Spectacular 2D Entry: Archie P. Valdez


Just a bit more details.
A lot more work to be done and more detailing and cleaning up and will be adding some more colours around the grass (flowers maybe).

be back again for more updates.


nice going arc!perhaps u wanna have the costume colors of the characters be alil desaturated,it seems alil too stand out for the time being.just a suggestion though:)keep it coming mate


Hi Archie, glad to see you’re back with some seriously advanced updates lately.

Good stuff, it’s definetly taking shape. Yeah the night sky is the right choice IMHO, cool work, think of your lights and how they’ll affect the top of the architecture. The firefly is a very good idea, it ill add a nice touch to it. :cool: :arteest:
I’ll be back soon!
Cheers my friend!


SH@KE - Thanks dude. Yeah, you are right about their colours being a bit saturated. I will lower that down. Thanks again dude.

THIERRY - Thanks my friend. I will keep that in mind. I’m still trying to figure out some design aspects on certain areas of the architecturing. I need to finish that before moving on to the characters :arteest: :argh: I shall post an update very soon… hopefully a close to finish for the environment :smiley:

Thanks guys. Be back for more updates soon.


Hey man, this is coming along nicely :slight_smile: I’ve finally got some ideas and sketches down on paper that I like… so I’ll try to finish this myself. It will be some very long nights for sure… hehe


Getting close to finish the environment. Just need to add some ancient writtings and fixs the foreground grass. Then i can move on to the charactes.

Let me know what you guys think.


Pa-astig ng pa-astig :thumbsup:


Yo bro… wassup… sorry i havent commented or critiqued on ur work… but hey who am i to critique… lol… anyways… this lookks amazig… u really got something going here… really.

good luck… even tho u dont need it… lol

btw i wont be joining in this event for 2 reasons.

  1. i have school…

  2. i havent had the ispiration to do anything “SPECTACULAR”

have fun and enjoy the challenge bro :slight_smile:


ATLE - Hehe, i think i was posting the update while you were posting your reply. Thanks for buddy… and you better finish yours too :twisted:

AHBEEJIEH - Salamat pre! Malapit narin matapos tayo :smiley:

DULSHAD03 - Long time no hear huh. How’s your brother doing by the way? Sorry to hear you can’t join the fun, but i guess school comes first. All good, i’m just glad to hear from you and thanks for the support bro. Goodluck in school and see you around. Hope you stick to see the final image.

cheers y’all and will update soon.


hey man… looking good… like the composition. environment is nice… lights really bring something to it… what are they firsflys or something? keep it coming!


whats up,
I see you’re moving foreword,
you’ve create a grate mood, think you need to work on light more thou, like the columns from the bottom should be darker, and just have the glow of those lights, the waterfall needs to be pushed back and that also is the light issue, I didn’t really check the perspective, but make sure it’s right cause in this composition it’s plays the vital role
one more, detail on the grass, I think you need reflection and split them up a bit
just thinking here, hopefuly I can help a bit
:twisted: :cool:


Archie Is The Man…dude Your Smokin This Drawing Out.
Keep It Up And Try Playing More With Blue Shadows …it May Bring Out Your Fire Flys.

Keep It Up Dog


Nice atmosphere and environment, Archie! Your characters are really going to pop against that! :slight_smile: Can’t wait to see it all together. Good luck!



No Problem man… my bro cant join either… he said the name of the challenge sounds intimidating… and for the fact he has University… I am noticing great progress from the first pic u had there… and dont worry i will stick and comment till the final image… i’m it’lll make me be in aww… lol good luck


W!L - Thanks mate. Yeah, they’re fireflies. I thought they give a good secondary mood light sources. Your piece is coming along great by the way:thumbsup:

KORLINE - THanks bro. Yeah, i do need to push that water fall back. I’ll try darkening the bottom area and see how it looks. As far as perspective, if you look at the previous line art, it’s basically the same as that. So i’m pretty sure the perspective is fine. Thanks again for the great advice bro.

THE CLYKE - Yo! Thanks for the support bro and for the advice. I’ll try me best to make it work and finish it:)

WALRUS - Thank bro. Yeah, hopefully the style intergrates with the environment.

DULSHAD03 - Thanks for the support bro. I guess you and your bro are quite busy with school and all. Well, i’ll be in touch and email you guys once in a while. Keep me posted on thing in Canada. I will update soon.

Sorry for the lack of update again guys. My wrist is acting up again and i’m quite busy writting a story and working on other works (typing kills your wrist more than drawing… i think). I will update as soon as i get the chance and when things get a bit calmer here at my end. Thanks again for continueing support and great advices.

be back soon for update abd will check your threads with it too.
cheers y’all


Okay, i’m back. Time to finish this piece. Been really busy with the house and other works so sorry for not updating.

Here’s what i did:

I’m fixing the waterfall and pushed it back. Darken the ground and started putting the basic colours for the characters. Much more work to be done with the architecturing though, but i have a good idea on how to detail it and make it look ancient.
I also fixed the grasses on the foreground by the way. Just need to start putting highlights and bouncing lights around it.

Well, more works to be done and be back in the morning to check up on your works.

cheers y’all and have fun


yay! I was worry for a while, but u r back, great :slight_smile: nice updates, nothing to crit really… so I guess I just stoped by to say hello and go on and finish the piece in this way :slight_smile:


Hi Archie !
Welcome back my friend… I was worrying about you quitting the challenge :sad:
But you’ll bring some new updates soon, mmmh?:applause:

See ya



I almost thought you had quit, welcome back archie, hurry finish! :thumbsup:


Very interesting and deep work, finish her necessarily!:slight_smile: