Spectacular 2D Entry: Archie P. Valdez


Well, i’m not about to give up, hehe. I know this is a very last minuite change, but i think this is more appropriate for the challenge.

So here’s the new piece. “LaMer” a more sci fi theme, since i haven’t really been doing a lot of it.

Let me know what you guys think.
Be back for a lot more updates



Okay, more to come. Must use the time left well.
I’ll be back later on tonight to check up on how everyone is doing.



Well, here’s another update. I’m hoping i can submit something… so i’ll try with this piece and see if i can get it to finish.



Still trying to make this work… i probably alienate some of you by now, sorry for that.
Here’s more update.



cool stuff man. i just keep comming back everyso often sorry that i cant as much as i would like but hey… what can i do right?

i suggest just finish up what you have of your original and hand it in. will take longer to just remake everything.

to be honest you can do an amazing piece of work in 2/3 days just depends on how often you go out :stuck_out_tongue:


SLAV - Thanks bro! You’ve always been a big help, so no need to say sorry. Everybody gets busy and all, you know. Well, even though its a last minuit change, i think i’m gonna see how far i can push this one. I haven’t done any sci fi theme in a while anyway, hehehe. Plus it’s the weekend coming and i don’t have any social plans :sad:
So we’ll see how far i can go with this one.
About the other entry, yeah, i would submit it, but i don’t feel that it really suits the theme for the challenge. One of my buddy and i were discussing it actually.

Anyway, thanks again and will be back for more updates


hey bro are you nuts :buttrock:
I love it , last second change of direction, and looks awsome to, composition is great,
I would work quickly now, mainly on water and get one bigger ship and detail hell out of it,
leave city in the fog that looks cool, and you’re there :bounce: :bounce:
cheers :twisted:


Change the overall colour comp and started cleaning up some areas. I will be adding more elements to the sea and the fog. Hopefully that will help the mood of the piece.

more to come


Pushing my luck and trying to wing it :slight_smile:
Another moon or planet… maybe

let me know what you think.
more works to come


Putting more time to it… more tweaking…more cleaning up… and much to work on.



Great improvements bro. I can see huge potential in this piece. Keep at it.


Okay, i think all the shapes that i need are in. Time fore more detailings and refinements.

cheers and goodnight. More updates tomorrow.


KORLINE - Thanks for the advice bro. It works really well i think :thumbsup: You’re crazier than i am though, heehee (all those wirings… oy)

DRAWME - :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

cheers y’all


Wohohoo, you crazy artist!:surprised adding a challenge on top of the first one, haha! man I wasn’t expecting this on this visit. Gee you’ll have a stressy week-end finishing this one, but I’m sure you can make it!

I like the composition, the colours and the theme. What’s the story behind this one? I’m curious but can wait for you to finish the piece and write down what it’s all about. Good luck, wish you the best for these next few days:arteest: my friend!


THIERRY - Hehe, thanks my friend. I’m glad you like this one too :smiley: Yes, i’m crazy that way i guess :argh: But hey, gotta keep the suspence alive right. A very late decision, but i’m having a lot of fun with this one :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m gonna do my best to finish it. More updates to come.

cheers and goodluck to both of us :buttrock:


Okay, more details and designed parts and areas. More to come though, but getting there… going crazy…arrrggg

I’m thinking of putting the small aircraft like (which i’m still trying to design) coming out of the fogs… i don’t know… will have to play more with that. I was thinking of them coming out of the ring, but it’s too stargate kind of feeling to it.
Show the beginning of a battle scene or just hint it out.
I will explain the story later on.

Thoughts, advice, comments, let me know

3 more days WOOHOO


Did more texturing and fine cleaning the edges. Worked more on the foreground character and finalize the ancient structure.

I’m not sure if i’m going to use small aircrafts now. I didn’t like the feeling of them. So back for another round on the design of the guardian of that ancient structure.

Thoughts, advice, and critzs are always welcome

cheers and back for more


Whoa… Sayo pala to?! :eek: Sa sobrang bilis mo magpalit, hindi ko namalayan, bago na pala concept mo :slight_smile: This looks a lot cooler than the first I’ll say. You’re crazy man, and it’s crazier if you make this work. But what the heck right? It’s lookin’ good already. Keep at it! Kakaiba ka men! :buttrock:


Okay, last update for the day and will be back later on. Added some vfx of small crafts getting hit and is about to crash. Did more refinements on the water area and the dock.

More to come later on today.
cheers and goodnight


oh mr. valdez the new concept looks very cool … i hope you enjoy his one :smiley:

pity youre not happy with the first one…i really liked that…

good luck bro i hope you can finish in time … i probably wont because i have too much work this weekend :frowning: