Spectacular 2D Entry: Archie P. Valdez


Hi Archie, I guess you’ve been busy on other works this week , just like me hehe.
So maybe we’ll see an update or a new idea this weekend.
I’ll start my work on the creature now, and hope to get something to show soon.

Will get back for more spaming on your thread :scream: !
HAve a great weekend :beer:


AHBEEJIEH - Salamat meng. Yeah, i think i will end up with something like that, but we’ll see.

THE1ST_ANGEL - Thanks crazy bro! I’m feeling a lot better now and i’m pretty much back for more crazinest, hahaha.

KORLINE - Thanks bro. I’m putting up the other composition right about now :smiley:

BIRDYBEAR - Thanks Crystal :love:

ARKINET - Salamat pre. Nasan yung entry mo meng :argh:

JUGERAS - Oy, naka sali narin sya. Good to see around again pre!

FALCOR - Thanks for dropping by bro. Hope to see you again :thumbsup:

THIERRY2005 - Hehe, i wasn’t really busy. I wrist was hurting a lot so i couldn’t do a handy work, but i’m feeling okay now. It was a good break for me hands, heehee.

Thanks y’all for the continuous support and comments. I’m really greatful and i will do the same thing. I guess i’m back, hehehe… time to spam your threads :twisted:


Okay, i guess i’m back to working on this. My wrist got a good rest. Still don’t have a lot of time though, but i manage to kinda mess with the composition and the placements of the characters.

So let me know what you guys think, while i mess with it some more, hehe.



yo whass up,
finally something,hmm, you see that’s cool idea and angle,
don’t use to much color in the begining,
cheers dude :buttrock:


hey buddy,nice update.:thumbsup: cool poses.love the pose of ninguy on the castle a lot.
waiting to see custume design.cheers bro.:bounce:


Hi Archie thats a dynamic concept sketch,wonder whats comming up…awaiting for more updates on this one) Best of luck pal!:thumbsup:


Musta pre? Nakapag-upd8 kana pala. This is definitely a better angle man. mala-prince of persia style with the aerial-rooftop view. Wish I could see more emphasis next on what the characters might look like. Keep at it! :slight_smile:


heheh rather spectacular roofvisions. hope your wrist behaves mate! wanna see ya paint this up! :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: lol, keep up the great work!


KORLINE - Thanks bro!!! I usually work like that. I don’t like using colours at the beginning stage (just in case i decided to change the topic or scene, hehehe).

XRIC7 - Thanks a lot buddy. The costume will be coming soon. I’m going to start putting the basic colours :smiley:

DONSAM - thanks for dropping by dude.

AHBEEJIEH - Salamat pre. Hindi ko masyadong nalaro yung game nayun. Pero i like it a lot when i was playing it. Baka palitan ko nang konte ulit… abangan, hehe.

SACHA - wa sup bro. thanks for dropping by. I hope my wrist behaves too :argh: If not, then i’m screwed big time :cry:

Okay, i’m seeing a lot of fight scenes in the challenge lately. I’m really thinking of going in another direction with this one… and maybe even change the topic…i don’t know… we have 2 more months right, hehehe.

thanks y’all and really appreciate all the support and critzs. back to work i guess. I’ll drop by the threads later on tonight.



Wa up peepz,

Here’s another idea that i’ve been playing with (sorry for it is very rough).
It’s definately at lot more peaceful and calm than the fight scene. Same characters, just different scene.
Here they wondered through the forest and discovered an ancient ruin, maybe a place of worship or something mystical…i don’t know (yes, i’m sorry again for posting something really rough. I don’t want to end up like the last challenge where i was almost done with the first concept and decided to do another one, hehe).
Critzs and advice are definately welcome.

cheers y’all


the 2nd last sketch looks more dynamic angle wise,play around with that and i’m sure things will turn out spectacularly great!keep it coming:thumbsup:


Okay, here’s another composition of the second piece. I just pretty much extended it and made it a vertical comp.
I think i’m leaning towards this idea. I kind of like the more peaceful, calm, and non violence concept…and the more archiological discovery sort of, hehehe.
well, let me know what you guys think.

SH@KE - thanks for stopping by bro. Hopefully i can pull off something “spectacular” :slight_smile:



looks cool … altough you can see into their noses from down there :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

maybe you can make some kind of oldschool painting on the domes ceiling :shrug::slight_smile:


I like this idea better man. And the view’s pretty spectacular with them under this great structure that they found. Dami ng nag-conceptualize about discovering huge things in this contest before, pero asteeg perspective mo, unique. I like how you’re maintaining the focus on characters who are actually gonna be your main audience for that spectacular thing in your pic. Keep pushing pre!


its got its advantages. i think a sense of awe is a great - like seeing the interior of the st peters cathedral - or sistine chapel. but lay-out wise i think it should be wider to showcase more…

kita kits uli


Hey arc!

Speed up! I know your talent man! Cant wait to see how it is gonna get.
String, Shuriken ??? What a mix! The calm scene is better, much better.
Shurikens flyng are spectacular, but to make a calm scene spectacular is even better.

Keep in touch, will track it bro.

I am doing a 3D short movie now, no time for challenges now.

See ya,


Hey Archie, the concept is coming along nicely. Good to see you taking a calmer approach to it, i think a quiet spectacular scene will really stand out amongst all the action shots. But, having said that, it is much harder to achieve. You have to ask yourself what in this image makes it spectacular? I like the composition, but beyond a couple of kids staring at a broken old dome, I’m not sure what there is that’s spectacular about it. It’s no reflection on your talent though archie, I love your stuff… just trying to see it from the judges’ perspective. Maybe the idea of having some action in an old painting on the underside of the dome might not be a bad idea, though. I shall keep tuned to see where you take this!


VAHN - Thanks bro! i might even add boogers coming out of their noses, hehehe :argh:

AHBEEJIEH - Salamat meng. I’m glad you like it. Yeah, i think i’m going with this one, but i’m changing the shot a bit. Lagay ko mamayang gabi, hehe.

JUGERAS - Thanks pare. I am going to do a wider view. Almost close to a panoramic shot actually eh. Tignan natin kung gagana yun :smiley:

DJAMPA - Good to hear from you man. Let me know how your 3D movie is coming along and thanks for the support. Hope you’ll have time next time to join in for more crazy fun. I’ll do my best to make something out of this, hehehe.

SAM - thanks for the really nice advice and insights. i will definately keep that in mind. Actually while i was reading your critzs, i’m actually going to try and put a more deeper story to it, besides trying to design the architecturing to somewhat look “spectacular”. I will try and make it a more dramatic sort of scene and hopefully it will make sense.

Thanks again guys. I really appreciate everything. Hopefully i don’t disappoint the people who’s following this lazy arse thread, hahaha. Will be back tonight to spam your threads and hopefully an update from me.



hey man,
i think even mellow things can be spectacular, like the dramatic angle that you’ve here,
with this composition, you can have all kinds of dramatic lightning, like during the storm, a lot of contrast you know the clouds are really dark, but the sunlight is really bright, something like that, :smiley:
keep it up dude :thumbsup: :twisted:


hey man i really dig this new update. it really sings to me. keep it up …