Spectacular 2D Entry: Ben Hooley


thanks for the encouragement Shadow Seraph and you too GG, I know this piece hasn’t quite got the same height as yours :D, but I hope the lighting and shadow should add to that a bit as it goes on - I’m saving a little addition for the last minute too, which should exaggerate the skaters’ altitude. thanks again


Hey skatefans!
Taken the bright colours down and begun the painting. Definitely going to get a drawing tablet! I feel like it’s going to revolutionise my workflow (blocking colour in with a polygonal lassoo… too time consuming[/geek]).

Done a bit of ‘overpainting’ on a few of the characters - primary & secondary, in an effort to move it on apace - only 27 days left y’all ;-). It’s rewarding how much I’m picking up from alot of you people out there and for that I thank you - as well as my brother for his wacom and his fantastic taste in music…

UKHipHop! - love music - Hate racism. www.aerosolikrecords.co.uk yaw!


:thumbsup: he he he…could be me in a few years time - it’s about time I dug out me old skateboard and had a bit of fun…

Great concept and love the characters - very different and original (with the police / police helicopter, reminds me of where I used to live in Bristol…mmmm)

Looking forward to seeing how this develops :applause: :applause:


yeah, no problem - just bigging myself up.


cheers MrFreeman.

Background? - oh yes. I’ll give you background:

The place is Brighton, the time?.. not too far into the future and the revolution… ahem… oh yes the REVOLUTION is in progress. Two thirds of Britain; as well as many parts of the rest of the world, are attempting to throw off the shackles of the tiny proportion of humankind which holds the rest (of us?) in economic bondage (DAMN THEM!)…

This scene, and the majority of the storyline, is set in the part of Brighton still run by the ‘state’ - who have been reduced in stature, to the gang of armed uniformed thugs that they - but for the apathy of the working class in real life, currently are… (can you tell I’m a wage slave?)

Specific to England, the two thirds of the country currently revolting, are split into two definitive camps:

One half of the revolutionaries are adamant that the process of the REVOLUTION should be broadcast internationally; in order to further the cause of emancipation… the other half are staunch believers that the REVOLUTION should in no way be televised. The policers of the third of Brighton still under state control; are determined to quell any demonstrations of freedom, any inspirational acts of resistance, and any gatherings of a subversive nature.

Hence, the attempt by the ‘law-enforcers’ in the picture, to break up the scene, and move the people on, in their usual heavy-handed manner.

The orange glow in the background of this piece will represent, in increasing detail, the fires of uprising, as well as the light-pollution which affects all us city-dwellers.

This ‘REVOLUTIONARY’ idea is the sole copywright of myself, and any people who are sharp enough to nick it, develop it and publish it before I manage to, will be subject to the full wrath of Capialist law… as it stands today.

So much for the background. The actual plotline is about an aging fantasist who’s wife is sinking into dementia.

I’m going to go home now and stop drinking cider.



Good light!:thumbsup: hehe, and your work is on the same level than mine. It´s only a different technique of yours,but thanks for your words:beer:


de nada :slight_smile: dulces sueños.


really feeling time’s pinch now. Got myself a wacom (hooray) and feel like I’m starting all over (boo?..nah probably hooray). painting on top of the whole pic but suddenly aware of how shambolic things can be when you’re learning. My whole workflow has changed to incorporate the fine styles I’m observing by people I admire in this challenge: That’s not to say I’m changing my style - truth is I don’t really have one that I can identify.

ANYway - it’s been a while since I did any painting - digital or otherwise, so I’m digging in; determined to render all the little characters I feel are necessary… not to mention the freakin’ background too… what a hulabaloo.
Big up to all of you who are hanging in there - especially those who have to endure irrelevant day jobs, while you’re dreaming of drawing. :slight_smile: hah!


Congrats on your wacom! Feels kinda good doesnt it? Got one myself during this challenge…
I know what you mean about changing path and style… Im not that new to drawing but i am kind of new to painting, but im learning rapidly… This means i can improve during a process of a painting making me wanna redo alot of things… Unless you just try to copy the style of another you wont escape your own style, i think its always there somewhere! And the further you go the more you will define it! :slight_smile: too much pladering…

Good thing you went back to your previous scene! Grandpa is looking great! The pose and the calm in him look cool… He sure is living up to “sk8 or die”! Hope you make it in time ;)!


nice piece i kinda like the lighting on the shirt earlier it had nice luminance also very nice characters i haven’t read much about this but it looks like he’s escping from the cops while bussing the move , if thats it , good direction

please use less black to shade ,and i mean color not intensity shade with other dark colours

it gives it more depth


Thanks for the empathy and the advice FrozZT and lynch - Using colour in this way (painting rather than much simpler selections) has made me realise how reliant I have become on Photoshop to edit poor colour choices while I work. Now that I’m essentially just painting on one layer, I’m finding it difficult to make good decisions as it obviously effects the composition as a whole. I predict this is all going to get murkier and then - with any luck (and a dose of inspiration from a muse from somewhere in the spectrum) - I’ll hopefully freshen it all up again.


detail of characters in the crowd - WIPs


painty painty


getting murkier - must!..freshen…up!


It´s coming along great!:thumbsup: hehe


…But I’m quite pleased with the main characters board. hmmpft. I need more sleep.


Very, nice stuff, really funny, Good stuff, love the old guy, nice comp too! Good luck!:wink:


Great idea! I like it, old man on skateboard, this rocks! :slight_smile:


Final Colouring - Pt. 1 :smiley:

Getting there in places, but the whole piece still needs alot of work - and I have to go to a wedding next weekend.

9-5 is getting in the way of this endeavour… but at least I am back on familiar turf.

sleep? pah!


Yo. During the course of this challenge, I appear to have grown a spectacular beard. It is amazing. It insulates against the approaching Winter like duck-down, despite its’ close resemblance in texture, to that of camel pubes.
It can hold about a pint of water, for up to a minute… handy if I need to put a fire out and my hands are inexplicably tied.
By the end of the next challenge I may have birds living in it, innit.

Anyway, this challenge has certainly put hairs on my cheeks…
Thanks CGSociety!