Spectacular 2D Entry: Archie P. Valdez


Stary Night (will add more stars of course)

Let me know what you guys think. Oh yeah, ignore the water fall right now and the architecturing.



I think the sunrise effect will put a nice glow to the rocky architecture like in your sample. On the other hand, you can play with some nice lighting sources if you go for the nighttime approach. I’m with the sunrise effect though. By the way tsong, yung mga characters mo ba magaaway sa scene?


HI Archie, so you’re back on the daylight mood, hehe, or maybe still hesitating. I kind of like the stary BG, but you might need to add some lighting on the floor in order to see the characters well enough,(face expressions etc). It’s up to you… Just one smal crit , it feels that the circle at the top is missing some perspective in it, cause the rest of the picture is very distorted by the fisheye effect and that circle is almost perfect:D.

Glad to see you have more time for the challenge now. Will be back to see your progress on this my friend! Seeya


Hey Archie! Sorry for my lack of being here lately, artistic crisis on my own piece! Anyhoo, my troubles aside, this is coming on nicely. I personally like the night sky idea, but you’d need to darken it down quite a bit to get that night-time feeling to the piece, then, as Theirry suggested, add some uplighting or another light source to the bottom so you can still see the characters.

If you do go for the sunset/rise, I would make the colour less ‘mucky’ go for pure yellows and oranges. I’ll be very curious to see how you’re bringing in the three characters and adding the narrative to the piece. Keep up the good work!


AHBEEJIEH - thanks sa insight mo pre! I am leaning towards night sky now. I think it’s the best for the scene that i will be making. Oh and hindi sila mag aaway. I’m going for the whole drama thing, hehehe.

THIERRY - Nice to hear from you my friend. thanks for the insights too. Yeah, i think night sky will be the best solution and i was hesitating for a while cause i couldn’t figure out what’s the best environment for the scene that i’m going for. Oh and that circle, hehe, i’m taking that off actually. It’s too much of a focus grabber. Keep up the good work on your end mate :thumbsup:

SAM - Hey, you’re back. That’s Awesome. Thanks for the advice and no need to apologize. All good and just glad you are back, heehee. Will drop off your thread to see some new update. see you there.

Thanks guys. I’ve decided to go with the night sky and just go with the flow on that and see how it will turn out.



Well, no more hesitating. I’m going with the night sky. I think it’s the best for the scene that i will be making. I took off the circular part of the architecturing. It was too much distraction in terms of focal point. I started working on the waterfall and will finish it hopefully by the end of the day.
I will post some details soon.

Critzs, comments, advice are always welcome

thanks to all and see you later


just a quick suggestion. make the sky towards the horizon lighter. and get rid of some clouds down there. i think that will help you illustrate vastness. :lightbulb:

:beer: cheers


THanks SLAV for the suggestion. Will post another update soon with the character placements. I have two ideas for that too. Be back again.
(btw: your website looks tight bro. I like the works that are up there. Keep it up)



Okay, this is me last update until the weekend comes :slight_smile: I started placing the characters. The two girls have a very simple gesture.

I’m trying to really show that they are still warriors, strong kids (since they are the chosen ones to yeild the legendary weapons). So their emotion is a little bit supress.

Well, let me know what you guys think. suggestions and critzs are very welcome.



Sorry, something happened to the server and i accidentally click the submit button twice, hehehe. DELETED :argh:



Lookin good Arc… Keep going :thumbsup:


lookin mighty spiffy :smiley:


i hope to see a little more atmosphereic perspective going but yuor progress seems to be nice, until the next update!:thumbsup:


I preferred when the green girl was kneeling down, but that’s jsut me. Warriors are humans too. Keep it up, still a bit too early in teh devlopment to critique much.


Hello Archie !
Nice point of view.:applause: May I suggest that your characters could have more dynamic poses.
Looking at the whole picture, I can figure that they’re waiting for some terrific event coming down the heaven . Your architecture set leads the eye to the hole.




AHBEEJIEH, SLAV, thanks mate. Glad you dig it :argh:

BEELOW - Thanks bro. I will try to have something or a very simple hint of atmospheric… i think… hehehe.

ACE - Thanks bro. I’m actually changing the scene. This whole dying theme is not registering in my head and why he is dying in this place and what not. I’m still going for something simple and peaceful of course.

MANU - Thanks my friend. I’m glad you like the POV. You just gave me a good idea to change the scene a bit… thanks :beer:

okay, be back with the new scene. Hopefully it’ll be more appropriate for the POV that i have.



Here’s the new scene. Very simple. The whole dying theme was just annoying me so…
I started cleaning up the architecturing and started detailing it. More work to do…

comments, critzs, advice are always welcome.

cheers and be back for more updates on the environment

edit: oh yeah, those glowing light will be fireflies. I will paint them in those light (just need to find my reference on how they look like :argh: )


Musta pre? Gumaganda na a. Character repose no? Anghel ba yung pababa? Astig. Pretty good idea with the fireflies, they’ll provide a great mood as well as nice light sources for your scene. Keep ‘em comin’…


nice perspective man! I think that last composition is hte best. Looks very dramatic, while everyone looks in its own direction… like that they r dreaming or something. Being very passive. But Im not sure what to say about that creature up in the sky. It doesnt fit really, at least not in that position, like its heading towards to the ground. Keep going with the good work man, u r doing really fine :slight_smile:


AHBEEJIEH - Salamat pre! I’m not sure if it’s going to be an angel, but maybe. Tignan natin. Palagi kasing nagbabago isip ko at dehins akong makapag concentrate fully dito eh.

BLAZ - Thanks mate. Yeah, i was going for just something simple. I kind of just added that messenger idea to see how it will fit. I’ll see what i can do. Thanks again for the suggestion :smiley:

Well, i’m still undecided on adding that messenger idea. Maybe i’ll just go fully on a simple route. Just them three kids admiring the fireflies, surrounded by an ancient ruin…

will post an update tonight. Cheers