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In at the deep end I guess. Just stumbled apon the site today and have been thoroughly impressed with the work - I hope I can learn alot from all you fellow contributors. I’ve always veered a little toward the everything-in-a-last-minute-sleepless-night-rush working method and I hope that this challenge will help to cure me of it.


Hi Ben looking forward to what you come up with…and yes its all a big leaning curve…but fun


koff - (edited for stupidity)


The mention of ‘…future history…’ in the instructions section, combined with the mention of ‘…or a young teenager participating in an “extreme sport”.’ have inspired the main character of the piece I have crudely scrawled out in pencil and scanned for you all.

A skater performing a breathtaking manouvre is always skull-crackingly-knee-scrapingly-exciting and given that the performer is spectacularly spritely for his age only adds to the awe experienced by his conventionally younger audience. (I’m always tickled in Brighton by the majority of skaters who seem to swan around with their boards under their arms rather than pulling off ahem gnarly tricks… not being a skater myself, I always somehow feel less encumbered when I see the species ‘skater pedestrian’)

No disrespect of course is intended to my mobile compañeros - I always feel lucky to witness those brave souls who seem happy to spread various layers of their skin over concrete until they pull off the trick they want.

This piece will be an offshoot of some work/comic/animation/yattayatta I’ve only just begun, WIP-entitled ‘Look & Learn’: a celebration of experience and world-weary enlightenment.

Interested though inept at typographical design:- I hope to feature some incredibly shonky grafitti as part of the back drop to the piece (hey! one of my characters painted it! - who cares if its’ rubbish!), using the word ‘SPECTACULAR!’ as it is spelled out in the pronunciation - spk-tky-lr

Lacking Wacom - I’ll be using Photoshop and my little round mouse. I hope also to borrow heavily from the talent clearly evident on these boards - of which I am very very happy to suddenly be a part.




lol! Great idea. Just love the expressions on the faces of the people watching. As a suggestion, maybe you can have the old dude pulling a judo air or christ air or something. I guess in the next 50 years there will be a whole generation of extreme geriatrics. Tony Hawk at 80!


¡Cheers Shichi!

I plan to incorporate the character doing a few original moves involving his walking stick (walkingstick-plant at the edge of the ramp etc.) for the comic/project/thing - but definitely wanted him catching some air, so that I can keep this type of perspective: Looking down on the crowd below. I’m in the studio tonight, so more to follow imminently. I don’t know much about skating, so I’ll be googling those moves later - thanks again for the post - it wuz gettin lonely in here.


hehe i see a 720-denture-backflip :smiley:


the main character - with a cheeky little leg kick


LOL that’s cool man!:applause:


go with that man,
good luck


hahaha… cool idea…

keep it up!:thumbsup:


A quick notation of some of the audience members - I want the spectacular element (aside form the main characters moves) to be shown largely by the reactions of the audience, so there should be a few more of these to come.


Go grand-dad Go and without all the safety gear, cool idea Ben :thumbsup: .


WHat a difference a wacom makes!

Briefly borrowing my brothers drawing tablet has been pretty sweet. trying out some ideas for the whole composition of the piece with possible lighting.
totally straying into unknown territory here so much advice appreciated.


hey man! a very brilliant concept! :thumbsup: this will look cool when finished!
yup yup! cheers!


hehe… funny idea :smiley: keep going, it could be very spectacular!


this image reminds me of the words said by my fellow skateboarders many years ago that
“once a skater will always be a skater”

nice work


excellent idea, the image sticks completely to the topic. :thumbsup:
It will be cool, if we can see Mamy in the crowd wearing this old clothes, and being completely exciting by the spectacle of his husband :rolleyes:


taking the scene back a step, in preparation for the spectacular event. More onlookers will be arriving sporadically.