Spectacular 2D Entry: Archie P. Valdez


just noticed ur great characters and must stopped here to say that! :slight_smile: keep up with the good work man! I’ll stop here more often now.


hey man,
just waiting for something new,
later :smiley:


AHBEEJIEH - Salamat pre! If you dig this style then magugustuhan mo yung projecto na ginagawa ko ngayon (hindi para sa challenge of course). Meng, talagang busy ako ngayon eh, pero hahabol tayo, hehehe. So ni ready ko na yung coffee maker ko :bounce:

NinjaASSN - Thanks for dropping by dude. I was a big follower of your M&S entry. Your new one looks tight as well. We’ll drop by since i have more time now :smiley:

KORLINE - Hehe, nice to hear from you. I’m about to post an update. hold on

Okay, i will be adding more details on the characters once i get their basic colouring out (which i’ll be posting in a few mins). Well, i’ll just post it and see what you guys think, be back in a few.

cheers and thanks again


Okay, here’s the basic colouring for the characters and the composition that i will be going for (thanks to SLAV’s added advice). I did change the sky and made it daytime instead of night time. This definately pops up the contrast (thanks to the people who gave me advice on that too).

Let me know what you guys think. Critzs, comments, suggestions are definately welcome.

cheers y’all


Hey, Archie, good to see you back and finding a little more time to work on this. I like the more contrasting version of your background. I’m not sure where in the scene the sword-girl in blue will go, just be careful not to lose her on that blue sky! …Well, you’ll get to see how it all comes together once you have the characters in there. Good luck!



man this is going to be soo awesome!!! i wonder if you would want to streach it down all the way to the ground… and have like a off the floor bird/ant eye prespective… that would be soo cool i could just see it in my head but damn… i could definatly see this doing well if you pull it off :smiley:


hey spammer lord:twisted: ,realy nice character design.love the shuriken guy a lot.:bounce:
anyway,for me the sky with the stars is better mood.will wait to see how u manage the characters with the scene.cheers bro.:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


WALRUS - Thanks bro. I will keep that in mind. I actually thinking of changing the colour of her outfit, but will see what happens.

SLAV - Ah so NIBBLES approved of this, hehehe. You gave another great idea. I am trying out adding the floor. I’m just thinking of what scene to use now. Thanks again bro.

XRIC7 - Thanks bro. Yeah, i did like that starry sky, but it did ruined the contrast of the piece, but i’ll see if i can create a more enchanting sky by combining that idea.

thanks again guys. I will be posting an update this weekend. I’m just thinking what kind of scene would fit with this composition. The dying part or back to the fight scene…

cheers y’all


very cute character designs mate!

Now a thought on the light: daylight environments usually give a too hard contrast to it for my taste usually, excet you play around with strong athmospheric lightfx. dusk or dawn offer the favours of both, dimmed light that supors lightfx and also a big palette of colorrange, and you still can slightly show some stars :wink:

just my taste of course, now keep up the great work and burn up those pixels crazy bro, go go go, rock em all! :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


The characters are great:thumbsup: . Hope to see how you will fit them into the scene. Keep those updates coming.


ANGEL - Thanks bro and thanks for the suggestion. I’ll see if i can pull off something in that sense, hehehe.

ACE - Thanks bro. How come i haven’t seen an update from your end huh :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay, i will come back tonight to post an update. Need to do some other works first.



Okay, well, i guess the update is early (took a little break, hehe). So here it is.
Still trying to figure out the placement for the characters, but i kinda like where they are right now… i don’t… i’ll play around more with it (it’s very rough by the way).
The sky is pretty much done and working my way to the trees and a small waterfall. I also laid down the basic texture for some area of the stone ruins and yes, i did add the floor which i’m liking right now (thanks NIBBLES, hehe).

Critz, comments, advice are always welcome.

cheers and be back again maybe tonight for more update :slight_smile:


Wazup Arc80? :slight_smile: Napapanay update natin a :stuck_out_tongue: Ayos yan pare, ng matapos nato! Suggestions ko? You’ve got 3 characters right? Try playing with a pyramid layout for them. That’ll create a pretty strong movement in the picture. 3’s a magic number. I dont know how you’re gonna do that though. Perhaps put one of them flying in the air or something. And would you consider playing with a bit of a color-filtered lens effect, kalimutan ko yung tawag sa ganun… Yung parang medyo monotone effect bayun? Yung meron kang main pallete for most of the elements… Para ma-emphaisize pa lalo yung atmosphere nung pic. Yan lang muna sa ngayon pre… Keep scratchin’ on that Wacom tsong! :thumbsup:


good job on the coulds. :slight_smile: nothing to do now but sit back enjoy and drink some :beer:


:smiley: We’ll see about an update. I’ll have to work fast with only part of a model modeled out:P .

Nice comp. I think the blue girl needs to show a bit more emotion, like the green girl; of course this is only a small layout, but the silhouettte doesn’t read much emotion. Are you going to be doing any transparency effects or shine a light on the guy to show he is ascending? Nice start on the rock texture. Keep those updates coming:thumbsup: (maybe it will encourse me to update:argh: ).


AHBEEJIEH - Salamat sa advice meng. Tawag don ata PHOTO FILTER. I always use it in the end. But about the pyramid placement for the characters, i’m not sure that would work well with the over all comp pre :argh: It’ll be too distractive dahil consider mo pa yung vfx na gagamitin ko, hehehe. Subukan kong paglaroan :smiley:

SLAV - thanks bro!!! A lot more works to be done…oy

ACE - thanks dude. Yeah, once i clean it, hopefully it’ll be a bit more readable. She’s suppose to not really show a lot of emotions, but you’ll see her letting go of her sword. I need her to be seen less emotional volmurable than the guys sister.

Well, more works to be done and will update again soon. Thanks to all and very greatfull for your support.



Youre composition is pulling my eye towards the top part of the structure. Im totally missing the characters. Which looked cute in your previous picture.

Good luck with your piece! :thumbsup: Carry on!


great work on the roxdetails, cluds still are a slight bit overbright and drag too much attention to allow later lightfx takin effect but who sais its lalalalala, mhph. sain’ nuttin’, xept cool progress - unleash your backburners mate, wanna see your next moves :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


Just some minor works. Started working on how the ruin would look like. I’m also working on the small waterfall and the area around it. I will finish that tonight. Then move on to the architecturing.

Well, it’s not much right now. Just trying to find time to work on it.



FALCOR - Thanks mate. Hopefully when i detailed the ruin and the characters, that shouldn’t be a problem. I know right now it’s pulling the viewers eyes right on the circle. I will keep that in mind.

ANGEL - Thanks bro. You know what, i will do another run for the clouds. I’ll try the sunset idea that you mentioned. Will see how that goes. I do agree that it is a bit bright at the moment and might affect the light fx later on, so i will run a more dramatic lighting with the next update. Thanks again crazy bro :bowdown:

Okay, time to check on your stuff peepz.