Spectacular 2D Entry: Blaz Porenta


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Latest Update: Final Image: Entering Bermuda Triangle


Hi blaz Good luck and have fun :thumbsup: :bounce:


hi guys… lets start doing some mess here :twisted:


great to see u again blaz,good luck to u mate!anticipating and looking forward to ur challenge!:thumbsup:


Good luck:thumbsup:


Hi Blaz, glad you could join us! Now, where on earth to start with this challenge, eh? Good luck with your entry…



NINJADUDE! most spectacular to see u again!



I’m glad to see you blaz, good luck


i’m not glad to see u back.

go away.


lol good luck.


thnx guys! Damn, Im still busy as hell, so I’ll go easy on this one… as with the master and servant challenge. But it will be a lot of fun, I see that already :smiley: MAybe something more colorfull this time.


Glad to see you’re back at it , Blaz! Now c’mon with the ninja madness! Wha-hoo!


hello there blaz!!wellcome!! srečno!!!:smiley:


ah here you are! Yesh, colorful, colurful, with spectacular colors :slight_smile: :bounce:


Hi Blaz… Have fun and make it SPeCTAcuLaR!!


huh, listening to Apocalyptica and under the impression of “Charlie and the chocolate factory” movie I saw yesterday, Im feeling psychedelic. Strong colors and wide perspective… lots of different shapes and stuff lying all around. I think I’ll go with an environment this time and a child who climbed over the edge and saw something that will get him goosebumps. Ok, thats for a start… Im going back to listen some more strange music :slight_smile:

thnx for a nice wellcome calisto!


hey cool!! good luck with the challenge!!


so, my update of a previous idea is, that the child climbes over the edge of some high mountain or wall or something and on the other side he sees a process of creating a world, massive creatures that r puting terrain together, how everything began. I hope I’ll do some sketches soon :slight_smile:


maybe he shud fall off the cliff…to his death…symbolising that as something is created,sumthing is also dieing.

actually i just thought it wud just be funny to see a kid falling,hahha


Go Ninja!


your idea reminds me too much of hitchhikers guide to the galaxy. But actually it would fit the topic very well… hmmm… hmm…