Spectacular 2D Entry: Archie P. Valdez


KORLINE - Thanks bro! I will try me best to make it work. Holla from NY :smiley:

SLAV - and what’s its singing to you…hehehe. Thanks bro, that really means a lot.

Okay, here’s an update. Hope you like em, because i think i’m sticking with this idea.



Here’s what i’m going for now. It’s still the same storyline, about the sword, string, and shuriken.

In this scene, he ended up giving up his own life to do the right thing, not save the world (but he ended up doing it), just to somehow do the right thing.

The bad side is, he had to brake his promise of not leaving his sister and the girl who he fell in love with.

So that’s the scene. Hope you like it. Let me know.



:buttrock:nice perspective! i like it!


my bad for the absence dude just been tryin to find reference for my entries. It suck ass trying to find stuff. I still have to get reference for some poses that i need, I am liking the last comp good stuff, will drop by lata, holla!:thumbsup:


hey bro ,
I see you putting some color in that,
how is the wrist, now that sucks,try not to hurt again unless you want to learn to draw with the other hand,
I think that’s a pretty interesting comp with the nice angle, all depends what you gonna do with it,
cheers mate :twisted:
:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


[subscribed] Tagisan ng galing to. Goodluck to you Arc.


Mr. THURNER - thanks mate. I’m glad you like it.

BEELOW - No worries homez. I think everyone is busy with their pieces, plus most of us do have other works to commit too, hehehe (i wish i could just focus on the challenge… :sad: )

KORLINE - Thanks bro! my wrist is doing okay. Just can’t overdo it. Besides, i do know how to draw and paint with my other hand :smiley: I think one of my prof in art school made us practice and from their, i’ve been practicing on and off, hehe.

RONGEN - Uy, salamat meng. i’ll try me best naman. Subaybayan din kita (actually lahat nang noypi, hehe).

Okay, i’m going to try and submit an update by the end of the week. Thanks to everyone again and for your vote of confidence and helpful insights.

cheers y’all


just came to spam a bit more :stuck_out_tongue: dramatic story crazy bro, and a kick ass cool angle. can’t wait to see ya paint this to life my friend, so start your nitros! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


hey bro, just checking in,
nothing new yet, whatsup, ok I’ll wait
peace :twisted:


Okay, i’m still not use to doing line art digitally, but i’m submitting it for the line art milestone just to get it over with so i can go to colours, WOOHOO!!!
(plus i’m just too lazy and don’t have much time to do it traditionally :stuck_out_tongue: )

The design is not set in stone, so it’ll definately have some changes when i do the colours.

Anyway, who needs sleep when you have coffee right, heehee.



I see finelly we’ve got something, cool :twisted:
no slacking of man,
seriosly I think you can do a lot of damge, with the figures/ statues, maybe ease a bit on perspective, and concentrate on the light, not sur just thinking here, and belive me it’s hard lately :banghead: :banghead:
peace bro :twisted:


SACHA - Thanks bro! I think i’ll stick with this one…hopefully (unless my head thinks of another idea :smiley: ) I’ll be dropping by soon for more spamming :twisted:

KORLINE - Stop double posting… hehe, just kidding. Thanks for the support and suggestions. I kind of don’t mind the perspective and hopefully it won’t look to dynamic when i start colouring it and adding the characters and what not, ehhehehe. We shall see :argh:

Okay, it’s the weekend and i think i can put more time to this. So i’ll be doing some colours and post some more progress. Thanks guys.



Hello my friend! very good angle and perspective! i wan’t to see more! so …ARBEIT!!!:scream: …bonne chance and see you on your thread later:) cheeeeeeeeeeers


Just the basic colour. I’m leaning towards the night time scene. I did a day time scene, but it just looks too damn simple (which i did not post btw).

I’m actually working on the night sky right now. Hopefully it’ll look interesting when i’m done with the sky.

Let me know your thoughts.



I see you up and running, well that’s nice,
still think is to steep, but I’ll shut up and wait
go for it :shrug: :scream:


HI Archie, aaah finally a new sketch, great! What a perspective, it’s very promising. I think the night sky will be more spectacular, so good choice IMO there.

Are your characters going to have some action poses on this BG?

Keep it up my friend! :bounce: :bounce:


Musta dude? Dami nating updates a :stuck_out_tongue: Tsong, ang lungkot naman nung istorya mo. Ang sakit sa puso :scream: So I guess yung spectacular dito ay yung sacrifice at ultimate sorrow na poportray mo sa pic no? Suggestion ko, intensify mo mga emotions nato sa colour scheme mo pre. Dig deep for this one. And I dont know how you’re gonna do that… Which makes this one really interesting for me. Pretty hard situation to interpret pare.

Comment ko lang: it’s too sad lang talaga tsong. Daming nagpapakamatay sa pagibig kahit give up na nila honor nila (Paris and Helen) Pero yung sayo, gusto iwan pagibig, para lang sa honor. Nawala pagka-driver, sweet lover mo pare :slight_smile: I’m really interested at how you’re gonna develop this one though.


I like the concept, but maybe you could show a little more emotion from the other two. Seems like the story depends on words more then the actual pciture now. Keep the updates coming, and I prefer the night scene better too.


hey dude I’m not double posting, just try to check on your work :wip:
cheers :twisted:


FIOLKA A. - Thanks my friend. Glad to hear from you :smiley:

KORLINE - Thanks bro :thumbsup: I’m hoping the perspective would work, but if it doesn’t then i might just go back to my original idea or think of some back up plan, hehehe.

THIERRY - Thanks my friend. I’m glad to hear from you and good that you agree about the night scene. will post more update soon :stuck_out_tongue:

AHBEEJIEH - Salamat meng. I know malungkot nga yung storia ko, pero wala pa akong nakikitang handling yung more na parang tragic hero story ang dating. Hopefully maintindihan nyo at mag mukang spectacular pag tapos na, hehehe. I’m trying to deepen the story telling. We’ll see if it works :argh:

ACE - Thanks for dropping by bro. Yeah, right now, those scribbles are just for placement purpose. I’m actually going to rely more on facial expressions and maybe some subtle gestures for them. Thanks for reminding me about it :smiley:

Thanks again guys. I’m a little busy with my other works at the moment. I will drop by your threads later on this week and spam you with critzs :twisted:
I’ll try and post an update by the end of the week. See you guys later.