Spectacular 2D Entry: Ben Hooley


Not sure what to do with the building behind this pair of spectators (one kid who was kind enough to hold the old dude’s coat).

I did promise the fires of revolution somewhere in the backstory - but I’m not sure I’ve time to make anything on fire…

I might have to settle for some smoke.


You know what they say…


and a bit more detail on the buildings. I want to post it bigger and get some picky advice on the detail, but not sure how.


Nice one for the comment on my piece mate. Yours is looking pretty sweet too, love the drawing style. Maybe the old dude should have a PG Tips motif on his board? Rocking the tea ish.

Oh yes, UK hiphop runs tings. Braintax for president.


hehe, its great :smiley: I wont bother much about the details, coz the pic as it is now works really fine… I mean that rough style. just keep going in that way till the finish :slight_smile:


Peace be with all of you at this revolutionary time. I hope you’re all finishing up soon.


I am Avatarist/Ben Hooley,

Illustrator and Wage Slave.

I designed too many characters for this spectacular, but I believe that including so many individuals within one piece, was a reaction to the thriving community I had discovered here.

For me, the opportunity to execute this piece of work has had manifold repercussions. I shall use the image itself in various ways; but primarily as a ‘swatch-pad’ of characters to use in the comic I want to develop.

Some of the cast:

Bernard Mernardson ~ The Hero of the piece

Andy Staxis ~ The aging Greek Don of Brighton surrounded by his most trusted bodyguards. The previous November, his fleet of JCBs and Limousines speeded the Revolution. With his backing, the Twilight Scooter Angels continue to perpetrate their aged and wizzened-vigilante brand of justice apon the parts of the City which still belong to the state.

Sgt. Reed of the East Sussex Police Corps. unwittingly confronts Ed Blunt, Head of the Farmers Union, and Brenda Blue, Commander of the covert revolutionary Blue Rinse Brigade.

The Backstory:

The place is Brighton, the time?.. not too far into the future and the revolution… ahem… oh yes the REVOLUTION is in progress. Two thirds of Britain; as well as many parts of the rest of the world, are attempting to throw off the shackles of the tiny proportion of humankind which holds the rest (of us?) in economic bondage (DAMN THEM!)…

This scene, and the majority of the storyline, is set in the part of Brighton still run by the ‘state’ - who have been reduced in stature, to the gang of armed uniformed thugs that they - but for the apathy of the working class in real life, currently are.

Specific to England, the two thirds of the country currently revolting, are split into two definitive camps:

One half of the revolutionaries are adamant that the process of the REVOLUTION should be broadcast internationally; in order to further the cause of emancipation… the other half are staunch believers that the REVOLUTION should in no way be televised. The policers of the third of Brighton still under state control; are determined to quell any demonstrations of freedom, any inspirational acts of resistance, and any gatherings of a subversive nature.

Hence, the attempt by the ‘law-enforcers’ in the picture, to break up the scene, and move the people on, in their usual heavy-handed manner.

This ‘REVOLUTIONARY’ idea is the sole copywright of myself, and any people who are sharp enough to nick it, develop it and publish it before I manage to, will be subject to the full wrath of Capialist law… as it stands today.

So much for the background. The actual plotline of the comic is about an aging skater who’s wife is sinking into dementia.

I hope you all like the piece - I am very grateful to have been able to participate and see some amazing work, and grateful to the ‘Drawn’ blog for pointing me in the direction of this challenge on the day it began!

Sincerely knackered,

Ben Hooley

My Spectacular Challenge Thread

27th November 2005


Great work:applause:
Man, that’s cool, I like your characters the most :bounce: :applause:


Cheers Buddy.


that’s pretty cool, just read your story, :thumbsup:
you have some neat characters in this,
I like this very much :applause:
cheers :twisted:


haha grats … this piece has a lot of character(s) … good job :smiley: :thumbsup:


That is cool, love the concept and the colouring works well - difficult to do when you’ve got a lot of variety. For some reason it reminds me of those Fungus the Bogeyman comic-strips I used to read when I was a kid, maybe something to do with the dark city in the background.


Wow! thats another comparison with a former Brighton-Illustration tutor… two in one thread - and its where I’m living! - spooky. Thanks for having a look Baron.


cool image… nice idea… tons of characters!? Blimey!

Love the old fella and his bubbly pipe…

(And i’m quite jealous that you get to live by the seaside)

And thanks for the link to the ‘drawn’ blog. There’s some great stuff there!


Wonderful image man, I think you´ve reflected the rules of this challenge:) Love the bubbles again haha.GOOD LUCK!!And thanks for your words in my post:thumbsup:


Duddle - thanks man, means alot coming from you - i love your Romanus piece - I’m going to have to pick your brains over photoshop geekery at some point - and yeah Drawn is great innit… it got me this far anyway :slight_smile:

Gonz’o - Gracias Compañero, its been a pleasure keeping up with your thread.


that is hilirious~yet spectacular,gosh having thing old man doing stunt like this!:thumbsup:goodluck and all the best mate!


hehe go grandpa! dont break a hip now.

good luck man.


Good Concept. I like your technique!


Great work, Ben… A wealth of interesting characters and homor as well… my kind of piece! Good job with it. And good luck with your comic too!



Very interesting plot, magnificent idea… I like your work!)