Spectacular 2D Entry: Archie P. Valdez


Archie P. Valdez is entered in the “Spectacular Challenge” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Final Image: La Mer


Good luck:thumbsup:


He He He nice to have you here again Archie :thumbsup:

Good luck



hiya archie!!wellcooooooooooooome!!!:smiley:


Yay! Welcome to the fray Archie, great to see you here again. Best of luck!


Yo archie! I’ll be following this! So you’d better make a killer entry, or ill come whoop ur ass! :slight_smile: Good luck!


hi Archie,:twisted:
get my spam.haha…


nice to see you here arch80 go0d luck to ya, holla!


hey agen arc!! good luck!!!


ACE - thanks bro.

SPACESNAIL - Haha, time to have fun.

CALISTO - thanks linda. i’ll be looking for your thread.

ZEPYHRI - thanks Sam. I’ll see you around and look for your thread.

AM7 - hahaha, i’ll try me best laddy.

XRIC7 - oh no, SPAMMERS :wip:

BEELOW - thanks bud. I’ll check yours too.

NOOB! - THanks homez.

thanks y’all. This is going to be fun. GOodluck to all


Nice to see you in the challenge again! :slight_smile: I hope to finish this time around… and I’ll be dropping by often to see how your entry progress.


just a quick hello!! good luck to you!

wheeeeeee! challenge time again!! :bounce::bounce::bounce:


AIRBORN - thanks buddy.

DUNKELGOLD - Thanks for dropping by benita. This is going to be awesome.


Okay, i think i have a good idea for this challenge. I will be posting it soon. I just need to get a good picture of it in my head. So i’ll be back later on.

cheers y’all


i hope this one will be pretty good. something new from me i hope. :slight_smile:


so we meet again … hehe cool to see you here m8 :smiley:


yeehaaaaa!!! another one bro! Wishing you the best:thumbsup:


nice to see you again arc!:slight_smile: Good luck for the challenge man!:bounce:


SLAV - yeah, i think i’m going to do something different too.

VAHN - yup, here we go again, hehehe.

ARKINET - You better try to enter pre. Kung hindi, di kita bibigyan nang bago kong special made na kape, hehehe.

FIOLKA A - Goodluck to my friend.

Okay, don’t have anything posted yet. A bit busy with me other works, but i’ll post my idea (and will probably stick to just one…hopefully) this coming friday.

cheers y’all


Sup guys,

Okay, i said i was going to post something on friday, but i had a small time to do something.

This is just basically the idea the i’m leaning towards, in terms of how the town or environment would look like. The composition will definately change and the camera angle.



looking good sketch.:thumbsup:
I will wait to see another composition.