Spectacular 2D Entry: Archie P. Valdez


congratz bros.:beer: :thumbsup: :bounce: :buttrock: :applause: :wip: :cool: realy cool image.wanna see it bigger and it
will be great to have your wallpaper.hehe:drool: Thanks in advance.good luck bro.


grats arc :smiley: amazing how fast you have done this one! Its very cool :bowdown:


CLYKE - Thanks dude. Hope you like the final piece.

THITIPON - Thanks bro!!! I’m glad you like it and thanks for the info on the mythology.
Check your email by the way. Just sent you the wallpaper. Hope you like it.
It is also available at my website if anybody is interested.

VAHN - THanks bro!!! Yeah, this is one of the fastest i’ve worked on. Certain areas are
actually pretty loose. I wish i had more time to just smooth them out… oh well.
that’s what happens when you decide to change things at the last min, hehehe.

Thanks guys. I’ll be around. Have a merry christmas and a wonderfull new years to all :wavey:

cheers and goodluck again


gosh,i missed this new concept of urs~i like ur previous one too,ohh mourn for the lost of the last concept.however,this one looks just great.congrates to u on finishing my friend.:thumbsup:


Wow my friend, you did changed it so fast, it came up better than the original concept.
Congratulations, wish you good luck ! The composition is good, I liked your colors very much on this one.

About my short, yes I will post it her on CGnetworks when finished :wink:
I am working on the character now, will start animating January, an post production in February, lots and lots of work here on the short from 9am to 10pm… but it is being one of the best times of my life.

Take care, keep going and once more good luck !


nice one you are done. glad to see it :slight_smile: sorry i had no time to check out more but i have been keeping quite busy last few weeks. but i see it turned out lovely never the less. the front most character is not as detailed as it could of been but still looks damn good :slight_smile: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: from me.


good luck pre! glad you made it:thumbsup: nice finish.


WHHHAAADDUUPPPP!!! looking good pre… sorry medyo na busy hehehehe…


hahahaha you are such a radical. i’m 3 days away and you let hell unleash your wacom and come up with this eyecandy, you’re so nuts!

in the words of brother Xric: congratz bro :beer: :thumbsup: :bounce: :buttrock: :applause: :wip: :cool:!!! u rock!


eto sa yo :banghead: - not sure if this would wake you up or put you back to sleep. :applause:ACE:applause: photofinish. tnx a ton for the support.

kita kiiiitzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :thumbsup:


greit work!:thumbsup: Fan!!!:bounce:


Wow, Eric, I didnt even realize that you changed your entire concept in the last minute! Crazy! And you still managed to rock out an excellent piece! Excellent work, my man! Congratulations and good luck!


SH@KE - Thanks bro. I’m glad you like this one as well. And no, don’t mourn for the
the other one for i while finish it and post it on the regular 2D forum. So you’ll
be seeing it :wink:

DJAMPA - Thanks bro!!! I’m glad you dig it and nice to hear from you. Oooh, i can’t wait
to see your 3D short film. So hurry up :wip: :wip: hehe.

MR. NIBBLE - Hehe, stop saying sorry :smiley: Like i said before, we all get busy with other
chores. Anyway, thanks for always supporting me and glad you approve
of it. Yes, i could’ve added more design for the character, but time constrain
and my own unpredictability sort of prevent me from doing it :stuck_out_tongue: See you
around and keep in touch. I added you at my link btw. hope you don’t mind.

UWIL - Salamat meng. Next time, i’ll drop by more and see how things are going. So
kita ulit tayo dito :wink:

ARKINET - Pre, next time sali ka okay. I kinda miss your work and would be nice to see
something new and amazing from you. Thanks for dropping by and talk to you
soon. Ingat

SACHA - Hehehe, you know me, trying to make it as much fun as i can. Sucks, you got
busy with other works. I wanted to really see yours finish and i know i will one
of these days. So i’ll be waiting crazy bro and thanks for always supporting me.

JONI R. - Salamat pre! I’m wide awake now. Got a good one day rest and a good sleep,
heeheehee. Salamat din sa support. Always nice to hear your 2 cents.

FISH KAART - Thanks for dropping by dude. I’m glad you like it. see you around.

ZPAPAGEO - Thanks dude. Yeah, i’m usually like this. Pretty undecided until the last min.
A bad habbit that’s becoming a good learning tool for me, hehehe. Congrats
again on your beautifull masterpiece.

Thanks y’all. I’ll be around as always. If you guys are interested, i did made a wallpaper
of this that can be download from my website. Enjoy the holidays and always be safe.
See you next challenge and around the forums.



whassup dude, you’ve made it, I got little worried :wip:
great image, got this sifi mood :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
well, man, good luck :thumbsup:
stay in touch, later :twisted:


Great to see you have finished, best of luck to you archie, I just got mines in just in time, phew that was close, see you next contest!:buttrock: :buttrock: :wavey:


nice final image… good luck…!!! :bounce: :thumbsup:

see you around.


KORLINE - Thanks bro. Yeah, i was a little worried too. But this is actually one of the
most simpliest piece i’ve ever done and that’s the reason why i did it fast :stuck_out_tongue:
See you around and keep in touch.

BEELOW - Peace bro and thanks for dropping by.

DUCKALATOR - Thanks man. GOodluck to you too :thumbsup:

cheers y’all. i’m trying to finish the other one so i can post it at the 2D forum. I’ll be around and again, have a happy and safe holidays to come.


Hi Archie !
Good to see you’ve finished this one :thumbsup:
Okay I know I’m late :smiley: and I haven’t seen your last picture. i guess you’ve been pretty quick on gribbling, blocking and polishing this new one. It’s just great and has a strange feeling like Artur C Clarke’s “Childhood’s End”. This a truly “you” image : compo, colors,…:buttrock:

I hope the judges will have the same feeling than I.

Good luck and see you soon :applause:

Have a happy holydays


Err… wallpaper exchange, maybe ? Uhh ? Please ? For Christmas ???


u changed the whole concept in the last moment and still finished it in time? and made a very good pic, I must say… congratulations man an I hope to see u in next challenge as well! :slight_smile:


MANU - Thanks my friend. Yes i did it pretty fast and sort of rushed through it, but i have
no regrets and it was fun. I think i’m going to hunt for that book you just
mentioned, heehee.

BLAZ - Thanks mate. See you around and will keep an eye on your future works :smiley:

Happy Holidays guys. It’s been snowing here like crazy :argh: