Spectacular 2D Entry: Archie P. Valdez


Looks good! I’m curious what will happen in this enviroment. :slight_smile: Please post more soon!


Great sketch there! Looking forward to seeing more, more, MORE!!!:beer:

Good luck bro,



Nice work Archie :thumbsup:… waiting for more :bounce:
Are you hiding to draw ??? He He




Ah ha! I spy a sketch! A quiet and unassuming townscape… sounds like the perfect contrast to something big and spectacular. Eagerly awaiting further development…


wow, great sketch!

good luckon ure entry, arc! show the rest of us how its done.


XRIC7 - stop being lazy and put something already, hehehe. I’m waiting :bounce:

AM7 - thanks bro. will be posting something soon…hopefully :smiley:

SPACESNAIL - Thanks buddy…but whatever do you mean, my good man…hehehe

ARTJUNKIE - thanks mate. i will very very soon.

ZEPYHRI - thanks Sam…we’ll see what happens. Hopefully, i get this right :banghead:

MORDALLES - Thanks bro. I will try me best.

okay, still a bit unclear on how i want the characters to look like, but i’ll post something up soon to get your opinions.

cheers y’all


wow!!!:surprised what a spooky town…it really calls for something spectacular to happen!! great work archy looks so great!:bowdown:


Nice sketch so far, just waiting to see more,i’ ll stop by tomorraz, holla!:thumbsup:


Hi,hi,looks nice your 1st sketch,curious what you’ll come up with to make this spectacular.
All the luck and fun to you!!!


HIaah my friend, I’m officialy in now!
Looking forward to see your concept becoming a masterpiece.

:slight_smile: :thumbsup:


Hello y’all,

Here’s my concept of the creature that will be part of the piece. Trying to do it step by step this time… i think. Still trying to figure out a good composition for the whole piece.
Will update later on again.

thanks and peace out


CALISTO - still trying to figure out some stuff. Might combine a scifi-fantasy kinda genre.

BEELOW - thanks homez.

OKMER - thanks for dropping by dude.

THIERRY - Nice to see you back my friend. So no 2D entry this time huh?

Okay, will be doing more sketches and what not. Right now, time is limited for me :banghead:



Nice creature. Do you have a story for this concept? With the enviroment and creature I am getting curious what this could possibly be about :stuck_out_tongue: . Good luck on setteling on a composition.


nice design!!


interesting creature,mate.:thumbsup:
will wait to see next update.cheers bro.:buttrock:


Sup peepz,

Okay, i think i got the idea for all the characters that are going to be involve in this piece. Hopefully, something in the theme of spectacular will come out of this.
This time i’m going for something a bit more whimpsical in terms of the style.

Comments, critzs, suggestion, are alwasy welcome



ACE - thanks bro. I don’t really have a story quite yet.

NOOBZ - thanks bro :smiley:

XRIC7 - You lazy arse. Get back to work and post something, heehee.

Now it’s time to spam your threads, hehe.



nice to see you in here again! good luck (and didn’t it seem like forever between this challenge?)


wow mate!!realy nice update characters.:thumbsup:
let’s see some more composition and concept.
cheers bro.:bounce:


yo archieee love it looks stylish and manga, kinda reminds me of breath of fire dragon quarter style keep up:thumbsup: