Spectacular 2D Entry: Ben Hooley


Hi! The very funny image! The really great characters! I like it very much! I wish you good luck! :slight_smile:


funny concept,ilike it


Excellent image, Ben. All those characters are great. There is so much going on. I love that youve built a whole cast of characters. Your technique is solid. Congrats.


Bravo signore! I hope when I get to that age and have the agility to do that – and also look cool doing it. Nice going bud, best of luck :thumbsup:


Sh@ke, Slav, Jose, Walrus, Nikolay, Atris, IvoryK & cLos71 - thanks very much for commenting on the piece - I’ve really enjoyed my first challenge and the advice and encouragement has helped immensely. I hope I can have more criticism from you in the future.

Zpapageo - I can’t believe how quickly you got your Amazoniad together! it looks great - thanks very much for the comments - they mean a lot.


:thumbsup: Its Fan!
Senks! I lake it! Good lake! :slight_smile:


Wow ! thats awesome ! very cool idea and realisation !
Good luck man !


Fish-KAart - I love your Joan of Arc.

Hamsterfly - means alot buddy - for the record, my favourite of your hamsters is the Spanish-looking one :smiley:


really well done man! I especially admire all those bubbles :smiley: I love them! nice detail to the pic, so good luck in the voting process!


I think your image´s original Ben. And if we talking about the rules, I´d give you an award. Yeah, some images are very detail and well - done, but your work is good and funny, from my point of view. :thumbsup:


I think this image is just sooooooooooo good. It’s more down to earth than some of the stuff i’ve see around and its very funny. The expressions on the spectators as well are done very nicely. I think this one deserves an award…

Brilliant man… :thumbsup:


Thanks very much for the additional words of support. I’ll certainly try to make my next challenge as funny as people seem to think this one is :slight_smile:


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