Spectacular 2D Entry: Archie P. Valdez


wow,very romantic scene.love it a lot.the comp and angle look realy great.keep it up,buddy.:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :bounce:


BLAZ - thanks bro :slight_smile: yeah, been busy with other things so i had to neglect this entry for a while, but i’m back and i will finish it.

MANU - Thanks my friend. more updates to come… promise.

BEELOW - Thanks homez. no worries, i will finish it strong hopefully.

NIKOLAY - Thanks for dropping by dude. I’m glad you like it.

XRIC7 - Hey, nice to hear from you buddy. Thanks for the support as always. Now lets finish our piece and start the crazy spamming, hehehe.

Okay, it’s thanksgiving here, so i have to get ready with that, but i will be back later tonight for an update…promise :twisted:

cheers y’all


Okay, here’s more update. Fixing the grass foreground and started laying out the heiroglyphics. I’m almost done with the waterfall area. Just few more touch ups on it and the background is set. Then i can move on to the characters.
I darken the image a bit, especially around the ground.
Well, any suggestions before i call the background a final colouring, let me know.

Thanks and cheers to all.


Wow, you too have gone for the fisheye lense. Fantastic stuff! I look forward to seeing it finished.
Well done and good luck! :beer:


Oh, I forgot to mention.
Your picture remind me a little of “High and Low” from Escher. One of my favourite pictures.


Hi Archie, nice update, I like it a lot, it’s got a good mood and great details. These fireflies add a nice magical touch to it. Can’t wait to see your final characters on this BG. One small suggestion could be to have a more volumetric and gradual light from bottom to top, to give it more depth. Give it a try with a layer in PS, I just tried it on mine and it’s kind of working much better now. The front grass could even be darker, it’s a night scene after all. Well, hope these few suggestions can help you. Keep that digital brush active my friend!:arteest: :beer:

Apologies for not visiting more often but was busy with other projects for some time! Seeya later mate and thanks again for your advices on mine!


hey dude,
checking out your last update, so the only thing that I see wrong is that the waterfall seems to be in the foreground, and schould be in the back, I think in the night light it schould be darker and less visible, only reflections schould be sharper, some volumetric light and fog would work pretty good to I think
great job on the sky, hopefuly this helps you a little, cheers :smiley:


archie boy kamusta n pre… rock n roll n.

tirahin ko n h - id have to agree with korline.

the fall needs a bit of suppression. a bit of sharp highlights (plants including) would help - i think
(just my 2 cents) id put a slight tint ( you can use multiply or color dodge mode to paint - especially the dodge mode to simulate lighting- use low opacity-with the color of light chosen) for the bg elements
and use a different cast/tint on the foreground elements like your characters - like what i see on the stone - somewhat purplish tinge. youll have more separation???

just thinking out loud. go sago. cheers man.


SQUISHME - Thanks for dropping by dude. I saw your entry and i’m digging the alien creature. will drop by to check out and thanks for that pics. I’ve never heard of the piece, but the pic looks good overall.

THIERRY - Thanks my friend and don’t have to apologize. We all get busy with our other works, you know :slight_smile: Thanks for the advice too. I’ll darken it more, but just a tad bit, i kinda don’t want to loose a lot of the small details. Yeah, i’ll definately darken the front grass too. Thanks again :thumbsup:

KORLINE - Hey, good to hear from you bro. Thanks for the advice. Yeah, that waterfall, i will push it back more and darken it. It is still too bright, so you’re right. I’ll be working on that tonight.

JUGERAS - Salamat pre! That’s a good advice. I’m actually using the a lot of that purplish colour, especially for the cast shadows. I’ll sharpen some of the highlight for the grass. I guess i got use to using soft brush a bit too much, hehehe. Thanks again tsong :bounce:

Thank you all for the great advice and suggestions. I will post an update later on tonight.
So be right back for that. There is a few more days to go, so this is definately duable.

cheers y’all


I love your heiroglyphics a lot.:bounce: the lichen is look awesome.can’t wait to see final image.
:wip: not much time left I hope I can finish in time.:argh: I’m sure You can.:beer:


I really adore the scene you are creating! I think it could use some more depth though back by the waterfall…paint over some translucent blues or purple greys and i think you’ll get a pleasing result.


yay, an update, hehehe.
Well, considering all the advice, i did darkened the lower area, pushed back the waterfall, and used some sharp highlights on the foreground grass. I think now it’s working better. I just need to finish the detailings for some areas and BAM, i can work on the characters.
Well, let me what your thoughts are.

cheers and thanks to all.
be back with more updates


thats some insane progress since i last time dropped in! love how the light works now with your darker environment, let it rock crazy bro, burn those pixels! go go go!:buttrock: :beer::wip:


lumilinis na a… Love how the sky opens up like that. Any chance that you might pull in the clouds a little more closer together towards the opening, to make the place darker and emphasize the “portal” look of the sky? :slight_smile: More of an opinion lang tsong. Nonetheless, you’re doing great naman e. Can’t wait to see the characters…


THITIPON - Thanks buddy. I’m glad you like it. I know you’ll finish it. Can’t dissapoint your fan club, hehehe.

BAKANEKONIE - Thanks for the advice and thanks for dropping in. I’m glad you like it and more to come in this few days.

SACHA - Thanks bro. Yeah, i had to make a drastic update so i can catch up, hahaha. Much work to do with the characters, so be back for that.

AHBEEJIEH - Salamat pre! I tried that before, but i didn’t like it. I kind of what to show the clouds revealing the stars. To me, it feels more peacefull and quiet, hehe… i think.
The characters are about to come. so abangan nalang.

Thanks for all the advice and comments. Now time for an update. Here’s the final colouring for the environment.



Here’s the final colouring for the environment. I’ll probably add something later on, but i need to move on to the characters.

Let me know what’s on your minds peepz.



Hey archie, nice picture. This has a nice feel to it. Great color
I have to agree with others about the waterfall popping forward. I think the problem is with the dark spot at the top of the falls. Its really darker than anything in the foreground and its bringing the falls foreward.
Overall, great work.


Hey Archie,

Great to see it finalizing, congratulations.
You doing a great job man.

Good luck budy ! :thumbsup:


Okay, just started working on the characters. more details to come. Here’s the shuriken boy… more works to be done…oy

be back again


ZPAPAGEO - thanks for dropping by dude and thanks for the advice.

DJAMPA - Good to hear from you again bro. How’s the film going? Are you going to post it here at cgnetwork. Let me know so i can check it out.

Well guys, about this piece, i think i just took it to a different direction and i’ve decided to just keep the background and call it a finish environment piece (i will post it at the regular 2d thread).

So, saying that, i’ll either have to come up with a new piece within the six days of challenge left :banghead: or just raise the white flag on this challenge :cry:
I’m truely sorry guys. I’m really going to try my best to submit something before the deadline. I just got really busy and kind of lost focus on this entry.

I wish everyone goodluck and hopefully you’ll see a new piece from me in a day or so.
If not, then i’ll just cheer everyone here and support all my buddies, who are finishing the challenge.

thanks again for the support and great advice and comments guys and hope you understand. I will try me best.
cheers y’all and be back to see some of your threads.