Spectacular 2D Entry: Archie P. Valdez


waaaaaa! they look sooo great i love them!! nice sketch!!!:bowdown:


cool characters … reminds me of breath of fire and final fantasy … nice work m8 :smiley:


BIRDYBEAR - Thanks Crystal. good to see you too.

XRIC7 - Thanks bro! I’ll have an update by the end of the week.

NEBZ - Good to hear from you Bro! Yeah, that was kinda my inspiration. I want to do something more childish in terms of the style.

CALISTO - Thanks linda :love:

VAHN - thanks mate. Big fan of both games and love their styles as well :smiley:

Okay, been busy with other works. So will try me best to update soon. Thanks for the support guys.

cheers y’all :buttrock:


Hey, you posted a couple of updates since, I have last been here! Interesting concept that you have, waiting to see more!


GREAT designs you have goin’ on there, bro! Love your style. I’m really lookin’ forward to seeing you flesh this one out. Keep goin’, my man!



like yours sketches very much, great job,good luck :thumbsup:
would like to see more


BEELOW - thanks bro

ARTJUNKIE - thanks bro. I think i’m almost there in figuring out the final composition.

KORLINE - thanks for dropping by mate.

update coming soon. Hopefully, i stick with this composition and piece, hehe. back to work for me.



Hello Archie
I’ve been away for too long :smiley: What nice characters !!
Err… because I’m a lazy boy (i haven’t read al the thread) will you write something about the story you’re planning to draw ? Just to feed my poor little brain :smiley:




cool,i like the character design in the latest sketch,its pretty stylised almost like a rpg game character~:scream:keep it coming mate


Thoose sketches look very nice arc, cool characters. :slight_smile: I’m waiting for you’r final composition!


Yo kabayan! Musta pakikipag-bakbakan natin dito sa challenge? :slight_smile: Keep em comin tsong. Goodluck sating lahat! I’ll be checking up on your progress nalang. Peace!


nice characters… good luck… I want to see more:thumbsup:


Cool character designs, i love the rpoportions. Hope you’ll keep them around…! :slight_smile:



SPACESNAIL - thanks Manu.
Basically, the little girl in the middle and the guy are siblings and the other
girl, they just bump into her and tagged along. But they all have something
in common, their great great grandfathers were lengendary warriors that
once stood to protect “the world”. So even if they don’t want to walk the
same path, unfortunately, they had no choice, but to take the
resposibilities, because they were “chosen” to yeild those legendary
weapons that their great great grandfather once used. So that’s where the
journey starts.

Anyway, if i continue this story, i might tie it in with the Fallen Angel from my Master and Servant theme… will see :smiley:

SH@KE - thanks for dropping by dude.

AM7 - thanks bro. been a bit busy with other works lately though :sad:

AHBEEJIEH - Salamat meng. Susubay-bayan din kita.

DUCKLATOR - thanks mate. will post something later on…hopefully

WALRUS - thanks bro! glad you like the style. I will be keeping them on.

Okay, been busy as usual, but i will try to post something by tonight. I have 2 final composition that i might do both and just enter one. One is a fight scene and the other one is the result of the fight scene. will try and post the rough.
thanks again guys for the support and comments.

cheers y’all


hi! i don’t know u yet, but i like your trace n personages draws. Good luke here, n visit me!


hmm… i think i’m going with the fight scene. I’m not too sure if the result after the fight scene is close to the theme of the challenge… i don’t know. I’m going to finish both piece anyway, just for fun, hehehe.
well, let me know what you guys think. i’ll post the other idea later on. I’ll work with this one for now…

cheers y’all


don’t see any reason why fight scene cuoldn’t go with the theme,
like the depth and perspective in this one
go for it mate


A lil’ bit confused but dynamic. Can be better in the composition, good luck!


i like the comp right now … pretty cool with the sword so close up … just not so sure about the shuriken girl … maybe you could put her in some kind of crouching position on the rooftop… in the middle of sword & string …

gj on the angle … keep it up m8 :thumbsup:


MR.THURNER - thanks for dropping by. see you soon.

KORLINE - thanks dude. Just in case i’m going to try and finish both of them (will post the other scene later)

FEERIK - thanks for dropping by mate.

VAHN - thanks bro. i’m glad you like it. The person holding the shuriken is actually going to be the guy. I tried putting him around the middle area, but it just got to busy, plus i will be having debris of the roof flying around. I’ll clean it up more.

well, my apologies for posting something rough. I will be cleaning it up more. The only thing that i might change in the composition is probably the string flying around. Hopefully, it’ll be more clearer when i add the debris and people, ehhehehe :argh:

thanks again guys. cheers