Spectacular 2D Entry: Archie P. Valdez


very cool angle.smart comp.I love ninja fighting.cheers bro.:thumbsup:
stop spamming and go to bed.:twisted: lol.


Oh wow Archie, I LOVE those character concepts! Wow!

I like the idea (i’m guessing) of each of them having a weapon they specialise in. And i think doing the fight instead of the moment after is a good idea too, harder, but worth the effort! Can’t wait to see where you go with this!


hmmm… nice sketches, ang dami mo sigurong naiisip ngayon ah, good luck sau pre sana makuha mo yong gusto mong mangyari. nand2 lang ako. hehehe


Hi Archie, I don’t browse for a few days and there you go, great designs on your thread!
A fight scene that’s sounds cool, kind of Manga style I suppose. Looking forward to see your next milstones. :thumbsup:
The perspective you’ve done is interesting, so I’ll wait for the next updates fro seeing the characters in action.
I have a hard time finding enough free time to work on mine at the moment, Octobre will be a be a quiter month. :banghead: Hopefully.

See ya! :cool:


i think the new sketch is good… but try to hint of archetecture out side the image. it will add a nice feel to… right now i think its kind of confined, i dont think an extra shadow on the roof tops there would hurt… nor would some stuff in the distant back ground… if you do choose to stick with this concept those things would touch up that image quite nicely :slight_smile:

:applause: :applause:


cheers! well to tell u the truth im a bit confused with the perspective. but i know youll make it look great. the sketch looks great i love it! keep em comin. ill stick arount to see what u post next! cheers!:thumbsup: :smiley:


that sketch is nice… keep pushing it


I think it’s a good sketch… I like the composition, it’s very dynamic, I think it could work perfectly…

good luck! :thumbsup:


where is the update, mate


XRIC7 - hahaha, i’m just warming up bro. more spamming to come :twisted:

ZEPYHRI - Thanks Sam. I will try my best. Another idea is coming out of my head actually. I will post that too. thanks again :love:

DIGITALHADZ - Salamat meng. Abangan…hehehe

THIERRY2005 - thanks my good friend. I’ll still play around a bit with the comp. I’ll post a more refine versions of the characters soon.

SLAV - Bro, thanks for the suggestion. You’re a genius :thumbsup: I’m going to make it a horizontal shot this time. I think that should give a nice introduction to the architecturings and the enviroment.

CALISTO - heehee, it’s actually a very simple perspective. Hopefully it’ll be more clear when i clean it up and change the composition a bit. Thanks Linda :love:

W!L - thanks bro!

ELMASFEO - Gracias amigo! and thanks for stopping by.

KORLINE - yeah, yeah, update will be coming very soon…maybe by this weekend…i think :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again for the support and great advices. I really do appreciate it a lot. will be updating soon.

cheers y’all


Musta progress natin pre? Ganda ng sketch mo. Fight scene na ba bubuoin mo? Astig yun. Hintayin namin yung isa mong idea! :thumbsup:


weeeeeeeeee flying by to spam a bit! hahaha, took me long enough mate, best of luck and best wishes bro, great concepts so far yet! love the fancy perspectrive and cool and great characterdesigns again, as always! keep on rockin bro and gald to be on another wild trip together with u! go go go Archie!:thumbsup: :bounce: :beer:


yo, brother, the weekend is over, and nothing new, whats up :twisted:


just checking on you :twisted:


nice line bro… i hope i can make something this weekend:) , twas a crazy week last week.


good to see you again, just stopped by to wish you luck. i’ll comment later.


Jippie, weekend is here, looking forward what you come up with, burn em sum hot pixels crazy bro!:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


just stop by tosee whats up, cheers man :slight_smile:


da da da dan… a castle (may be jap) in the distance might help?
interesting charaacters.

uy kamusta pala. ILL BE BACK!



There seems to be a lot of comments on your thread, but it never hurts to have one more :slight_smile:
I’ll try to give more feedback later on, but now im just wishing you good luck with your pic!