Spectacular 2D Entry: Archie P. Valdez


wow!another cool image.nice compos and nice excellent mood.love it a lot.go go go.:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
ps:hope you’ll finish the old one some day coz i realy wanna see it.cheers.


VAHN - Thanks bro. I hope you finish as well. I would love to see your piece finalize.
About the previous piece, i will finish that as well and post it at the regular forum.
So i’m not abandoning that piece. Once i’m done with this i’ll get back to work on
that one. Thanks again buddy.

THITIPON - Hehe, thanks bro. I’m glad you like this one too. Just trying to cram it now.
Like i said to VAHN, i will finish that other piece as well and post it at the
regular forum. Nice to hear from you again buddy :smiley:

be back for more updates on this.


Man i love it when people make last minute revamps… it excites the crap out of me… its like insanity without senswe… lol… but man u gotta hurry… it looks amazoing, no SPECTACULAR… lol… keep it up… really waiting for the final image… enjoy thr stress and wrist aches looool. j/k… nah u seriously gotta hurry… cause i seriously cant wait for the final… :buttrock:


sweet bro, :buttrock:
work it, great textures, keep it up, that’s cool pic you have, one thing the waves, they need to get smaller by the horizan line, cause now they almost the same size, and it’s messing things up, :smiley:
hurry, cheers :twisted:


wa up peepz,

Well, i think i’m closing . Got rid of the crashing aircrafts idea. Didn’t like the feel to it. So i replaced it with floating rocks to push the space theme a bit more, plus i think it adds up to the story.

Well, any last word of advice before i call it a final image. Let me know.

cheers and goodnight.
be back again later.


Astig. SciFi to the max a. Di ko nabasa concept description mo… Hintayin ko nalang sa write-up ng final image mo. Only thing I can comment on is I think the water’s a little too plain. Pero ok yung mood mo, freaky dating nung tatlong parang mi inaabangan. Ang galing mo, ang bilis. Check you out later nalang :arteest:


Hi Archie, wouch!! you almost finished it…Gee I’m impressed, in such little time, hey for that alone congratulation my friend. Besides that fact it looks very good, I like the work you did, much more than on the previous picture, so good thing you swaped to this concept. Great sky/clouds and composition, the Sci-Fi theme works well and is very nicely executed. I haven’t much to critisize, I just think it would have been interesting to see part of a face, maybe on the front characters. That’s all. Make good use of that last day to still work at improving it, if you find places to do it. :scream:

Oh just a thing, while I was looking at it one more time, I think the moons are a bit blurry, they could be worked on a little more with some finer lines or holes in them.
That’s it, astonishing work you did mate. :thumbsup:
See ya later :slight_smile:


DULSHAD - Thanks bro! I’m glad you like it. I’m not stress at all actually. The hard part of it is all the thinking process. Thanks as always for the support my friend. How’s school by the way?

KORLINE - Thanks bro. I’m fixing the wave right now, so another great advice. Can’t wait to finish this and yours too.

AHBEEJIEH - Salamat meng. Worked on it all day yesterday. A bit more to tweak. So be back with the story and final image.

THIERRY - Thanks my friend and thanks for the last min advice for the moon. I’ll make sure to tweak those and fix em. I’m glad you like this theme. Almost done with it. I just need to add something… hehehe.

Okay, be back for the final image. Time to make use of the remaining hours:argh:
will come back to check on peoples thread later.

cheers y’all and Goodluck


i’m really liken this man…and the position of the camera gives it even more of an edge…can’t wait to see the update


WOOHOO, i made it :smiley:
Here’s the story:

In the distance galaxy of Andromeda, a race of nomadic civilization roams the galaxy in search of a relic that may one day help them restore their dying world. As they travel to the different locations of known and unknown corners of Andromeda, hearing rumors and myths, they stumble upon an ancient ruin that said to contain something of importance.
So in this scene, they are about to enter the ancient ruins to find out if what it contains is the one that they are looking for
but first, they have to pass those guardian, hehe.

That’s the scoop. Hope you enjoy and thanks to all who’s been a great help and support through out the challenge.
Now it’s time to look around the threads and submit the ftp file, hehe.

cheers and goodluck to all


congratz bros.:beer: :thumbsup: :bounce: :buttrock: :applause: :wip: :cool: realy cool image.wanna see it bigger and it
will be great to have your wallpaper.hehe:drool: Thanks in advance.good luck bro.


grats arc :smiley: amazing how fast you have done this one! Its very cool :bowdown:


CLYKE - Thanks dude. Hope you like the final piece.

THITIPON - Thanks bro!!! I’m glad you like it and thanks for the info on the mythology.
Check your email by the way. Just sent you the wallpaper. Hope you like it.
It is also available at my website if anybody is interested.

VAHN - THanks bro!!! Yeah, this is one of the fastest i’ve worked on. Certain areas are
actually pretty loose. I wish i had more time to just smooth them out… oh well.
that’s what happens when you decide to change things at the last min, hehehe.

Thanks guys. I’ll be around. Have a merry christmas and a wonderfull new years to all :wavey:

cheers and goodluck again


gosh,i missed this new concept of urs~i like ur previous one too,ohh mourn for the lost of the last concept.however,this one looks just great.congrates to u on finishing my friend.:thumbsup:


Wow my friend, you did changed it so fast, it came up better than the original concept.
Congratulations, wish you good luck ! The composition is good, I liked your colors very much on this one.

About my short, yes I will post it her on CGnetworks when finished :wink:
I am working on the character now, will start animating January, an post production in February, lots and lots of work here on the short from 9am to 10pm… but it is being one of the best times of my life.

Take care, keep going and once more good luck !


nice one you are done. glad to see it :slight_smile: sorry i had no time to check out more but i have been keeping quite busy last few weeks. but i see it turned out lovely never the less. the front most character is not as detailed as it could of been but still looks damn good :slight_smile: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: from me.


good luck pre! glad you made it:thumbsup: nice finish.


WHHHAAADDUUPPPP!!! looking good pre… sorry medyo na busy hehehehe…


hahahaha you are such a radical. i’m 3 days away and you let hell unleash your wacom and come up with this eyecandy, you’re so nuts!

in the words of brother Xric: congratz bro :beer: :thumbsup: :bounce: :buttrock: :applause: :wip: :cool:!!! u rock!


eto sa yo :banghead: - not sure if this would wake you up or put you back to sleep. :applause:ACE:applause: photofinish. tnx a ton for the support.

kita kiiiitzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :thumbsup: