Spectacular 2D Entry: Ben Hooley


LOL! Very funny concept! and truly spectacular


Hey! Awesome concept! Really spectacular…

I dont think you should continue with the last one… Your first one is more spectacular!


thanks for the comments compañeros. I think for a moment i’ll stay with the moment of anticipation… to develop the characters, if nothing else.


Really cool idea!:thumbsup:
I like your concept sketch with paps in the air.
Definetely your indulgence with the wacom on the background robs from the attention and the character is lost withing the fussy cityscape.
In the original sketch you have placed it better.
Lower the horizon line and let the action have the sky as bg, along with your nicely warped wide angle perspective of the skate ground.


laying out area where more spectators will be placed and defining forground area (under a bridge, with space behind the skate ramp)


Thanks very much for the encouragement and the advice. I’m persevering with both images, as I hope to use them both anyway - so I shall continue with the character development for now and move back to the action image after I’ve got the background/backstory to a point that I’m happy with.


Well, that’s good to hear. I thought That the scene itself, as opposed to the setup for the scene, made for a more dramatic picture. More action to it, and a stunningly dramatic camera angle.btw, I find the grafitti right behind the man to be very distracting. I know you will be doing a lot more coloring and shading, but for now, he shoiuld be the easiest to read, not the hardest.

Good luck with the rest of it!



…this scene is evidently going to get busier.


Hehe, great idea, very funny. Cool to hear you’ll go on with both images, they each have their own strength…As for the ‘spectacular’ part, I think the action image has the most potential within the lines of this contest.


… ooh ****! can you smell bacon?


…oh ****! can you smell bacon?


Nice drawing style, remember french comiker Franquin. Very unusual around here…
About comp, this idea is good, but I think the foreground should be closer to us, like if we were at the place of the old man, in front of a huge crowd waiting. Right now every character are a bit at the same size, and there’s no real crowd.
That’s just my two cents…
Good luck : I’ll keep an eye on it anyway.


Hi there
Nice picture. I like your style. Your earlier sketches remind me of Quentin Blake’s stuff. How many people will there be in the crowd? Any thoughts on background yet?

Good stuff, keep it up

P.S. I was living in Brighton last year. I kinda miss the place…


Hi man! I think that ur first sketch and action was a bit more spectacular than the new one. But other than that, I still think its something special and unique in this challenge, so go on with it :slight_smile:


Arctis - Many thanks - I know Franquins’ work, although never read any as a kid (was always in love with Uderzo :slight_smile: ) - although at the moment, Frank Espinosas’ style is really influencing me as to how I want to proceed with moving this forward into a comic - his new book ‘ROcketo’ is fantastic

SquishMe - Quentin Blakes’ autobiography is essential reading (and he used to teach illustration at Brighton!) - The crowd (eventually) is going to be packed - I’ve experimented with a few background ideas but some kind of city skyline I think is inevitable.

NinjaASSN - I completely agree, and as I’m running out of time on this; I’ve returned to the original pic

Thanks to all for the comments


taking it back to the original composition. I’m using this pic on my lightbox to fill in the gaps in the crowd before committing to a final piece of line-art that I can use to paint on. This is the workflow that I’m most used to, but if anyone has any variations or suggestions which they prefer I’d love to hear them - I’m not used to painting from scratch yet as my experience with a drawing tablet is really minimal - but hope to use that to paint the final piece. peace.


very cool, i love how you have a whole story going on here, you can almost see the event animated in your mind. your character style is very nice as well, great cartooning. hoping to see more detail come through and reall bring this together. also possibly a background scene as well … something in the distance to bring the whole view together.


crowdscene and background drawn out with tweaks to the main figures. wanna start painting on it now.


blocking in some colours with my little round mouse. The lighting in the piece is going to come predominantly from the searchlights flooding down from the police ‘choppers’ with a dirty orange urban night sky in the background. I’m hoping to use my brothers drawing tablet to 'hand’paint on top of the image once I’ve finished blocking it all in, but would welcome any suggestions for alternative working practice from all you experienced CGPainters out there.


hehe it´s coming along cool!I think this work carries out with the rules of this challenge:) Perhaps I´d increase the feeling of height. You can paint the hole composition with flat colours including the light and shadows.
Love his left shoe getting out the foot,lol!
Good luck!:thumbsup: