by far the best… Good luck!


as lot of u mentioned, there were some problems reading the depth of a pic. I hope that this new version improved that. and some more details and elements added in the back… still lots of work all over the image :slight_smile:


Excellent idea!
It were seemed to me on one of the previous sketches small figures of people… I think, their all can be left. good luck !


that is looking very good so far. is the submarine on somehing ro is it gliding through the air?.. it loks like it is floating to em is all


nice stuff. I like the texture in this one. Put in some scale references!


Greetings Blaz! :slight_smile:
If it is a submarine of times of the second world war
Moreover besides Fascist Germany,
That I think, that is necessary a little bit the historical truth:
(To look as looked a submarine of that time - appearance)
And to go then on this way…
And that very modern submarine… I think as aerials, cables and a handrail by this time have already decayed…
I consider that there is no rust on the case…
I think you you will not take offence for my constructive criticism
And so work very much is pleasant to me!:thumbsup:
Excuse for my bad English


Hey Blaz… looking really good now you’ve started working the details into the scenery. Are you still going to have the teeny people alog the bottom, or has that been scrubbed? The sub is looking very impressive though. Can’t wait to see more!


Im giving you a tip. Hope it will be usefull.

About the submarine hilite. Dont do the hilite at the top most part of the ship. It is making it look flat. Avoid the shading directly at the top. Do the hilite slightly lower to keep the ship rounded.

No other tips this time! Hope you finish this one :thumbsup:


Hey Blaz.
Your colors and textures are looking real good. One thing, though. I dont get the sense of the sub perched up on something. It looks more like it is floating . In fact, at first I thought this was an undersea shot. with the sub navigating a trench. Maybe because it looks stable. If it was at an awkward angle it might be more effective or even if it was more on its side. I think you should also give some indication of what it is resting on.

Your lighting and composition look great and I like the waterfalls. I think this will be a very cool piece.


what about a second light source? the green is wonderful and vivid, but shouldn’t the airthingy be exspected by someone or something like that… ^^;

very well so far! good luck!!


hi there! Im back, and here is another small update. I’d like to thank every single one of u, to take time and posted some very usefull suggestions. I’ll reply to u soon, but now just before I go to bed, another submission.
I did some more details in the background, still have been playing with the depth of the pic, added contrast and as u probably noticed, I slightly changed the design of the submarine. I hope for the better… more to come! and thnx a lot once again! :slight_smile:


As you said, more to come. I send you extra energy and patiente hehe. Good submarine design, much better. And how if you put trunks or stronge branches under the submarine? Now it looks like´s flying but, anyway, you are working in process:D . Good dreams and see ya tomorrow:thumbsup:



I think there are 3 spots on the compo that may be hurting the piece a little, but not a major porblem, that is if you want to make the focus on the sub,:shrug: Maybe try to make those light areas darker not with as much contrast as the sub, don’t know if it will change anything,:shrug: I will have to see it, holla!:smiley:


thnx gonzalo! well, I have a slow process and Im not rushing anywhere, so at this point its not clearly seen how it will be at the end :slight_smile: Submarine will be with more details, will have more elements around (will use some references to do so) and it will be hanging on some trees, branches and lianas. But its pointless if I paint those elements right away, coz I would repaint them during the process working on background. So… first background… than submarine and branches and lianas (middle plan), than first plan trees and stuf… and finally at the end, last touchups, like mists sunrays, birds, etc.

beelow: I agree with u! Im trying to correct that… at the moment Im doing mostly on lights and shadows. I realised that pic dont need to be photorealistic detailed if it has proper and believable light and shadow, it looks more real. So, hnx for noticing me. I’ll see what can I do… Im still learning during each painting process :slight_smile: