Spectacular 2D Entry: Archie P. Valdez


hey man… nice base coloring… I can’t say nothing yet… keep it up!! I’ll wait for new updates…:thumbsup:


Hey Archi, whats up bro?! Nice… You’ve enterd a new chalange - GOOD LUCK!!

Nice concept but i know it may be to early for this kind of comment, but be careful that the color tones dont become toooo monotone - if u know what I mean… :slight_smile:

read ya later…


Wa up peepz,

Okay, i think i’m pretty much done with the sky. My idea for the sky is to somehow show another stellar universe revealing itself.
I’m working on the architecturing next then the characters and how i’m going to light the interiors.

Well, critzs, comments, and suggestions are always welcome :slight_smile:



DUCKALATOR - Hey, thanks man. I’ll see you around.

THE WIZARD - Whoa… look who’s alive :eek: Hey, you didn’t get to finish your M&S entry, what’s up with that :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway, thanks for the early warning about the monotone and it’s nice to hear from you bro! I hope you have time to enter and see you around :smiley:

Be back again for more updates.


Helo, i loved your m and s entry… theidea was greatness. This looks pretty dham cool right now… angles nice and loved the characters. keep it up bro!:thumbsup:


very nice sky. keep on rocking! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Hey Im glad u remember me…:slight_smile: Yeah M&S is left unfinished 'couse i did some character design (and btw still am doing it) for one RPG game that’s developing here (in my country)… So I’m not quite sure that I’ll be able to enter this challange (i don’t want to start and not finish it again :slight_smile: But anyhow I’m here to keep my eye on some good folks, and to make sure u win this one … Hehehe …



W!L - Thanks for the support mate. I really appreciate it a lot. Me try me best to finish strong this time :argh:

SACHA - Thanks crazy bro! more to come :twisted:

WIZARD - Of course i remember bro. Too bad, you can’t join another crazy fun, hehe. That robot design still looks awesome. Congrats on the gig bro and i hope to see the game one of these days. Thanks for the support and keep in touch :thumbsup:

Okay, back to the digital drawing board, hehe. i will post a detail version of the sky and also include the progress for the achitecturing later on.

cheers and thanks to all


hi buddy,interesting new comp.love the ant’s eye view a lot.:thumbsup: realy want to see the characters.:drool: don’t be lazy.:twisted: let’s see it.cheers bros.:bounce:


I can see you’ve been busy (good boy!). I’ve always liked frog-perspective compositions, and this looks very promising. It suits the theme of you’r picture aswell… to show the suprise of character faces, aswell as the large scale of the ruins.

I’m not to sure if a nightscene would work best though - perhaps it would look to monocrome, though are you planning to have some warmer colors reflect on the characters (like from a torch or sth they are carrying?)

Keep it up man! It looks like you have alot of details to paint. :slight_smile:


XRIC7 - Thanks buddy. Just like you, i am busy with other works. So i will try me best to post some character designs and final design for the characters. See you soon my friend.

AM7 - Hehe, yes, i’ve been trying to update (unlike someone i know of :argh: ) I tried the day scene earlier, but i didn’t like how the whole lighting was working and the mood of it. So i’ll try the nightscene and see if i can work with this one. I’ll be careful with the monochromatic issue and try to avoid it. The characters will have a warmer colours of clothing anyway, plus i’ll brighten the walls a bit. Thanks for the support and advice bro.
Yes, i do love to do details, hehehe.

cheers guys. will post an update soon.


what’s up man,
sky looks very nice, see how you gonna blend this whole thing together,
I’ll check tomorrow, cause I’m dead tired :slight_smile:
later bro :smiley:


KORLINE - thanks bro. Right now, i’m freakin busy with other works, plus we just moved to a new house. So can’t really work on anything at the moment until we finish settling in.
I will be back next week and post something new and drop by yours and others.

I think i’m going to do a few changes with the sky and experiment with it more. Hopefully i finish this entry (1 and half months left)…just way too damn busy these days :banghead:



yo archie …

looking good so far …hehe this perspective would be too hard to do for me :smiley:
Im curious how you’ll place characters and light … so far the nighttime scene looks great:thumbsup:

i moved aswell last weekend … its strange to be in a new place … i just gotta find time to work now :slight_smile:

ill check back here later … cya m8


Hi Archie, good stuff for you your so busy these days and sorry about the implications for the challenge. Hope you’ll finish your pic anyway in time and like you want it to be! Nice progress on the sky. :thumbsup:

I came back from my little travel in France and I’m back to work on the texturing. Man this pic is taking ages to do. 3D in itself is quite a challenge!

I will come back to check your next updates.
all the best my friend!:beer:


hehe…i’m back!how about ur another projects.:deal: good luck anyway,buddy.
just stop for little spamming.:twisted: cool sky painting.i love it.love the comp too.
still wait for ur characters.keep going.cheers bros.:bounce: :thumbsup: :buttrock:


man if i run your newest work down i am sorry, but i think you took this image in the wrong direction with the last few updates.


that one is the best one when it comes to composition. the current update is very flat and doesnt really stand out at all. there is little movement and no dynamic flow from normal perspective to morphed perspective.

but yea i dont like the new :frowning:


VAHN - i see we’re in the same boat, hehe. It’s kinda annoying but it must be done, you know. We’re still working on the house and it’s a pain. Anyway, thanks for dropping by, i think i’m officially back to business with this entry.

THIERRY - Thanks my friend. Sorry for the lack of updates at my end. I think i’m back and will be posting something new, hehehe.

THITIPON - Thanks bro. I’m glad you like it, but i have a new composition at work. will post it soon.

SLAV - I’m very respectfull of your honesty and i definately agree with you. I haven’t seen this piece for awhile now and i just recently saw it with a fresh eyes and HATE IT :banghead:
So i will be changing it and twicking the composition. Hopefully, the new one i had in mind will look better.

I’ve been thinking of a new composition even before SLAV made his critzs (thanks again buddy). I will be posting it soon.

cheers y’all and thanks


Okay, i’m back to working on my entry. Still have a lot of other works, but i really want start working on this one again.

So here is the finalize version of the characters in line drawings. The colour will be next and i will post the new composition with it as well.
I think this time i have a clearer idea of how i really want to do it. So it’s time to catch up, hehe



Wazup tsong? Long time no post tulad ko a… Busy rin e. Pero hahataw narin ako. Astig style mo a. It’s not really anime, it looks somewhat original the way your characters look. I love how the guy looks. The girl in the middle looks too simplistic. The chick on the left’s ok. Keep ‘em comin’ pare.