Spectacular 2D Entry: anil


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Good luck brother!


it’s my first idea, i’m thinging on others.let me know what you thing about this…
thanks bros…


whoa! excellent!


Damn, looks awesome, and Big! Good luck


good luck … :thumbsup:


thanks bros…
good luck u too…


that thing looks mean :eek:


Cool, I’m happy I did not miss this one… there is a lot of energy and movement going on. I do like the mood also! I’d say … devastating!!!


whoAaa~nice sketch,interesting creature dude!
best wishes:)


sorry about the post,the maintainance thingy~sigh


forget this post,i’ve re edited it.it’d be better if the post could be deleted.mod help:)


Nice sketch… that thing looks massive against those cars!!

What else are you gonna put in the foreground?


nix0r--------thanks bro,
Xillion-------ov thanks, it’s really good to win approval from you thanks.
sh@ke------ h ah ah a…no problem bro, thanks for commands…
duddlebug—hi bro. i’d like to add background a mistic city, and thinging on foreground about

             an interesting action or something which was unexpected by us. But i thing i'll 

             change my concept so i don't thing anyother about this. Thanks bro...


good luck bro. nice sketch. im waiting for new one.


Nice worm, is that a worm?

Good start.

Best of luck :smiley:


thanks fooxoo…
hımm, actually i didn’t think about that, yes they seem like worm i know, but it’d be very cliche
if they are like that. I’m changing my concept so i’m not thinging on it.
But thank you bro…
good luck…


Nice… umm… thing :slight_smile: Great sketch already. You probably know this, but a lot of people are gonna be comin’ out with monsters bustin’ out of the ground, or falling from the sky. I think you’‘ll be able to hold your ground considering you’ve already got a pretty awesome sketch here. Keep em’ comin’!


That is a very cool sketch. I think it could benefit a bit from having either more tenatcles or having them not all face the viewer from the same angle. They have a sameness to them that detracts from the idea of having it burst forth from underground. Maybe mix it up a bit, make ie appear more chaotic. Just my suggestion, but again, good sketch.


Hey, man… how’s my Turkish buddy? Great to see you in another contest! :bounce:

I think that’s some amazing creature design, bro. VERY impressive… and HUGE! LOL! Awesome stuff. Give us some more of your artistic goodness!